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With Trustmary's easy tool, you can also kickstart your customer feedback and review collection – without incentives!

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Scandinavian Glass Factory is an exceptional operator in its industry: Its pricing is openly available on the website. Furthermore, each customer can order custom-made glass products directly from the online store. The company was founded in 2015, and thanks to its modern way of doing sales it has already become one of the top operators in the industry. Glass Factory’s founder and CEO started Trustmary’s free 14-day trial – and became a loyal user after seeing the results.

Glass Factory’s product range includes everything one can produce from glass to private and public spaces. Anyone can use the price calculator on the company’s website to get a price for the glass product they’re looking for.

Mikko Hosiokoski is the founder and CEO of Glass Factory and has an extensive background in sales and marketing before founding his own company. While working as a consultant, Hosiokoski noticed that this industry had room for modernizing the way sales is done.

He decided to found his own company that would produce first-class products that anyone could easily order online.

–  It’s irrelevant to us if we sell one or a thousand mirrors to one buyer. What matters is that the sales take place online and customers don’t need to ask for a quote. Anyone can see our pricing and even place an order without any human interaction, Hosiokoski explains.

Hosiokoski tells how Trustmary was able to produce so much value during its 14-day trial that it decided to start using Trustmary more extensively.

Benefits of Using Trustmary
  • 3-1 survey: New testimonials, Google reviews and measuring NPS
  • Regularly getting customer feedback and reviews
  • Analyzing customer feedback
  • Adding testimonials and reviews to website in a visually pleasing way
  • Easy way to import reviews from all review sources and add to website automatically
lasitehtaan peilit ovat korkealaatuisia ja skandinaavisia

Social Proof Fuels Growth 🔥

Glass factory’s products are produced in Porvoo, Finland, but they are delivered all over the world. The furthest destinations currently include the Bahamas and Australia.

The company aims to speed up its international growth in the upcoming years. To succeed, it needs the help of its existing customers.

We are creating a narrative and we need our customers’ voices to be a part of it.

Everything comes down to showing social proof from real people who recommend our products

Mikko Hosiokoski, Founder & CEO @Glass Factory

– We are creating a narrative and we need our customers’ voices to be a part of it. Everything comes down to showing social proof from real people who recommend our products, Hosiokoski says.

Hosiokoski hadn’t started collecting customer feedback or customer reviews in any shape or form.

He decided to try whether Trustmary would be a quick way to kickstart the customer feedback collection by sending a mass survey to everyone who had placed an order during the past 12 months.

– We had thousands of customers, but we decided to try sending the survey to 1,800 people first. The only reason is that we had easy access to the email addresses of these people from our invoicing system. I exported the list and sent the survey, he explains.

First Customer Feedback within Minutes

Once the customers’ contact information was exported as a CSV file it was time to send the survey.

Together with Trustmary, Hosiokoski

  • Used a template to create an NPS survey
  • Added a Google review link to the end of the survey
  • Imported the customer contact list to Trustmary
  • Hit “Send”

Hosiokoski was pleasantly surprised about the results.

– With the first bulk send, we got 264 responses, 47 testimonials, and a couple dozen Google reviews. This happened during our trial period, so we had no other option than to start using Trustmary, Hosiokoski says.

They added an automation to the survey to send a reminder in five days to those who hadn’t yet answered.

– During our two-week trial we got a total of 350 customer feedback, 50 testimonials, and 20 Google reviews. Our survey response rate was 20% and our NPS was a staggering 80, Hosiokoski summarizes.

During our two-week trial we got a total of 350 customer feedback, 50 testimonials, and 20 Google reviews.

Our survey response rate was 20% and our NPS was a staggering 80,

Mikko Hosiokoski, Founder & CEO @Glass Factory

The high NPS value tells that the majority of customers have been extremely satisfied with Glass Factory.

The company received a handful of negative feedback, one of which was about a product that was damaged during transportation by the cargo company. A few of the respondents criticized that they were asked for feedback after such a long time after the purchase.

Lasitehdas results

– We were a little surprised about how much our customers like us. We didn’t even need to incentivize answering the survey with prices. Our survey angle was: “Could you tell us, how we did”, he continues.

Adding Trust on Website – Effortlessly

Because Glass Factory sells everything online, its website is under constant development.

Hosiokoski wanted to add the reviews on the website despite the fact that the company is preparing for a major website update.

– Widgets look nice and our website is already better than before thanks to them, Hosiokoski says.

widget creates credibility to website

At the moment, the surveys are sent manually in Trustmary.

After the website update is finished, the company will automate sending the surveys.

Business Development Becomes Easier

Hosiokoski is very much looking forward to being able to put more effort into product development. He can utilize the feedback collected with Trustmary.

– I’m the type of person that is passionate about development. Furthermore, I’m extremely interested in our customers’ opinions. Trustmary is a great tool to get the customers’ voices heard and make them a part of our development processes, Hosiokoski describes.

Lasitehtaan tuotteet ovat suomalaisia laatutuotteita

Glass Factory is planning on expanding it services to the German-speaking market in the near future. It plans to start opening a new market with doing market research that is executed using Trustmary by an external partner.

As a whole Hosiokoski has been very pleased with using Trustmary even after using it for a short while. He would recommend it warmly to everyone who wants to listen to their customers.

– Trustmary is a very simple system to use that’s effortless for the user. It has a clear reporting system and the core funtionalities can be automated. We already have automated some processes that help us keep the core content on our website up-to-date, Hosiokoski summarizes.

Features in Use

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Erica Ylimäki
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