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Last edited: February 13th, 2024

Every company struggles to some extent with re-enforcing cooperation between different teams. It’s understandable that sales, marketing, support and customer success focus on their KPIs and don’t really communicate with one another daily. The problem with this is that customer data isn’t being used as effectively as it could. This is especially true when it comes to sharing information about customer satisfaction, customer experience and customer loyalty.

For more than a decade, Anu Varila has worked with marketing and customer experience. She has extensive knowledge on how customer satisfaction impacts companies’ growth. In 2018, she started at Trustmary and gets to implement all her knowledge daily. Today, she works as the Customer Success Manager at Trustmary.

– Trustmary is a tool for growth companies. We enable our customers to collect testimonials from their happy customers and to add them to all their marketing channels in a way that increases their sales, Anu summarizes.

– My main responsibility is to take care of our SaaS customers: to make sure they are happy with our service and continue to stay as customers, she explains.

In addition, Anu is responsible for developing the processes related to maintaining customer satisfaction at high levels. She is using Trustmary on a daily basis to ensure that customers are actually happy.

Let’s go over how Anu uses Trustmary.

3 Brilliant Ways to Use Trustmary in Customer Success

Based on Anu’s extensive knowledge, here are the best practices on implementing Trustmary to all customer success teams.

brilliant ways to use trustmary in CS

1. Collect First Impressions

After a salesperson wins a deal in Pipedrive, their contact information gets automatically sent to Trustmary. Within a few weeks, they receive a questionnaire:

It is used to gather insights on how successful the onboarding process has been. It also creates a baseline for this particular client that the next results are compared against.

Every time a customer gives a lower score than 8, the customer success team gets a notification and can react to it right away.

– It allows us to react to any issues right away and to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty. We’ve noticed that when someone goes through the trouble of giving us negative feedback, they are, in fact, the easiest to convert into happy customers, she continues.

– They want us to know what’s bothering them and wait for us to fix it. It makes my job easy as reacting to these issues is a lot easier than convincing someone to return once they have already churned, she says.

2. Quarterly Questionnaires

After having formed a baseline for the customer satisfaction, each customer is added to the “All customers”-list in Trustmary. At the beginning of each quarter, they receive a NPS questionnaire.

Here’s how it looks like:

Measuring customer satisfaction regularly has many benefits, but Anu sees one of them as the most important.

– We can really dive into how we’re doing with our customers. After each quarterly questionnaire, I sit down with the customer success team and go over the scores case by case. We can analyze how things were in the past, compare it to how they’re doing now and we can determine the best tactic to reach out to them, Anu says.

By measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty regularly, Anu and her team can recognize patterns. This further helps them to improve their way of working in the long term.

3. Feedback after Each Interaction

Anu is especially excited about the fact that an automated feedback survey is sent to each customer after a meeting.

 – We get hard data on what we’re doing right and what works. Then again, we get to constantly improve our performance based on the received feedback, she concludes.

Not only does the customer success team use automated feedback surveys, but also each interaction with the customer support team triggers a feedback loop. 

how to close the loop

– It really helps us in determining whether we’ve been successful in solving the issues our customers have. It also helps us recognize, for example, if we need more resources to support if the answering times are considered too long, Anu explains.

Increased Transparency within the Company

Rather than keeping the customer satisfaction data to themselves, the customer success team shares all information with the whole company in real-time.

– We’ve integrated Trustmary with Slack and every time we receive feedback, the whole company sees exactly what it was. It creates transparency and helps everyone identify what we’re doing well as a company and what we need to improve, Anu says.

Anu mentions the following benefits of sharing this information openly with everyone:

  • Developers and IT support get invaluable feedback on their work
  • Everyone’s personal efforts become visible
  • Easy to recognize patterns
  • Salespeople can track how the customer they acquired are doing
  • Boost of morale for all
  • A sense of being in this together

4 Things Every Trustmary User Should Do

Here are Anu’s recommendations on how all companies should use Trustmary to get the most out of it.

1. Import Existing Reviews

If you haven’t done this already, go to app.trustmary.com and do it right now. 

– It only takes a minute, and will benefit you in so many ways. Think about it, the reviews and testimonials already exist. Now you can start using them effectively when they’re all in one place, Anu notes.

Here you can find detailed instructions for importing existing reviews.

2. Automate Surveys for Each Team

Let’s face it, your sales people will never send out NPS surveys, if they have to do it by hand. Eliminate that by creating automated surveys that are triggered by completing a specific task (meeting, call, sales, anything!)

– The biggest benefit of using Trustmary is that we can use integrations to move data around. It allows each team to use the system they are primarily using and to see the necessary data there, Anu clarifies.

Trustmary has Pipedrive as their CRM and every user can see directly from the client card how the client is doing. 

If you’re not a Pipedrive user, no worries. Trustmary can easily be integrated with other CRMs, such as Hubspot.

3. Embed Testimonials to Your Website

It’s not enough to just collect feedback and testimonials and to analyze them. Trustmary is designed to use them effectively to build trust and to generate leads.

– Embedding testimonials to your website has never been easier. Once you’ve copy-pasted the code to your website, you can publish testimonials with a click of a button. This is a real time-saver, as we don’t need to ask the marketing team to post anything, but we can simply click “publish” on the Trustmary dashboard, Anu states.

embed testimonial easily

Furthermore, the marketing team constantly gets new testimonials to use on the website and in different marketing campaigns. A real win-win situation!

Check out our widget template library.

4. Add Survey to Your Email Signature

– This takes less than a minute to add! The best thing about it is that your customers don’t feel obligated to answer, as it’s not a separate email, but it’s just always there, Anu rejoices.

By offering your customers an easy way to give you feedback will significantly increase the chances of getting it. It also shows that you care about your customers. 

This is a great way to get personal feedback from the people you interact with. They can be anyone from contractors to colleagues.

nps in email signature

Concrete Benefits of Using Trustmary

For a customer success team, it’s absolutely crucial to now how many percent of the customers are:

  • Happy (NPS 9-10 → Promoters)
  • Somewhat happy (NPS 7-8 → Passives)
  • Unsatisfied (NPS 1-6 → Detractors)

– By having longitudinal data on the customer satisfaction and loyalty, we can recognize trends in how different aspects influence it. We get to prevent a lot of customers from churning by offering them the chance to voice their negative feedback and reacting to it, Anu explains.

After working with hundreds of customers, one particular case still managed to surprise Anu.

– One customer struggled with getting testimonials and responses. We talked on the phone and they created and sent a survey with my instructions, Anu reminisces.

She was not prepared for what happened next.

– They very quickly received over a hundred responses and 30 of them were testimonials. I was in awe, she continues.

Even though Trustmary is suitable for all companies whose website plays a role in generating leads, one thing can prevent from getting results.

– You must have happy customers to get results. We can’t make your customers happy. What we can do is to help you to identify who your happy customers are and to get their voices heard also on your website, Anu concludes.

Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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