How to Add Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

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Last edited: June 24th, 2024

Easiest way to boost credibility and sales is to add reviews to your website with Trustmary.

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If you’re asking yourself “How can I improve my WooCommerce website?”, I have the answer: Add customer reviews for WooCommerce and watch your business

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Customer reviews for e-commerce are proven to get you more purchases and return purchases.

Easy Way to Display Reviews – 4 Steps

You can read more about why to do this below, but for the ones that already know adding reviews to your online store is a must, and not a recommendation:

Let’s get to it.

Step #1: Import Reviews

Have Google reviews? Great!

Import those reviews now by looking for your Google Business listing below ⬇️

Trustmary also supports:

Step #2: Create Review Widget

Once you’ve imported all the reviews you have, you can start the fun part: Designing your review widget.

What does a wall of love widget sound like? Or a review popup that has some video reviews?

Trustmary’s widget library has you covered.

You can create the widget of your dreams and make it fit your brand to a tee.

Step #3: Install Review Plugin

Trustmary developed one of the best WordPress review plugins called “Review and testimonial widgets” which is easy to install and use.

We use the WordPress plugin ourselves regularly and it’s effortless to find in the WordPress admin panel.

trustmary plugin is easy to find in wordpress

Step #4: Add Code Snippet to Start Displaying Reviews

What’s better than some social proof next to your call to actions?

Yup, nothing.

Well, maybe a purchase.

But that’s our goal!

So go to the page you want to add a widget to and copy paste the code snippet.

That is literally it. Once you’ve set this process up once, you can use tags to keep your all your reviews in order and updating automatically to where you want them.

Let’s go over that next.

Using Product Reviews Effectively with Tags

If you have product pages you want to add, for example, photo reviews to, use Trustmary’s tag system.

Every time you get a review, you can add a relevant tag to it. Each new widget you create, you can choose the tag that you want to show in that widget.

This makes is easy to manage reviews and direct them automatically to custom post types.

Let’s have a look at an example below:

using tags to filter reviews in woocommerce

We have multiple places where we have review widgets. They differ between language versions and landing pages.

By adding tags to reviews, it’s easy to control what is shown and where.

End result W/ Adding a Review Section to Product Pages?

By adding product reviews from people who bought that exact product, you’re offering visitors visual social proof with star ratings and text reviews.

In other words, your prospective customers get the most relevant info when they need it the most to turn from visitors into buyers.

The same logic works with product descriptions: Keeping them 300-400 words long can help you get better results.

Within Trustmary’s widget editor, you can then filter reviews which are shown on each widget:

filter reviews which are shown on each widget by using tags

Here I’ve chosen to show only reviews that are marked with “Support” tag.

The best part is that once I’ve installed a widget, all further changes to its contents and visual appearance can be done without touching the code again.

Boost SEO – The Automated Way

As Britney Spears so accurately pointed out: You gotta work to get the results you aim for.

You wanna?
You wanna?

You want a hot body(of text)? You want a Bugatti (with all that extra money you’ll earn)?
You want a Maserati (??) ? You better work on getting more online reviews…

I might have edited the lyrics for a bit. But yeah, you get the point.

Improve Your Organic Search Results

Creating a review process not only helps you get insights on your business and getting more WooCommerce product reviews, but it help your organic search results.

There’s this thing called review schema that people with online stores are obsessed about.

Review schema is that little star rating information you can get to search engines that can then boost your click through rate.

review schema markup helps you showcase star rating on google search results

This structured data mark up is built-in to Trustmary’s widgets, so no need to stress about it again.

Adding schema markups might be a time-consuming process if you try to DIY it.

One of our customers actually first tried to build that themselves.

They gave up quickly after having spend more money on developing it than what they pay for Trustmary.

Trustmary specializes in collecting and showcasing reviews and feedback on one’s website, so it makes no sense to try to reinvent the wheel by yourself.

The price is next to nothing for a small business and scales with your growth

Aleksi Halsas, Co-Founder @Clevenio

Keeping Content Dynamic

Nothing is better than being able to update multiple things at the same time.

Once you’ve set up your review tag system and added a few widgets to your website, you’ll start saving time.

Every time you get a new review, you’ll only need to:

  • Add a tag
  • Click to make it visible in widgets

And the reviews will propagate themselves automatically to those widgets where you’ve added a specific tag.

Changing content manually is so last season – and takes so much time from something more relevant.

Just make sure you’re collecting reviews regularly.

Setting up a Smart Product Review Process for WooCommerce

  1. Import all customer reviews to Trustmary
  2. Add relevant tags to all customer reviews (“shoes”, “brand x”, “city” or whatever is relatable information!). You can add multiple tags to your reviews.
  3. Create a review form to collect more reviews
  4. Send review forms to customers post-purchase
  5. Tag the new reviews with relevant tags

Add Reviews to Website

Once you’ve set up a review collection process, you have fresh and dynamic content on your website.

It’s a flywheel effect:

  • Identify happy customers
  • Integrate their comments on your website
  • Social proof shown to website visitors with comments and star ratings
  • Visitors become customers

And the wheel keeps on turning. But only if you have customer reviews to convince visitors to buy!

Create Review Page

By having a third-party review page to summarize all your reviews can help boost credibility.

Make sure it’s optimized to answer the most important questions there are about your business in general.

Some examples include:

  • Is *company* reliable
  • Is *company* legit
  • Is *company* worth my money


How do I increase sales in WooCommerce?

Build trust on your website with, for example, Google reviews and customer feedback. People want to know you’re a reliable online store and not a scam.

Embedding verified reviews for Woocommerce is a surefire way to boost trust.

For example, an online store managed to increase conversions by almost 40% by adding a review section with Trustmary to the start of their purchase journey.

How can I improve my WooCommerce website?

Well, you need to AB test everything.

But one thing’s for sure: Digitalizing your word of mouth is a great way to improve any WooCommerce stores.

In layman terms that means getting new reviews on your website! WooCommerce stores need product ratings and user photos to make people trust the business and convert into buyers instead of lookers.

How do I show WooCommerce reviews outside of tabs?

Start using Trustmary! Create a review widget that fits your brand and add it wherever you want on your site.

The word on the street is that Trustmary is easy to integrate with WooCommerce.

How do I show product rating in WooCommerce?

Use Trustmary. First, you can collect product feedback with Trustmary’s review campaigns. You can then tag the reviews to match the products or product pages, create review widgets and filter the contents shown with tags.

That way, you only need to technically set up the widget once, and you can make endless changes to the layout and contents without having to update the code.

I have reviews on Amazon, can I use them in Woocommerce?

You can always import existing reviews manually to Trustmary. We recommend adding all reviews to your website for added boost in trust.

If Amazon is an important revenue channel for you, using Trustmary’s review surveys can help you get more Amazon reviews.

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary. She is an expert in how to grow the organic traffic of a business with effective SEO strategies, and how to utilize reviews on different CMS and platforms.


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