Employer Testimonials: How They Help Your Brand Image

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Last edited: March 25th, 2024
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Are you confused about the difference between employer and employee testimonials? Have you considered their importance in building your brand image and reputation?

No worries, you have come to the right place. 

I will tell you about the differences between those two types of testimonials and show you some real-life examples of employer testimonials. We will also discuss how they can be used to build your brand as an employer and attract more qualified candidates.

Employer Testimonials vs. Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonial and employer testimonial are often used interchangeably. However, we can distinguish the two by examining the words more closely.

Employee testimonial is the most common of the two. Employee testimonials are used in acquiring new talents, and employees are the stars telling positive stories about their workplace.

Employer testimonial seems to be a relatively rare occurrence. In such a testimonial, an employer gives their endorsement for something that they took part in. 

Such occasions include e.g. partnering with educational institutions, workforce solution providers, career services or consulting firms.

Employer testimonials can also include depictions of the daily tasks and atmosphere of the workplace: especially if it is done in a video form.

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Why Should Businesses Give Employer Testimonials?

You probably want to hire extremely qualified staff with technical knowledge, great work ethic, who ask the right questions and always strive to learn, and so on. So do many other companies.

The competition for skilled staff is high, and that is why you should really think about your reputation as an employer.

Reviews made by happy employees are often regarded as a valuable part of recruiting new qualified professionals. They give the workplace a good name and create better opportunities for hiring candidates with great skills.

But have you ever thought that employer testimonials could do the same thing?

Everything that you or others post online with your company’s name on it can be found in Google searches. Everything that is out there affects your brand image, and eventually it can make or break what your customers and potential workers think about you.

employees opinion

Show Your Appreciation and Get Some Back

If you look forward to hiring students or trainees, and have done so before, you might want to consider leaving positive feedback for the education program or human resources provider that you have used for finding them.

Whenever new students or candidates from that institution search for local businesses to work for, they might ask their peers for advice which companies are great employers and which ones should be dodged.

If you manage to give out a positive reputation through reviewing your previous employees, you are more likely to get quality workers and the right fit for your staff.

And who knows, maybe the employees would be willing to return the nice gesture and give you employee testimonials that you could use in a recruitment process?

You can also imagine what could happen to your brand reputation if you decided to bash your employees publicly.

employer testimonials affect your reputation

Employer Testimonials for College Programs

One of the most common instances of employer testimonials are those given for college programs. The local businesses who have hired students and graduates tell how great of an asset they have been.

If you were a student looking for a job, you would probably be eager to join a company or workplace that is willing to express how proud they are of the previous interns, like the examples below do.

Example #1: Champlain College

Champlain College keeps track of the workplaces their students have worked at and collects testimonials from them.

employer testimonials college

In the testimonials, the employers highlight the students’ and interns’ communication skills, professional working life skills, and preparedness.

Example #2: Algonquin College

Algonquin College is likewise collecting testimonials from employers of the Marketing Research students.

employer testimonials college

The testimonials appeal to the whole community of students in the MRBI program by putting the whole study program on a pedestal. This will surely make the students proud and willing to work for the companies in the future as well.

Employer Testimonial for a Working Life Experiment

Example #3: Women’s Business Council UK

Women’s Business Council UK had a campaign promoting flexible work called #100WaysToWorkFlexibly. The participants gave testimonials telling how their company promotes flexible working.

If you were a job seeker looking for flexible work opportunities and companies with healthy work environments, wouldn’t you be intrigued by these testimonials?

employer testimonials for project

Employer Testimonials for Staff Providers

Lots of businesses need to sometimes rely on external workforce solutions or recruitment agencies to find staff. Thus, it is no surprise that these organizations get testimonials from managers and business owners.

Example #4: Trillium

Trillium is a business resource that helps companies develop inclusive workforce solutions and recruit more disabled workers.

By leaving reviews, the businesses can signal that they are inclusive and encourage others to want to work with them.

Notice that some workplaces have left video testimonials, which are a great opportunity to showcase the daily life of the workplace.

employer testimonials for staff provider
employer testimonials for staff provider

The testimonials showcase the appreciation towards the company’s assistance with training and support for the team.

Notice how this testimonial site includes links in the company names. This makes it easy for the visitor to check out their own webpages and even contact them.

Example #5: Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals provide staff for businesses all around the world and help them hire new workforce. The companies who leave testimonials get their logo on the website that is visited by many job seekers.

employer testimonials for staff provider

Partnership that lasts for years and quality of service are highlighted in the testimonials.

Formulating an Outstanding Employer Testimonial

How do you feel about the businesses who decided to give testimonials? Are you getting good vibes from them? Would you like to work for them?

I know I would!

Now, let’s see what you can learn from them and how you can make the same effect happen with your own testimonials.

  • Give a brief introduction about your company.
  • Highlight the positive attributes of the provided staff/interns/services
  • Say what is special about the workers/tools/candidates that you get from the specific organization.
  • Give examples of how the organization/people have helped your business.
  • Include subtle descriptions of your great work environment.
  • Let your personality shine through!


We have distinguished the terms of employer and employee testimonials, and seen examples of employer testimonials.

Now you know how to formulate your own testimonials. However, if you want to boost your recruitment, you should also try these 5 employee testimonial templates.

But how can you start collecting testimonials for your own business from your clients, employees and collaboration partners?

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What is the difference between employee testimonials and employer testimonials?

Even though the terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between employee testimonials and employer testimonials.

Employee testimonials showcase an employee’s positive experience of working in a company. They are often used in recruitment campaigns to attract more applicants.

Employer testimonials are testimonials where a manager, business owner or other representative of a company gives an endorsement for their collaborators, such as schools, workforce providers or consultants, to name a few examples.

How can employer testimonials help build my brand?

Everything that has your company’s name on it can be found by prospective clients or future employees online. By presenting your brand as a good employer and a fair collaboration partner, you can attract more talents and clients.

Employer testimonials are a good way to show appreciation for your stakeholders and build a good name for your company.

How can I start collecting testimonials myself?

If you want to start collecting testimonials from your clients, employees or collaboration partners, the best tool to do so is Trustmary. You can personalize your requests and surveys, and automate the whole process.

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