14 Best Tools for Showcasing Reviews on A Website

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Last edited: March 28th, 2024

Display reviews on your website with the best review tool.

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the best tools for displaying reviews

Looking for the best software to add reviews to your website?

I’ve curated a list of the 14 best solutions for showcasing reviews, so you don’t have to spend too much time on research.

Get ready to find your perfect match that brings your social proof game to the next level.

How to Choose The Best Review Display Tool?

The market is saturated with different solutions for showcasing your customer reviews

On the surface, it seems like each tool offers the same benefits and features, but when you dig deeper into the topic, you’ll notice that some of the tools are best suited for specific types of businesses or websites.

Quick tip: If you have an online store and are looking for product reviews, this list features some tools that are best suited for e-commerce. Use your computer’s search tool and search for the word “e-commerce”, so you’ll be able to find those solutions faster.

Let’s go through some factors that play into your decision.


Here are some capabilities that almost every review tool has.

Every tool includes:

In terms of these features, the platforms differ in the number of integrations or types of widgets.

“If all the tools are similar, what does it matter which one I choose? Shouldn’t I just go for the cheapest one?”, you might ask.

Don’t jump to conclusions quite yet! There are a number of other features you should keep an eye on.

Differentiating factors

These features set some solutions apart from the competition.

Pricing and subscriptions

And of course, pricing matters. Make sure that you are getting value for the money you spend.

Pay close attention to what is included in your subscription. Most tools divide the tool into plans that include different capabilities, cheaper plans having fewer features, or being limited in some other ways.

Typical ways of dividing the plans are:

  • Number of reviews or widgets you can publish
  • Number of review sources
  • Number of views
  • Number of users
  • Number of domains
  • Overall features (cheaper plans only including the very basic features)

Remember to consider both sides of the coin here. First, make sure you are not paying for something you don’t need.

As stated earlier, many platforms include review collection capabilities as well as display features. This might add unnecessary costs if you are just looking for one or the other. If you are just wanting to showcase reviews, seek out a solution that separates collection and display features on different subscriptions.

On the other hand, be aware of the limitations of your chosen plan. If you want to specifically use reviews from a certain review site, double-check that it is included in your subscription. (And if you have to pay extra just to include that source, maybe check our other tools…)

Respond to These Questions

Lastly, you’ll have to ask yourself the following questions and use the answers to choose your favorite tool:

  1. Does the platform connect with the specific review site(s) I want to use?
  2. How many reviews can I add to my website with this tool?
  3. Is there a limit on review widgets I can use?
  4. Does the tool enable the stylistic options I need?
  5. Is the tool easy to use?
  6. How much time do I have to spare on using the tool?
  7. What additional benefits does the tool provide and do I want them? (SEO, tracking, etc)
  8. If I’m planning to collect new reviews, can this tool help me with that, too?

I hope you are feeling well-prepared to evaluate the tools below!

Ranking the 14 Best Review Showcase Solutions

I’ve ranked the tools from the most recommended to the least recommended for someone who wants to display reviews on a website.

The tools further down the list aren’t necessarily bad – their feature set just might be a bit different, or they are best suited for other types of use cases.

The criteria I used in the evaluation include:

  1. Overall feature set is best suited for displaying customer reviews on a website (not necessarily product reviews for an online store).
  2. Value for money and pricing models.
  3. The tool can actually help you increase conversions.
  4. The design is smooth and modern, and the widgets are customizable.

Let’s dive into the actual comparison.

1. Trustmary

add reviews to website with the best possible tool

Shameless brag: we believe that Trustmary is the best review display solution in the market

It’s fast to set up, and the whole philosophy behind the product is to optimize your website’s conversions with the right reviews in the right places.

  • Import reviews from all the most important review platforms and add them to your website in just a few clicks.
  • Trustmary’s AI recognizes the best reviews and prioritizes them.
  • Review widgets are automatically adapted to your website’s style, and they come in many different forms: inline widgets, pop-ups, forms, CTA elements, trust badges, and more.
  • With Trustmary, you don’t just add reviews to your website and forget about it. You can constantly track the effectiveness of the widgets, and find the optimal ways to increase conversions on your website. 

Trustmary’s widgets suit all companies, but especially those operating in traditional industries that are just beginning to use websites as a significant customer acquisition channel.

If you wish, you get to collect new reviews in a process that is integrated into your business functions. But if not, you don’t have to pay for features that you don’t use! In any case, you can test out the collection features without purchasing a collection plan.

And of course, everything can be automated with the right integration to your preferred tools.

Being a European company (from Finland, specifically), Trustmary is also GDPR compliant and values data security.

Unique benefit: Trustmary finds your best reviews with an AI algorithm, and the goal-tracking feature allows you to follow the success of the review widgets in real-time and notice the value with your own eyes.

Pricing: from a free version to $129 / month

Start using Trustmary for free and experience the benefits yourself!

2. Elfsight


Elfsight offers a plethora of different applications for your website, review widgets being one part of their product.

The platform connects with 30-ish review platforms and the widgets can be customized with a few clicks.

Elfsight’s review widget is an affordable option and includes subscriptions for different needs, similar to Trustmary’s pricing model.

Elfsight makes it to the second place as it provides largely the same features as Trustmary, only lacking conversion tracking and automatic branding.

Unique benefit: Automatic sorting of reviews based on different criteria, AI review summary that lets visitors know what people like about your company.

Pricing: from a free version up to $40 / month

3. Endorsal.io


Endorsal.io underlines its efficiency by automating the process of collecting and displaying testimonials. They state that the product is suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Endorsal’s standout features include review pop-ups, product review widgets, and the automatic sharing of reviews to social media. The widgets are clean and modern.

The platform is user-friendly, and customization options allow businesses to maintain their brand identity. Some customers point out that adopting the tool needs some learning at first.

I’m definitely a fan of the design of the tool. But in order to get the best value for money with Endorsal, you’ll have to utilize their review collection features as well.

Unique benefit: Autoposting reviews on social media.

Pricing: from $39 to $349 per month

4. Senja


Senja is a review and testimonial tool that specializes in social media and fun designs. It provides social media import as well as connections to the biggest review platforms.

You can add Senja’s widgets to your website, or share reviews as images on any other channels.

The widgets support text and video reviews.

Personally, I love Senja’s bold and fun designs. The style makes Senja stand out from the competition, although its features offer nothing too special.

Unique benefit: Senja provides some of the most creative designs in the market.

Pricing: from a free version to $99/month

5. JustReview

just review

Justreview.co describes itself as a potent solution for collecting and sharing customer reviews. It offers product reviews, a dedicated review site, and even the ability to collect reviews from other review sites. 

JustReview’s solution is best suited for service companies and e-commerce. It can be integrated with many website builders and online store platforms.

While the feature set is broad, I’ll have to critique the pricing model. If you consider using this tool, pay close attention to what is included in each plan.

The review widgets work on unlimited domains and include unlimited pageviews in each plan, and JustReview can be connected with dozens of online review platforms.

However, their cheaper plans come with severe restrictions in terms of review sources and widgets. If you wanted to import reviews from, let’s say, Capterra (as an example), you would have to purchase the most expensive plan.

Unique benefit: It is a strong solution for e-commerce brands and offers a lot of review sites.

Pricing: From a free plan to 49€/month

6. Reviews.io


Reviews.io presents a feature-rich platform covering the collection, management, response, and analysis of customer reviews. 

They place a strong emphasis on their social media and UGC features, along with their product review capabilities. 

Reviews.io offer a wide range of review platform integrations for online reputation management, as well as further integrations to marketing software, messaging platforms, and more.

It’s a great solution for e-commerce brands, but some of the features might be unnecessary if you are just looking for a simple company review tool. It’s also much pricier than other options on the list.

Unique benefit: Review Nuggets that transform long reviews into shorter snippets.

Pricing: €99-€499 / month

7. Trustindex


Trustindex is a platform that offers unlimited widgets and reviews, catering to businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. 

The platform integrates with over 130 review platforms, providing the most options out of all the alternatives.

On top of review widgets, they offer other social proof features such as badges and certificates.

Although their platform offers unlimited widgets and reviews at an attractive price point, they lack a monthly payment option and further conversion optimization features.

Trustindex would be especially suitable for agencies that manage multiple websites and require access to many different review sites for an affordable price.

Unique benefit: The largest selection of review sites and interesting details like a star review summary added to your email signature.

Pricing: yearly subscriptions $65 / one domain, $125 / 5 domains, $349 / unlimited domains

8. ReviewsOnMyWebsite.Com

reviews on my website .com

ReviewsOnMyWebsite.Com is a simple solution for adding third-party reviews on a website. It stresses its affordability while offering unlimited widget views and reviews. 

The platform integrates with a wide selection of review platforms and enables review responses and review monitoring.

However, their review widget design is not as modern and attractive as the competitors’.

If you are looking for the best solution for merely displaying reviews on a website, I’ll bluntly state that this probably isn’t the one. But if you want to manage your online reputation outside your own website, ReviewsOnMyWebsite.Com can help with that!

Unique benefit: This platform doesn’t seem to have a specific unique benefit regarding display features, but it’s a strong tool for online reputation management.

Pricing: $9-$59 / month (for one location)

9. Repuso


Repuso provides a wide variety of widgets and integrations to third-party review sites. 

However, despite their extensive selection of widgets and integrations, the platform and widget design appears less polished.

Additionally, users have to manually approve and disapprove all reviews, whereas many other tools can filter out bad on ineffective reviews automatically.

Unique benefit: Repuso doesn’t seem to have any unique differentiating features from the competition, but it’s a simple and unpretentious solution for review collection and showcasing.

Pricing: $9-$23/month

10. Stamped


Stamped is best suited for e-commerce brands who want to boost their sales with customer reviews and establish a loyalty program for their customers.

Stamped facilitates e-commerce growth by offering tools for collecting product reviews and leveraging them in websites, search engines, and social media advertising. 

The tool includes a variety of ways to display reviews in an online store.

Like Trustmary, Stamped includes features to track conversions and performance.

Despite having a broad feature set, some users critique the platform for frequent bugs and inconsistencies in customer support.

Stamped only offers Google and Facebook review integrations in more expensive plans, so you’ll have to use their collection features to make the most out of the tool.

Unique benefit: The platform rewards users for leaving reviews, which might invite more customer reviews.

Pricing: from $19 to $249 a month

11. Review Tool

review tool

Review Tool (while winning at SEO with its name choice) aims to offer a robust tool for managing customer reviews. 

You can add a review widget to your website with an inline, sidebar, or footer widget. Review Tool provides extensive filters for managing reviews.

The platform seems fairly expensive, while it lacks a variety of widget templates, conversion optimization capabilities, social media sharing, and other additional features.

Unique benefit: Filter reviews by keywords

Pricing: $69-$149 / month

12. EmbedReviews by EmbedSocial


Focused on social media engagement, EmbedSocial is a platform that offers comprehensive tools for generating and showcasing user-generated content, including reviews with its product EmbedReviews.  

The widget selection is good, and they have great templates for highlighting user’s images.

According to user reviews, EmbedSocial gets praise for its quick and friendly customer support.

While they put a strong focus on social media, they lack the level of third-party review site integrations found in other tools, as EmbedReviews only integrates with Google and Facebook. 

Considering there are only a couple of review sources available, I’m not convinced that the tool is good value for money in this comparison.

Unique benefit: A large collection of review badges

Pricing: $29-$99 / month

13. Boast.io


Boast.io is a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to collect and display video testimonials. 

They also enable users to collect online reviews and feedback, but the widgets are designed to showcase video reviews.

While you can display valuable video content with Boast, they only offer a limited selection of review sites to work with (Google, Facebook, and Yelp), and they don’t really have effective solutions for leveraging those third-party reviews.

All in all, Boast is more inclined towards a video review collection tool rather than an online review display tool.

It’s a good choice for someone who wants to explore and focus on video reviews rather than standard online reviews and star reviews.

Unique Benefit: Possibility to edit video testimonials before publishing.

Pricing: $59-$249 / month

14. Taggbox


Taggbox positions itself as a platform that expertly curates user-generated content from various channels. 

Their standout offerings include different social media tools, but they also provide solutions for using reviews in marketing. You could embed reviews on your website, use them on social media, or even display them at your event or in-store.

The pricing model can seem a bit confusing, as they have a different set of subscriptions for each of their products.

Frankly speaking, this might not be the go-to solution for someone who just wants to display reviews on a website. However, it seems like a sound solution for a business that wants to tap into social media marketing more effectively.

Unique benefit: If you want to expand displaying social proof to physical spaces, Taggbox can help with that as well.

Pricing: The Widget product goes from a free plan up to $79/month.


Here are the top 14 solutions for displaying reviews on your website. Each of the tools includes its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s your job to determine which solution works best for your unique needs.

If you are done with research and want to add reviews to your website right now, test out our top-rated tool Trustmary. Explore the tool with no strings attached, and pay for the views you need.


What is the best tool for showcasing reviews on a website?

Trustmary is the best tool for displaying reviews on a website because it does more than just puts the reviews up there. With Trustmary, you can show the right reviews in the right places and make a true difference on your website. Additionally, you get to track the success of your review widgets.

The tool leverages AI to identify your best reviews, and automatically matches widgets to your website’s style. Start using Trustmary now, explore it with no strings attached, and see the benefits yourself.

Why should I showcase reviews?

Customer reviews are a source of social proof: one of the most important factors that make your website convert visitors into customers. It’s also the easiest way to implement social proof.

You just need to leverage the reviews you already have on Google and other review platforms and import them to your own site in a few clicks.

How to choose the best review display tool?

The best tool for your needs is one that includes the features you need, enables you to create the design you want, and of course, fits your budget. It’s important to choose a tool that doesn’t make you spend unnecessary money and generates actual results.

Take into account which CMS you use. Trustmary works with all content management systems, and has a dedicated plugin for WordPress.

Do I need reviews on my Shopify online store?

It’s important to have reviews on Shopify. However, it’s best to ditch the product reviews (trust me, managing them is a pain) and to focus on business reviews instead.

When the Head of E-commerce at Eurokangas added customer reviews to the start of their purchase journey, they saw an immediate 38,5% boost in conversions.

Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary. With a background in Linguistics, she is an expert in language and communication, as well as local SEO and review marketing.


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