Pretty and Branded Testimonials Carousel that Creates Value

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Last edited: October 3rd, 2023

Not sure how to use customer testimonials on your website?

A testimonials carousel is an elegant widget that creates value for your website and increases conversions.

Here’s some tips on how to make a pretty and branded testimonials carousel. The advice applies to other widgets as well, such as Google review widgets.

Customer Testimonials Increase Trust and Credibility

What are testimonials?

They are essentially positive reviews from your happy customers. However, testimonials and reviews are not completely the same. 

In a testimonial, your happy customer is the star of the show, and they tell you about how your product or service helped them overcome a pain point or problem.

Testimonials act as social proof: they show that people have trusted you before, which makes other people trust you as well.

Customer testimonials are a great way to get more conversions from your website and swoon website visitors into potential customers.

getting testimonials

Trustmary is one of the easiest tools for collecting and displaying customer testimonials.

Let me tell you more about how to use Trustmary for making the prettiest testimonial slider of your life!

A testimonials carousel is a rotating widget that displays testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. 

It’s an easy way to show potential customers that your product or service is worth their time and money. 

Now, let’s get down to business.

How to Get Testimonials in The First Place

Even if you don’t have any customer testimonials yet, we can help you.

Trustmary helps you collect testimonials and video testimonials from your customers remotely and with little to no manual effort.

With Trustmary, you can create feedback surveys and testimonial forms. Try a ready-to-go review template, customize it to fit your brand, or create your own from scratch.

You can 

  • personalize the survey subject line
  • embed the survey on your website for continuous possibility to leave feedback,
  • send it via email to your customers during certain times of the year, or
  • send it after a specific touchpoint in the customer journey.

Automations are possible, especially if you integrate Trustmary with your CRM like Pipedrive or Hubspot.

testimonial request

Read more tips on how to get more testimonials from your customers:

How to Make The Testimonials Look Good

Now you know how to collect testimonials from happy customers. 

Next, you choose the suitable testimonial widget and set it up on your website!

Trustmary offers many widgets, but testimonials carousel (or testimonial slider) is one of the most popular ones. That is no surprise, since they truly are impressive, dynamic, and compact.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your testimonials carousel.

1. Credibility of Testimonials

First, make sure the testimonials that you choose are positive and specific, but also genuine

Generic praise won’t do much to convince someone to buy from you. That might even come across as fake.

If the customer names a specific employee or product, or speaks about a problem they had before, the testimonial text is instantly more credible.

Trustmary allows you to hand-pick the testimonials that you want to showcase on your website. If you think all customer feedback should be displayed, you can also have them automatically moved to the testimonial widget.

It is also good if there is some personal information about the customer who makes the testimonial. 

You can ask for a profile picture, name, location, organization, title, or other relevant details to be shown on the testimonial slider. The customer can choose which testimonial fields they answer.

credible testimonial

2. Topic of Testimonials

Second, choose a variety of topics that cover different aspects of your business. 

If all of your testimonials are about your great customer service, potential customers might get the impression that your product is lacking. 

You can control this by sending out testimonial forms during different stages of the customer journey, or setting the questions in the feedback survey so that the customer is led to speak about a specific topic.

3. Form of Testimonials

Lastly, the widget itself needs to fit your brand image.

Customize your testimonial slider with Trustmary’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Brand colors, company logo, fitting language and tone of voice, font and font size, and other small details like that are important.

For that reason, we offer you a possibility to modify them to fit your unique style! No coding skills needed, just some eye for stylish details 😉

How to Set Up The Testimonial Carousel

Trustmary’s testimonial widgets are easy to set up on web pages. 

Whether you use Squarespace, WordPress or Shopify, all you need to do is copy and paste an embed code.

Just choose the right spot on your website and go!

Testimonial carousel slider is a widget that can be used on many different spots on your website. Since it is compact but still able to display multiple testimonials, it’s great for landing pages.

Adding new testimonials to the carousel happens from the Trustmary app.

You can also import existing reviews from review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook or Trustpilot and display them with your testimonial slider!

placing the testimonials

See more tips on various testimonial widgets: 6 Ways to Use Testimonials on Squarespace

3 Real-Life Examples of Pretty Testimonial Carousels

Here are three examples that illustrate how a testimonial carousel made with Trustmary can look like.

1. Testimonial Carousel Slider

Our client Windward Software Systems has a nice and simple testimonial slider with star reviews on their website.

They have imported existing testimonials from various external review sites and display them as quotes in the rotating carousel.

The testimonials feature real customers with their real stories. The company has been able to find genuine testimonials that can be grouped under one title: Real customers, real results.

example testimonial carousel

2. Testimonial Carousel Wall

One of the most impressive testimonial widgets out there is our testimonial wall. It rotates to different directions and is able to display many testimonials at once.

This widget is great for you if you have many testimonials already. I recommend another widget for a first-timer, but with a constant feedback process you can collect enough testimonials to make this work, too!

The testimonials are a mixture of star reviews and comments from the customer feedback surveys.

As you can see, some customers have provided more information about themselves, such as title, location, company and profile picture.

example testimonial wall

3. Testimonial Carousel with Video

Yes, you can create a widget with video testimonials!

There is nothing fake about a video testimonial – it is the ultimate way to build trust and credibility for your business.

We have created employee testimonial videos for our career page, but you can do this with customer testimonials as well.

Collecting testimonial videos with Trustmary is as easy as collecting written testimonials: just send the testimonial form to your clients, and they can film a video testimonial with their laptop or phone camera directly in the form, or upload a video.

testimonial carousel with video


A testimonial carousel is a widget that showcases your happy customers’ experience and stories.

Customer testimonials are a great way to build trust and credibility for your business and boost conversions on your website.

We discussed how to get testimonials, how to choose the right testimonials to display on your site, and how to add a testimonial slider to your website.

Additionally, we saw 3 examples of real-life testimonial sliders that you can also create with Trustmary.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on board and start creating your own testimonial carousels, walls, sliders, video testimonials and other cool widget options!


How can I make branded testimonials carousel?

Trustmary is a software that helps you build and personalize your testimonials carousel, slider, or other widget for your website. Changing the colors and adding company logos is easy with the intuitive tool.

What is a good testimonial slider?

A good testimonial slider features genuine testimonials from real customers, and looks stylish. A dynamic carousel saves space and displays many testimonials at the same time. A good slider has been adapted to your brand’s style.

What is the benefit of having a testimonial carousel?

Customer testimonials act as social proof and build trust for your brand. A stylish testimonial widget like a carousel is a good addition to your website and increases conversions!

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