How to Get More G2 Reviews — A Step-by-Step Guide

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Last edited: June 18th, 2024
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With invaluable performance insights and authentic user reviews, G2 is one of the most trusted third-party review sites.

Customer testimonials here hold tremendous value, especially if you are a new software brand looking to establish visibility. 


  • Every review is validated and authentic and, hence, more credible
  • It’s the go-to platform for buyers looking for new software, increasing exposure and leads
  • You can use positive G2 reviews as social proof in your marketing

However, getting customers to review your business is difficult, let alone on a third-party review site. 

So, what can you do to get more G2 reviews? Let’s see.

Feel free to start your free review campaign and we can do everything together!

10 ways to get more G2 reviews

1. Email Campaigns

Customers often need a nudge to make the extra effort to review a business on third-party review sites like G2, and personalized emails can be perfect for this.

They are relevant and capture attention by referring to specific customer interactions. Users feel seen, which improves the open rate and engagement and makes them more likely to take specific action. 

Plus, asking for a G2 review referencing particular experiences and products shows that the company values individual feedback. This leads to higher satisfaction and better chances of generating SaaS customer reviews

Segment your customers into categories like recently onboarded, long-term users, and happy customers who’ve shared testimonials. Collect customer company data, purchase, and interaction history for refined email customization. 

Craft subject lines that communicate your intention to collect G2 feedback. Greet the customer with their first name. Explain why their feedback is important and how it will help you improve your services. Add a clear CTA with a link to the G2 page of the products they are using.

screeshot of Trustmary's web page that promotes collecting reviews

Trustmary’s automated email campaigns simplify G2 review collection.

Simply choose G2 from our platform’s third-party review site options and set up collection campaigns. Then, you can easily customize the request message, review form, and other settings according to specific customer interactions.

2. In-App Prompts

Leverage user journey milestones by strategically placing in-app G2 review collection prompts. Engaging with users at precise moments when they are using your product makes responding more probable. 

For example, a new user sets up their first campaign successfully with your email marketing tool, and upon completion, a G2 review prompt will appear on their screen. It captures the user’s attention when they understand your software’s usability, nudging them to click on the prompt and leave a review. 

In short, in-app review prompts are convenient, contextually relevant, and leverage the immediate moment of satisfaction. 

The three elements of effective in-app prompts include:

  • Strategic timing: Prompts must show on the user’s screen after important milestones like finishing a task or complementing support interaction.
  • Clear messaging: It should communicate exactly what the prompt directs them to do. 
  • Optimal UX integration: The prompt must not hamper the user experience. 

The prompt should ask them to leave a review on G2 specifically and offer a direct link button to your G2 page. You can use pop-ups that appear after an in-app interaction. Top or bottom review banners are also useful prompts for collecting G2 reviews without interrupting user experience. 

Your app should also have a feedback mechanism like review widgets in place. Not sure how? 

screenshot from trustmary's web page that promoted adding G2 reviews to website

With Trustmary, you can add customized G2 review widgets, showcase testimonials on your website, and prompt users to leave reviews directly from your platform. 

3. Incentives for Reviews

Leaving third-party reviews requires effort, which many customers may not bother to do, even if they are satisfied with your service. 

Want to motivate them to go the extra mile and submit G2 testimonials? Incentivize their effort. 

No matter how small, the prospect of a reward encourages users to leave reviews that may otherwise have ignored your request, quickly maximizing testimonial volume. Incentives also increase customer satisfaction, prompting users to provide a detailed and more thoughtful review on G2. 

You can offer rewards like exclusive discount codes on additional services, free upgrades, early access to new features or premium resources, gift cards, custom-made t-shirts based on t-shirt design trends, and cashback. If you host webinars or corporate events, provide exclusive access to users who leave G2 reviews. 

You can promote incentivized reviews through your email campaigns and social media contests. You can also add incentives with your in-app prompts. 

Remember that incentivizing only positive reviews is against the rules of almost all review sites – and unethical. If you decide to compensate your customers for reviews, it must be available for everyone, regardless of what they say in the review.

4. Customer Success Outreach

Identify happy customers by tracking indicators like high usage frequency, positive feedback, and successful outcomes achieved with your product. These users are likely to submit positive G2 reviews. Additionally, knowing how to handle customers can really improve your methods.

Once happy customers are identified, tailor messages referring to specific interactions or achievements they’ve had with your product. Express gratitude for their contribution to your business and communicate that their feedback is invaluable. Then, ask them to leave G2 reviews directly. Don’t forget to add a link to your G2 page. 

Run NPS surveys to find your promoters. You can customize your survey to trigger trigger response-based review prompts. Every time a user rates you between 8 and 10, display a message saying, “Thank you for your response. Please take a moment to review us on G2.”

Your customer outreach should also target unsatisfied or disengaged customers and resolve issues. Follow up with an update, and once they are satisfied with your resolution, ask them to submit G2 reviews. 

5. Social Media Campaigns

Tap into the power of social media with a specially crafted marketing campaign plan promoting your G2 page and review requests. Design visually stunning infographics and videos detailing the importance of G2 reviews, such as helping peers make informed decisions and contributing to your product and service improvements. 

Identify social media platforms where your users are the most active. If the majority of your clientele is B2B, target LinkedIn and Twitter. SaaS companies catering to B2C clients can try Instagram and Facebook. 

You can host review contests and giveaways on social media. Ask customers to post their reviews on G2, share a screenshot, and give them a chance to win attractive prizes. Use a branded hashtag to maximize campaign reach. 

Consider running paid social media ads for G2 testimonial requests if your budget allows. This way, you can target active users and get more G2 reviews

Add a G2 review link to your profile bio. Share snippets of user testimonials from G2 to encourage others to leave reviews. Engage with the audience with live Q&A sessions and prompt replies to comments and tweets. Track comments and posts highlighting positive experiences with your brand, thank the user, and ask them to leave a review on G2 with a direct link to your product page. 

6. Post-Purchase Follow-Up

After a customer subscribes to your tool, they understand your service’s value and overall UX interface. Since they are new to your platform, they will explore and engage more with your features. Timely follow-ups with review requests let you capitalize on these moments of high engagement and generate more insightful feedback. 

You can identify satisfied users from their responses to your follow-up and request G2 reviews in the same conversation thread. Post-purchase follow-ups also let unhappy users share their issues, letting you solve them and provide appropriate assistance. 

The right support alleviates their doubts, contributing to customer satisfaction. Once they are satisfied with your resolution, ask them for G2 testimonials describing their customer support experience. 

Automate post-purchase follow-up emails and messages for timely delivery. Once the customer expresses their satisfaction, send a subsequent review request email with your G2 product page link. 

7. Website Banners

Website banners are a smart tool for requesting G2 reviews without interrupting user experience on your platform. They nudge users to leave reviews while they engage with your website, making them more inclined to honor your request. 

Make sure users don’t have to jump through hoops to submit reviews. Add a direct link or button to your G2 page within the banner so visitors can leave testimonials without navigating through multiple pages and steps.

Customize the banner message based on the visitor’s behavior and activity on your website. For example, if someone just subscribed to your plan, the subsequent page should have a banner thanking them and asking for their feedback on G2. 

Place banners on strategic positions across your website to catch the visitor’s eye. This includes the top of the page, near the navigation menu, or your resource page. Remember, it should be noticeable without obstructing user experience. 

Run A/B tests with different banner designs and placement variations for each page to find the optimal positioning for widgets and banners. Track engagement metrics and finalize the ones driving the best results. 

screenshot of trustmary's web page that promotes tracking widget performance

For example, Trustmary lets you run A/B and multivariate tests with different review and lead generation widgets to determine what works and what doesn’t. You can also track new visitors, returning visitors, or people coming from a specific UTM campaign and monitor their response to your review collection banners and widgets. 

8. Newsletter Features

You have nurtured users with valuable newsletters and earned their trust and loyalty. Now, capitalize on that popularity to request G2 reviews. 

For example, you can dedicate newsletters to convey the importance of review collection, how it helps businesses, and easy steps to simplify the process. Then, segue naturally requesting reviews and add a clear CTA button to your G2 page. 

9. Webinars and Events

Webinars are excellent for maintaining user engagement and strengthening customer relationships. They help customers address challenges and teach them to use your tools. 

Following up a webinar immediately with review requests maximizes testimonial submissions since the experience is fresh in the user’s mind. Their appreciation for your event is the strongest at that moment, which can get you more G2 reviews than generic email requests. 

Moreover, post-event review requests encourage engagement beyond the event and show that you are eager to hear about their experiences. This elevates customer satisfaction, enriches your event’s success, and paves the way for more detailed and valuable testimonials. 

Share G2 review links with webinar resources during the event. Personalize event follow-up emails and politely ask them to share reviews on G2. Ensure the email includes a link to the review page. Incentivize it with discounts for future events or entry into your upcoming giveaway. 

10. Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer surveys offer a direct view of users’ opinions about your services. That’s why they are also an excellent opportunity to request reviews from those who submit positive responses to your questionnaire.

So, set up triggers to automatically send review requests based on customer responses. You can also add a question asking if the respondent may share their experience via a G2 review.

Every affirmative response should direct the user to your G2 review page. 

What if You Still Don’t Succeed?

There is one big and quite obvious obstacle when you think about it.

Leaving a G2 review requires an account on the G2 platform.

Create a review campaign to kickstart your review collection. Just to test the waters first!

Not every one of your customers will have an account or are willing to create one.

Also, G2 demands quite a lot from the reviewers. They need to respond to multiple questions and leave lengthy answers.

Understandably, some of your customers will never go to the required lengths to leave you a review. But you don’t want to miss out on their feedback.

That’s why you should provide your customers an alternative way to leave feedback and reviews: such as Trustmary.

Trustmary’s review requests are short and sweet, maximizing the response rate. Customers don’t have to have an account or sign in to any program. In a nutshell, it is the fastest and smoothest way to leave reviews.

The best part? You can offer both methods in one survey. The customer can choose which platform they prefer.


Reviews are invaluable for establishing credibility. If you can build an impressive directory of authentic customer testimonials on a reputable site like G2, potential customers may give you a shot.

Automate personalized email campaigns with strong CTAs directing to your G2 page. Use banners, widgets, and in-app prompts to simplify submission. Promote review requests through social media handles and host contests to make review submission feel like less of a chore. Follow up after a successful purchase and webinar and ask for G2 reviews from satisfied customers. Finally, incentivize reviews to offer users something meaningful for their effort.  

Want to avoid the hassle of collecting and showcasing G2 reviews manually? Trustmary can help. From customizable review collection email sequences and widgets to easy social proof integration and A/B tests, our platform does it all without extra effort. 

Sign up for free with Trustmary and maximize your G2 review collection today!

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