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Are you seeking to enhance your Airbnb reviews and draw more guests to your Airbnb listing?

Here are examples of Airbnb reviews and tips to gather positive feedback for your listing.

Pro tip: Don’t rely 100% on Airbnb. Create your website and social media handles.

Let’s begin learning how to maximize your Airbnb hosting journey!

I’ll also introduce other facts about reviews you should know.

Build Trust Through Reviews on Your Own Website

If you have a website for your rental properties, you should add reviews from all sources to it.

Trustmary’s all-in-one review widget allows you to import reviews from:

This technology-driven approach not only manages guest reviews efficiently but also enables you to build trust in website visitors

The success of property managers in the hospitality business depends heavily on showcasing good guest reviews and providing exceptional customer service.

Importance of Airbnb Reviews

Show You’re a Great Host

Communication is key when people rent on Airbnb.

Common questions people have before booking a stay:

  • What if I run late and need to reschedule my arrival time?
  • If something breaks, how will the host react?
  • How quickly will this host answer any important questions during my stay?
  • Can I trust that the amenities listed also exist?

Being open in your communication with past customers by replying to their reviews helps build trust in potential new customers.

Impact on Trust and Growth

Positive reviews on Airbnb can have a big impact on hosts and properties.

These reviews give guests helpful information about the property and host.

Hosts can use review management tools like Trustmary to easily showcase these reviews on their own website.

This can attract more guests and make their experience more personal. Responding quickly to reviews and customizing review templates can make a host more trustworthy and hospitable.

Good reviews not only help luxury properties like villas and boutique hotels, but also benefit private rooms and caravans.

Few Words on Airbnb Review System

  • Star-rating system is used
  • Guest and host are prompted to review after stay has ended
  • Each party has 14 days to complete their review
  • Reminders are sent to non-responders
  • One can only see what the other wrote after completing their Airbnb review
  • Unfair reviews can be disputed
  • Airbnb reviews are hard to get deleted
  • Hosts chase after a 5-star rating, but find it difficult

Here’s the breakdown from a previous Airbnb super host on Quora on their experiences:

airbnb review system according to user on Quora

On other discussion forums, the word is that anything below a 5-star rating on Airbnb is terrible for business.

Direct Bookings and Revenue

Direct bookings can have a big impact on a property’s revenue. They help avoid extra fees usually charged by third-party platforms like Airbnb.

Trustmary’s Airbnb review widget makes it easy for hosts to bring in reviews from Airbnb to other sites.

This can boost credibility and draw in potential guests to book a stay.

Airbnb Review Examples

There are four different review types:

  1. Positive review from guest to host
  2. Positive review from host to guest
  3. Negative review from guest to host
  4. Negative review from host to guest

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

1. Positive Airbnb Review Example Templates Guest to Host

Positive Airbnb reviews are important for hosts. They help build trust with potential guests and boost the credibility of their properties.

Showing good guest reviews can attract future guests. It also helps in creating a loyal customer base.

For example, hosts can use the Trustmary review widget to boost credibility on the host’s own website.

It helps import reviews from platforms like Airbnb and customize them for their business.

Good Airbnb reviews can include guests praising the host’s hospitality, mentioning the property’s cleanliness and amenities, or sharing memorable experiences during their stay.

Guests reading this, feel free to use these as examples, but remember to customize them to fit your stay!

These are just some aspects to consider.

Cleanliness and Comfort

“I had an amazing stay at [Host’s Name]’s place! The apartment was spotless, and the bed was incredibly comfortable. I felt right at home and enjoyed every moment. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a cozy and clean place to stay!”

Great Location

“Fantastic location! [Host’s Name]’s apartment is in the heart of the city, close to all the major attractions and public transportation. It made exploring the city so convenient. I’ll definitely be back!”

Host’s Hospitality

“What a wonderful experience! [Host’s Name] was an outstanding host, always quick to respond and went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed. The welcome basket was a lovely touch. Thank you for an unforgettable stay!”

Beautiful Decor and Amenities

“I was blown away by the beautiful decor and thoughtful amenities at [Host’s Name]’s home. Every detail was perfect, from the stylish furnishings to the fully equipped kitchen. It was a true home away from home.”


“Our family had a fantastic time at [Host’s Name]’s place. The house was perfect for kids, with plenty of space and a lovely backyard. [Host’s Name] even provided a crib and high chair, which made our stay so much easier. We can’t wait to come back!”

Quiet and Relaxing

“I had such a peaceful stay at [Host’s Name]’s cottage. The setting was incredibly tranquil, perfect for a relaxing getaway. The garden was beautiful, and I loved sipping my morning coffee on the patio. Highly recommend for anyone looking to unwind.”

Unique Experience

“Staying at [Host’s Name]’s yurt was a unique and unforgettable experience! The place was well-equipped and surprisingly comfortable. We loved the outdoor shower and the starry nights by the fire pit. Can’t wait to return!”

Business Travel

“I stayed at [Host’s Name]’s apartment for a business trip, and it was perfect. The Wi-Fi was fast and reliable, and the dedicated workspace made it easy to get work done. Plus, the location was close to the conference center. Will definitely book again for my next trip!”


“We loved our stay at [Host’s Name]’s pet-friendly apartment! It was so nice to find a place that welcomed our dog. The nearby park was perfect for morning walks, and the host even provided a dog bed and bowls. Such a thoughtful touch!”

Romantic Getaway

“This was the perfect spot for a romantic weekend getaway. [Host’s Name] created such a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The fireplace and hot tub were highlights, and the scenic views were breathtaking. Highly recommend for couples!”

2. Host Reviewing Guest: Positive Airbnb Review Examples

Clean and Respectful: “It was a pleasure hosting [Guest’s Name]. They were very respectful of the house rules and left the place incredibly clean. Communication was smooth throughout their stay. I would be happy to host them again anytime!”

Friendly and Communicative: “[Guest’s Name] was a fantastic guest! They were very friendly and easy to communicate with. They kept me updated on their arrival time and asked thoughtful questions about the area. Highly recommend to other hosts!”

Great with Kids: “[Guest’s Name] and their family were wonderful guests. They were very considerate, and their kids were well-behaved and polite. They left the house tidy and took great care of our home. We would love to host them again in the future.”

Perfect for Longer Stays: “[Guest’s Name] stayed with us for an extended period and was a model guest. They treated our home as if it were their own and were very respectful of our neighbors. They were self-sufficient and easy to communicate with. Highly recommend!”

Business Traveler: “Hosting [Guest’s Name] was a breeze. They were in town for business and needed a quiet, comfortable place to work and relax. They left the apartment in great condition and were very respectful of the house rules. Would definitely host again!”

3. Negative Airbnb Review Examples Guest to Host

Negative Airbnb reviews can come from different issues like:

  • Cleanliness
  • Communication
  • Accuracy of the listing, and
  • Overall experience

These issues can affect a host’s reputation and bookings because they might put off potential guests who rely on reviews when choosing a place to stay.

Some things to keep in mind when giving a negative review:

  1. Be polite
  2. Set the scene (expectations vs reality)
  3. Summarize overall experience

Example Review Templates:

Cleanliness Issues: “Unfortunately, the cleanliness of the apartment did not meet our expectations. The bathroom and kitchen were particularly unclean, which affected our stay.”

Poor Communication: “Communication with the host was challenging. We had difficulty getting timely responses to our questions, which caused some inconvenience during our stay.”

Misleading Description: “The listing was not as described. The amenities mentioned were not available, and the overall condition of the property was disappointing.”

Uncomfortable Stay: “The stay was less comfortable than we had hoped. The bed was uncomfortable, and there was a lot of noise from the street, making it difficult to sleep.”

Maintenance Issues: “Several maintenance issues were present, including a broken heater and a leaky faucet. These problems were not addressed during our stay despite notifying the host.”

4. Negative Airbnb Review Templates from Host to Guest

For Hosts Reviewing Guests:

Cleanliness Issues: “[Guest’s Name] left the apartment in poor condition. There was a significant amount of mess, and cleaning took much longer than usual.”

Rule Violations: “[Guest’s Name] did not follow the house rules. There was evidence of smoking inside the property despite the no-smoking policy.”

Lack of Communication: “Communication with [Guest’s Name] was difficult. They did not respond to messages promptly, making it hard to coordinate check-in and check-out.”

Damage to Property: “[Guest’s Name] caused damage to the property, including a broken chair and stained carpet. Unfortunately, these issues were not reported during their stay.”

Noisy and Disruptive: “[Guest’s Name] and their group were very noisy and disruptive to the neighbors. This caused several complaints and was against our quiet hours policy.”

Tips for Writing Airbnb Reviews

Provide Meaningful Feedback

Leaving Airbnb reviews is important. Do that.

It helps the host as well as future guests to know if the property is as listed.

Get into details and describe your experience.

Highlight Successful Vacation Experiences

During their vacation, the guests might have had many memorable experiences that made it successful.

Provide guests an easy way to review you mid-stay!

Use QR code surveys to capture those highs of their stay.

Previous guests’ positive reviews can be added with Trustmary to your website to build trust and set high expectations.

Tips for Hosts Leaving Reviews

Hosts can improve their reviews for guests by giving specific examples of positive experiences.

They can use an easy review tool on their website to customize reviews and attract guests.

Responding quickly to reviews and using templates can showcase good hospitality on Airbnb.

writing airbnb reviews can feel tricky

Importance of Communication

Effective communication plays a big role in Airbnb reviews. By responding quickly and politely to guest feedback, hosts can gain trust from potential guests, get positive reviews, and attract more bookings.

Using user-friendly tools like Trustmary or Hostaway can make the review process easier and highlight good Airbnb examples. Customizing responses with templates or widgets on websites can make the host more appealing to guests and improve credibility in the vacation rental industry.

Communication not only improves the guest experience but also helps the host manage their property better. By using technology such as Tagembed or Common Ninja to share guest reviews on different platforms, hosts can reach more people, get direct bookings, and increase their earnings.

This kind of communication builds strong relationships with guests, leading to a successful hospitality business on Airbnb and beyond.

Responding to Airbnb Guest Reviews

Addressing Bad Reviews

When faced with negative reviews on Airbnb, hosts can handle them by:

  • Acknowledging the guest’s concerns
  • Addressing them professionally

By using review templates and custom responses, hosts can:

  • Effectively address issues
  • Resolve problems mentioned in bad reviews

Negative reviews can actually be an opportunity to attract potential guests by you demonstrating dedication to improving guest experiences

Embracing feedback from guests can lead to continuous improvement of properties and to better services

This ultimately leads to greater success in the vacation rental business.

Engaging with Positive Reviews

Hosts on Airbnb can easily acknowledge and show appreciation for positive reviews from guests.

This not only builds trust but also attracts potential guests to their properties.

Personalizing responses to good Airbnb examples allows hosts to demonstrate their hospitality and credibility to the Airbnb community.

Embedding positive reviews on their business website or software helps showcase success stories to future guests. This can further boost property management and the distribution of their listings.

Engaging with positive reviews not only enhances the guest experience but also promotes a positive image of the host and their vacation rental properties.

FAQs about Airbnb Reviews

How do I ask for reviews on Airbnb?

Airbnb’s portal does automatic review requests, but don’t be afraid to use additional ways to gather more Airbnb reviews.

Trustmary is a great tool for this.

How do I ask for a 5 star review?

As with all reviews, don’t ask for 5-star reviews. That comes off as pushy and impolite.

In addition, it’s against the review policies of many third-party review platforms. Pay attention to providing great service and a wonderful experience, and ask for feedback at the right times.

The raving 5-star reviews will follow as a result.

How honest should you be in an Airbnb review?

100% honesty is the best policy. Focus on being polite and informative, but use descriptive language.

Your honest review can help the potential bookers to find what they’re looking for.

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Erica Ylimäki
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