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Test how many reviews you can get from your customers

We’ve helped hundreds of companies get up to 10 times more reviews with our unique review collection method. Now we offer this unique opportunity to you.

  • Get feedback and reviews at the same time
  • An expert helps you build a review collection campaign for free
  • Only takes a couple of hours of your time

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What does this free opportunity include?

The survey is made with Trustmary’s software tool, and it includes a consultation with a professional.

NPS survey

The offer includes:

  • Planning & designing the review collection survey together with an expert
  • Importing customer contacts manually
  • Sending the survey via email and setting reminder messages

Supported languages

The currently supported languages include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Norwegian. However, you can create a survey in any language.

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Why do I get it for free?

What’s the catch? We want to be open about why we offer this for free.

We have made this offer because:

  • We want to help you figure out your organization’s potential to get reviews with Trustmary.
  • We have noticed that the biggest obstacle to using reviews in marketing is the need for better reviews. We want to help good companies out of this bottleneck.
  • We are developing our understanding of how customers leave reviews in different industries.
  • If you are convinced about our expertise and Trustmary as a tool, you can turn this into a systematic and even automated process.

What do you need to do?

We ask for a few hours of your time and some key information to be able to conduct the campaign.

You’ll need:

  • Around 30-45 minutes for preparing the survey with a professional
  • Customer contact information (at least email address) in an electronic form (CSV, Excel, XML…)
  • 30 minutes after the test to analyze the results together with your colleagues and our expert


The free survey includes max. 1000 contacts

Yes please, I want to take the offer!

All you have to do is just book the first 30-minute appointment on our Expert’s calendar.

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Meet the professionals helping you

Aki Honkala

Account Executive


petteri puumala

Petteri Puumala

Customer Success Manager


Erica Ylimäki

Growth Marketer


Our tool is great for companies that have hundreds of customers and want to

  1. Know what their customers think
  2. Collect business reviews
  3. Boost website conversions with the help of social proof

The meeting is suitable for anyone inside the company who has access to a list of past or current customers and is interested in customer feedback and reviews. For example marketers, founders, and customer success/service teams benefit from the campaign.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate to decision-makers how easy and cost-effective collecting reviews is, and what kind of benefit you get from showcasing them on a website.

  • You learn what up to 1000 customers think about you
  • You get to measure NPS or get an average star rating for your business
  • Get reviews on Trustmary and possibly a third-party platform such as Google
  • By using the reviews on your website, you increase the conversion rate (on average 20%)
  • You build more trust on your website and boost your online reputation

Nothing. Taking the meeting and proceeding with the free campaign are no strings attached. Of course, we not-so-secretly hope that you will see how great Trustmary is and start a subscription with us. But if not, no stress! You walk out with a few new reviews and more knowledge on the topic.

Even if you don’t buy anything, you can use the free Trustmary plan to store and showcase some reviews. Of course, if you manage to collect e.g. Google reviews, they will stay on Google even after the trial.

After booking the meeting:

  1. Prepare a list of customers you want to send the survey.
  2. We will meet you in a video meeting at the agreed time.
  3. In the meeting, we will set up the review campaign for you (remember to bring the customer list!)
  4. After a few days, we will see what kind of results you achieved.
  5. We will discuss our findings and how you feel about moving forward.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.