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Looking for the best SaaS review sites in 2024?

Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of top platforms where you can find honest and detailed reviews from real users.

Setting up your profile in these SaaS review websites helps you keep your SaaS business in the relevant channels in the future as well.

Whether you’re in the market for project management tools, CRM software, or email marketing solutions, these sites have got you covered.

SaaS Reviews Explained

Online reviews are important for all businesses.

Purchasing decisions are based on reviews by customers.

This is an even bigger theme for every software company and SaaS business.

Their existence is practically dictated by review scores and how well-liked they are.

Characteristics of Great SaaS Reviews

  1. Name of reviewer shown
  2. Company
  3. Title
  4. Concrete benefits named
  5. States added value
  6. Bonus points for mentioning initial problem

To summarize, great SaaS reviews are like personal recommendations from a friend or a colleague.

SaaS vendors: Take notes 📝

Start getting your SaaS product and company social proof in form of reviews.

Impactful SaaS reviews are:

  • Relatable
  • Detailed
  • Skimmable
  • Visually nicely presented

When you nail these, you’ll have reviews that will convert customers when used right in your marketing 👀

Review Sites to Add Your SaaS Business

Here’s a summary of the most influential SaaS review sites that people look at before buying.

  1. Capterra: One of the largest SaaS review platforms
  2. G2: Compare CRMs, ERPs, HR, CAD, and marketing software solutions based on customer reviews posted
  3. SoftwareAdvice: Specialty: Possibility of talking with a software advisor
  4. Trustmary: Not a “pure” SaaS review site, but allows you to collect reviews, import existing reviews+add them to your website, and create a public review page. (We’re also a SaaS, so we know the problems you have ❤️)
  5. GetApp: Its slogan is “Explore tech solutions users first”, which fits like a glove. Includes best software solutions, for example, for employee scheduling and invoicing as well.
  6. SaasGenius: Helps customers make informed decisions based on pricing information. A relevant place to create a profile.
  7. Google My Business: This may sound odd, but as being the most used search engine, it pays off to have a great Google Business profile with plenty of customer reviews.
  8. TrustRadius: Review site where users can write reviews for software products.

Other SaaS review sites:

Cons of Review Sites

The biggest cons have to do with ease of use for the reviewers, aka, you customers.

There’s one key issue for businesses, namely:

Managing Company Profiles Takes Time

Having an up-to-date profile on a dozen different SaaS review websites is not easy.

When you decide which review site or sites are the most important for your software solutions, you can focus on keeping those updated.

Some services help you manage your online reputation by updating your profiles, but most prefer to keep this in-house.

Then moving on to the issues for customers.

Accounts Needed

For many review sites, the reviewer needs to create profiles.

This is to ensure the authenticity of the review and to make sure relevant information is shared alongside the review.

The real issue is that if your top clients don’t have a profile on those platforms already, it’s highly unlikely they’ll go through the trouble of creating a profile just to review you.

This can lead to not having reviews from your best advocates…

(Too) Many Questions

Another part where SaaS companies ofter fail is the length of surveys.

If you ask too many questions, you’re making it harder for yourself to get reviews.

Stop bothering your customers with unnecessary questions and fields to fill!

Did you know you can get high-quality reviews with one scale question and follow-up to that? 👀

Try the Trustmary method for collecting reviews!

Your clients won’t need an account either, as sending the review form with Trustmary via email ensures the authenticity of the reviews.

Benefits of Adding Reviews to Your Website

When you have customer reviews on all possible SaaS review sites, you should spend a few minutes adding them all to your own website as well.

There are a few key benefits to doing that.

Keep Visitors Longer on Your Website

Offering browsers relatable content will keep them engaged and on your site longer.

Don’t redirect people to your G2 profile. Why would you ever direct people away from your website?

Keep that bounce rate down.

People to click on your content and browse your website.

Build Trust and Credibility


People crave to see social proof that you’ve been able to solve similar problems for others.

At the end of the day, you’re giving your potential customers authentic insights on the quality of your services when you show them existing reviews posted about you.

Improve SEO with Stars in Search Engines

Aka. add review schema.

You can check the details on different types of review schema, or….

When you add a Trustmary widget, review schema is a built-in feature.

All you need to do is click a toggle to be green and add your product name.

add review schema to gain leverage over competition

Increase Customer Loyalty by Offering Visibility

The customers who leave you positive reviews are your brand advocates.

It’s a sign of appreciation that you add their comments to your website.

It’s flattering to see your name on someone else’s website.

It’s also a “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”.

When anyone leaves you online reviews, you can post them and they get their name and brand in front of YOUR audience.

Case stories are a prime example of this tactic.

Keep in mind that customer relationships are a two-way street.

Then, let’s go on to have a closer look at different SaaS review sites as well as their pros and cons.

Deep-Dive into SaaS Review Sites

Let’s go over the main sites in more detail.

Overview of Capterra

Capterra is a top software reviews and selection platform assisting businesses in finding the right software, enabling them to compare options and read reviews.

Users can explore different software categories to make well-informed decisions.

Currently, over 100,000 solutions are listed in 900+ categories. Over 2 million verified reviews have been written.

The platform offers side-by-side comparisons, pricing information, features packages, and more to aid users.

Capterra Features

  • Software reviews
  • Comprehensive software search
  • Side-by-side comparison of top choices
  • Browse through 993 software categories

Capterra Limitations

  • Limited focus on pricing information
  • Paid for connecting vendors to potential customers

Quick Facts on G2

Users on G2 write informed reviews and guide business decisions. Software sellers can benefit by claiming their G2 profile to attract more customers.

G2 is the leading platform for software reviews, covering popular categories like CRM, marketing automation software, and so much more.

The company is based in Chicago and employs algorithms to authenticate reviews, providing a reliable source of information for users.

Founded in 2012, G2 currently has 145,000+ products and services listed.

G2 Features

  • Review writing for buyers and sellers
  • Software categories listed
  • Popular software and services research
  • User reviews
  • Get trust badges
  • Fraudulent review identification

G2 Limitations

  • Overwhelming number of software categories listed without clear organization
  • Reviewers must have a profile
  • Pricey solution, especially for small SaaS businesses

G2 Pricing

  • Basic Profle: Free
  • Review Growth: Custom pricing
  • Buyer Intent: Custom pricing
  • Content Subscription: Custom pricing
  • Market Intelligence: Custom pricing


Boost your website’s effectiveness by 20% with fresh and authentic customer reviews.

Import reviews from review sites, collect new reviews on autopilot and showcase reviews on your website.

Harness the power of customer reviews to enhance your online reputation, build trust, and boost business growth.

Display stylish review widgets that work on any website and elevate your site’s credibility with seamless review widgets.

Trustmary lets you craft your unique widget style with customizable widgets and embed the script for quick installation.

Why should you leverage reviews? Reviews enhance trust and credibility, improve customer experience, increase visibility and SEO, and lead to higher conversions and sales. Start for free and let Trustmary take care of your whole review process.

Trustmary Features

  • Excellent customer support
  • Import reviews from review sites
  • Collect new reviews on autopilot
  • Showcase reviews on your website
  • Customizable widgets
  • Quick installation
  • Selective display of reviews possible

Trustmary Limitations

  • Integrations can be tough to set up for newbies (support is there to help!)

Trustmary Pricing

choose review import source and add reviews to website with trustmary


TrustRadius helps users make the right software decisions through product information and user feedback.

With over 12 million annual users, they offer comprehensive content to understand products before purchase. Every review is verified and vetted for trustworthiness.

TrustRadius focuses on providing truthful resources for technology buyers, offering insights and quality content through video reviews at events.

Users can access detailed company information on TrustRadius, including contact email, phone number, funding type, and employee data.

Vendors can leverage customer feedback to improve their products and enhance sales and marketing strategies.

TrustRadius Features

  • Trusted user feedback
  • Verified reviewers
  • User reviews for specific categories
  • Authentic voice of customers

TrustRadius Limitations

  • Limited variety of products listed
  • Potential bias in reviews
  • Lack of information on specific products
  • Pricey

TrustRadius Pricing

  • Customer Voice: Starting at $30,000 per year


SoftwareSuggest simplifies software and service selection for over 1 million businesses.

Categories like HR software, CRM, and digital marketing help find the right fit. Share experiences to help others and unlock rewards.

Users get insights through unbiased reviews and comparisons. In addition, they gain access to a variety of tools and services in one place.

SoftwareSuggest Features

  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Automated follow-ups

SoftwareSuggest Limitations

  • Pricey
  • Limited information on specific features or functionalities of the software
  • Lack of detailed user experiences or case studies provided

SoftwareSuggest Pricing

  • Basic: $2500
  • Gold: $6000
  • Platinum: $10,000
  • Custom plan available


SourceForge is a web service that provides software consumers with a centralized online location to manage open-source software projects and research business software.

It offers various features such as source code repository hosting, bug tracking, documentation wiki, user support forums, and more.

The platform also includes features like mirroring downloads for load balancing, user-written reviews and ratings, news bulletins, and micro-blogs for project updates.

SourceForge acts as a go-to platform for those looking to collaborate on open-source projects, enabling easy access to tools and support for developers.

With a wide range of features and a large user base, SourceForge continues to be a vital resource for the open-source community.

SourceForge Features

  • Centralized online location
  • User-support forums
  • User-written reviews and ratings
  • Currently features over 81,000 SaaS products
  • Earn badges

SourceForge Limitations

  • Limited language options
  • Not open about pricing

SourceForge Pricing

  • SourceForge Listing: Complimentary
  • Custom pricing

Reviews = Valuable Insights

No one can deny the power of customer reviews for a SaaS company.

In addition to providing social proof that helps other buy the solution, companies also get actionable insights to improve the products.

Start making better services based on accurate information, and start collecting customer feedback.

However, the best bet for all SaaS companies is to make sure:

  • You have reviews
  • Reviews are on your own website
  • You know what your customers think about your SaaS products

Trustmary can help you with all of those 💛


What is the best software review website?

The best software review site includes a wide range of fresh reviews for the product.

This depends from one product to another.

Check the company website for the freshest reviews!

What should be included in a software review?

  1. Name of the reviewer
  2. Company & title
  3. Problem solved
  4. Benefits gained by using the software product in question

How can I get reviews on my SaaS website?

  1. Log into Trustmary
  2. Import reviews from all sources
  3. Create a widget
  4. Copy-paste embed code to your website
  5. Save changes

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Erica Ylimäki
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