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Increase the credibility of your online store by adding company reviews in addition to product reviews.

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people look for company reviews before ordering online

An e-commerce company is typically highly focused on collecting and displaying product reviews. One of the UK’s fastest-growing online stores focusing on selling sport performance supplements from SARM brands, fat burners, peptides, and more decided to concentrate on company reviews instead of product reviews – and its growth has been steady ever since.

When was the last time you checked what potential customers type into search engines about you?

For Just SARMS, the suggestions include

  • Is just SARMS good
  • Is just SARMS safe
  • Is just SARMS legit
before buying customers google if a company is legit and safe to buy from

Those searches have nothing to do with products or their quality.

They are brand searches made by potential customers who hesitate to place an order. 

They are looking for reviews on the company.

Product Reviews Don’t Boost Sales

Even though product reviews continue to be relevant for online stores and e-commerce brands, not having company reviews can be a deal-breaker to many potential customers.

Typical purchase path:

  1. Product research on search engines
  2. Looking for user-generated content and reviews
  3. Once the right product is found: Looking for where to order for cheap
  4. Comparing different online stores, their terms and conditions, and reliability

Once you get potential customers to enter your website, it’s time to provide them with company reviews that prove your business can be trusted.

That is exactly what Mike Brookes from Just SARMS did to boost credibility.

collecting company reviews is important for ecommerce

– We still collect and display product reviews, but we’ve found it really important to add business reviews on our site as well, Brookes says.

Impacts of Business Reviews

Before Mike added company reviews to his website, too many potential customers left the website to look for reviews on the legitimacy of Just SARMS.

– I wanted to build trust in our brand with customer reviews and wanted to find the easiest way to add them in bulk to our website, Brookes says.

So far, Brookes has added a trust badge and a review widget to over 300 different landing pages.

– Since implementing this strategy, we have seen month-on-month growth in sales and repeat purchases, he adds.

Since implementing this strategy, we have seen month-on-month growth in sales and repeat purchases.

Mike Brookes, Store Owner @Just SARMS

Places to Add Customer Reviews

Brookes has added reviews to all pages that drive conversions.

According to Brookes, the best places to add reviews are:

  1. Checkout page 
  2. Product pages
  3. High purchase-intent blog posts
  4. Category pages

– By having our reviews at the checkout we have found that this has enabled more shows trust and encourages customers to complete their purchases, Brookes says.

reviews at checkout page improve conversions just sarms has added one to their checkout

Overall, Brookes has found Trustmary to be easy to use.

– If you’re looking for a simplified integration, that requires no web coding experience to the on-going monitoring of conversions from NPS scores to reviews, Trustmary is the platform to chose, he concludes.

Features in Use:

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Erica Ylimäki
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