Reviews and customer feedback in sales and marketing – why and how?

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Last edited: October 3rd, 2023

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Reviews and customer feedback in sales and marketing – why and how?

Let me tell you a secret. There is no need for this blog post because you already know everything that I’m about to tell you. 

You know that when you buy a new product or service, you’re interested in what other people have to say about it.

You want to know if

  • the service provider is trustworthy,
  • whether the product is as promised,
  • how the company reacts to complaints
  • and so on. 

Our general attitude towards companies is skeptical. We may even be annoyed if the product isn’t just as good as the ads claim it to be. 

As a company representative, it is natural for us to love our own products and services. It is understandable that marketing messages and advertisements are built around your own excellence because for us, it’s the truth. In that bubble it is easy to forget that people do not trust companies, but other people.

None of that matters if our customers tell a different story. The situation is even worse if our customers don’t say a thing. 

How do customer reviews affect sales?

Whether you are booking a hotel room, looking for a suitable restaurant or making a choice between a suitable washing machine, your attention will be drawn to the reviews of the customers who have already purchased the product in question. You will take a look at the star ratings and take even the badly written comments and anonymous horror stories very seriously. 

Although the quality of the reviews varies, one thing is for sure: they will affect your purchase decision.

Why the leading Ecommerce companies, such as Amazon and eBay have built their websites around reviews? Why have reviews become a standard thing to have on all international comparison websites? What makes websites such as TripAdvisor so successful? 

88 % of consumers rely on online reviews as much as on personal recommendations despite the fact that the review has been given by a stranger. 

Consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before feeling able to trust a local business.

Only 12 % don’t read reviews at all. 

If you don’t provide reviews, 88 % of your potential customers don’t get the information they require to trust your business. 

Customer Feedback for Salesperson

If you’re already using a CRM system, you should integrate it with a system that automatically send out feedback forms to customers.

aTalent Recruiting used to rely on their salespersons to send out feedback surveys. After they implemented Trustmary, they’ve gathered over 400 customer feedback within a year with the automations!

If you use Hubspot or Pipedrive, you can integrate Trustmary natively to gather video testimonials, customer feedback, testimonials and reviews. Automatically. See our full list of integrations here.

Benefits of Sales Feedback

Most obvious benefit revolves around the sales person getting individualized feedback which allows them to grow professionally.

When you use one system that gathers the feedback into one place while also asking if it can be used by marketing, you can unlock the following benefits:

  • Customer feedback for salesperson (so that your sales numbers aren’t the only KPI to measure performance!)
  • Transfer sales feedback to marketing – directly and in real-time!
  • Collect market feedback
  • Collect consumer reviews
  • Easy way to get customer feedback on website
customer feedback for salesperson

The more reviews, the better the conversion rate

The more reviews you offer, the more credible they are and the more positively will they affect your sales. 

You may be surprised that bad reviews can also have a positive impact on your online purchasing behavior. According to some studies, poor ratings improve conversion by up to 67 percent. People looking for negative reviews often spend more time on searching for information about your company – and more time on your website as well.  

Few companies succeed perfectly in every way and every time. Constructive customer feedback increases the credibility of the positive reviews and creates the impression that the company has nothing to hide. Obviously, it is essential that there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

Btw, remember to respond to both negative reviews as well as the positive!

Ratings also have a positive impact on search engines. Each review increases the amount of unique content to your website, which in turn increases the relevance and likelihood of your content getting noted on the search engines. The number of positive reviews about your business on other sites will also improve your site’s search engine visibility.

customer feedback and SEO

Why do reviews work?

Reviews, testimonials and customer stories are the most important sales and marketing tools because they:

  • build trust
  • prove your ability to serve customers successfully
  • provide concrete examples of how your service works in practice
  • bring out the details that interest your potential customer – you may even learn something new about how customers benefit from your services
  • sell your services and products for you
  • help you to build a better marketing message

How to get reviews for your business?

Reviews that provide a detailed description of the features of the service or product along with their benefits are the ones that boost marketing and sales the most.

The format doesn’t really matter – even a recommendation on social media will do. Positive reviews often encourage others to share their experiences as well, but we rarely give feedback without asking. If you receive feedback from your clients on social media or other channels, ask if your feedback can be published on your website. 

The most effective way to get feedback is to provide an easy channel for giving a review. 

When you collect feedback, remember the following tips:


Fake reviews can have serious consequences because trust me, your potential customers know if the feedback is fake.

If you are thinking that no one would praise your business, you should start collecting feedback systematically right away. You will get important information about the things that you can do better to get more satisfied customers in the future. 

Use the actual names and pictures of your customers

This serves as a proof that the feedback comes from a real customer.

Pay attention to different customer segments and buyer personas

Provide reviews and experiences for each of your target groups.

Publish feedback on all possible channels

Add your own section of customer feedback and testimonials to your website. Publish reviews on relevant service or product pages. Include customer feedback in sales and marketing materials. Post them on social media. 

With Trustmary, you can import existing reviews from different sources, including Google, Capterra, G2, Facebook, and many more, and manage them with one platform!

Use videos

When a potential customer sees and hears the customer telling about their experiences and sees the product or service in practice, the feedback resonates more strongly than plain text. If this sounds like a complicated project, let us produce the video for you. Or try one of these three remote video testimonial templates!

In summary

Reviews and testimonials have a huge impact on the results of marketing and sales. The more reviews you have, the better conversion you will have on your website and the greater the impact will be in sales. 

With reviews, you increase the reliability of your business and provide your potential customers with the information that they need in order to purchase from you. 


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