Why Isn’t My Google Review Showing Up?

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Last edited: June 27th, 2024

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Have you ever posted a great review on Google, but then left wondering why your Google review is not showing up?

You’re not alone!

Understanding why your review might vanish is something both companies getting reviews as well as reviewers can struggle with.

There are various reasons why your Google review could go missing.

Two of the most common reasons include moderation rules or technical issues.

Let’s explore these reasons and discover how to make sure your feedback is seen by others.

Common Reasons Why My Google Review Is Not Showing

I Wrote a Google Review, Why Can’t I See It?

There could be reasons why your Google review is not showing up on the business listing.

  1. Your review might have violated Google’s policies, like incentivizing or fake reviews, leading to its removal.
  2. Technical glitches or conflicts of interest could also be factors.
  3. Google’s privacy policy and terms of service help decide which reviews are displayed.

If you think your review was hidden by mistake, contact Google support.

Giving feedback to Google and explaining the situation could resolve the issue.

Remember, Google values authentic reviews and works to keep its review platform trustworthy.

Someone Left Me a Google Review: Why Can’t I Find It?

When a Google review doesn’t show up on a business page, here are some common reasons:

  • Duplicate listings for the same business can cause confusion about where the review should appear.
  • Technical glitches or issues in the Google system might prevent the review from displaying correctly.
  • Reviews that go against Google’s policies, like fake or incentivized reviews, may get flagged and not shown.
  • A conflict of interest, where the reviewer has a personal connection to the business, could be another reason.
  • Privacy concerns and policy violations could lead to reviews being withheld.

For help, reaching out to Google support or volunteers in the Google community can resolve the issue and make sure genuine reviews are visible on the business profile.

Are You Struggling Getting Google Reviews?

There might be a few reasons, why your business isn’t getting more Google reviews.

  1. You’re not asking clients to leave a review
  2. Customers don’t have a Google account
  3. People would like to leave anonymous reviews
  4. Review marketing strategy isn’t defined

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Recent Changes to Google Review Policies

Google Updates and Algorithm Changes

Google frequently updates its search algorithms, impacting website rankings and visibility, as well as customer reviews on Google business profiles.

Back in 2023, Google still announced core updates to the review system whose whole purpose is to “better reward high quality reviews, which is content that provides insightful analysis and original research and is written by experts or enthusiasts who know the topic well.

However, the review system has become an integral part of the algorithm and further updates to it won’t be announced as separate updates.

Issues to Look Out For

Issues like duplicate listings, fake reviews, technical problems, or policy violations can harm a business’s online reputation.

Monitoring and managing reviews is crucial to ensure authenticity and compliance with Google’s policies.

Addressing duplicate content, inactive listings, and avoiding incentivizing reviews are essential steps.

Effect of the Pandemic on Google Reviews

During the pandemic, Google reviews have increased for many businesses. This is because more interactions are happening online due to closures and restrictions.

Customers are sharing their experiences and feelings in more detail, making the reviews more emotional. Businesses are noticing changes in the themes of reviews, focusing on safety measures, contactless services, and cleanliness.

Maintaining a positive online reputation through Google reviews is vital during these times.

Understanding Google’s Review Guidelines

Prohibited Content in Google Reviews

Prohibited content in Google reviews includes fake reviews, duplicate content, and incentivizing reviews.

To maintain authenticity and fairness, it’s important to steer clear of such content.

Fake or incentivized reviews can mislead customers and harm a business’s online image.

Google’s policies are designed to encourage genuine feedback and prevent misuse of the platform.

Violations can lead to consequences like account suspension, review removal or even hefty fines depending on the location of the business.

Impact of Profanity and Biased Reviews

Profanity in customer reviews can harm a business’s credibility.

Negative language and inappropriate content can turn off potential customers.

Biased reviews, whether too good or bad, can also damage a business’s reputation.

They can mislead customers about the quality of products or services. More importantly, it’s not credible to have a 5-star rating.

Let the negative customer voices be heard, too.

Both profanity and biased reviews can sway customers to pick competitors with genuine reviews. Businesses should watch out for these reviews to keep a good online image and lure in new customers.

If reviews break Google’s rules, they might get taken down from the Google Business Profile. This helps ensure fair feedback from real customers.

Potential Issues with Google My Business

How Paid Reviews Can Affect Visibility

Paid reviews can have a big impact on how visible a business is on Google. However, using paid reviews can cause issues. It might go against Google’s review rules. This could lead to reviews being deleted or the business page being flagged for breaking policies.

Furthermore, paying for reviews can harm a business’s reputation online. Fake reviews or giving incentives for reviews can mislead customers and make them trust the business less.

Google values real reviews from actual customers.

Trying to manipulate customer reviews using paid methods can have serious consequences for a business. These consequences may include

  • lower search rankings,
  • being removed from Google-approved review platforms, and
  • facing legal problems for engaging in fraudulent practices.

It’s important for businesses to follow Google’s review guidelines.

They should focus on getting real feedback from customers instead of turning to paid tactics for better visibility.

Third-Party Sites and Their Influence on Google Reviews

Third-party review sites play a big role in how Google Reviews are seen and trusted. They impact where and how customer reviews show up online.

Using these sites can help get more reviews on Google and make a business more visible. But, there are risks like fake reviews that can hurt a business’s image on Google.

To handle this well, businesses should check for duplicate listings and review issues regularly. This helps keep reviews honest and real.

Also, tools like Google review widgets and short links can help get more feedback from verified customers on Google. This can boost a business’s online review presence in a genuine way.

Technical Problems and Bugs

Common Google Bugs affecting Reviews

Some common Google bugs can affect the visibility of customer reviews on a Google business profile. These include technical glitches, duplicate listings, and fake reviews.

Addressing these technical issues can be challenging. Seeking help from Google support or volunteering feedback to a Google employee can be helpful.

Issues related to duplicate content, conflict of interest, or incentivizing reviews can also impact review visibility on a business page. It’s important to adhere to Google’s review policies, privacy policy, and terms of service to avoid policy violations affecting a business’s online reputation.

Missing reviews or inactive listings may be due to an unverified profile or duplicate business. This requires review generation strategies or updating business open date information to resolve.

Using a custom short link for review requests and avoiding outbound links in review widgets can help ensure authentic reviews are properly showcased on Google business profiles.

Steps to Address Missing Google Reviews

Reaching Out to Google Support for Assistance

Experiencing technical glitches or issues with Google reviews on your business profile can be frustrating. Knowing how to seek assistance from Google Support is important.

Whether it’s missing reviews, duplicate listings, fake reviews, or policy violations, reaching out to Google Support can help. By following the necessary steps to submit a request for review restoration and understanding Google’s review policies, businesses can keep their online reputation intact.

Clear communication with Google employees is vital. Businesses can volunteer information, address conflicts of interest, and resolve technical issues. Understanding Google’s privacy policy, terms of service, and account guidelines is crucial for navigating the review restoration process effectively.

Staying informed and proactive is key. This way, businesses can maintain authentic customer feedback and address any issues promptly and efficiently.

Submitting a Request for Review Restoration

To request a review restoration on Google business profiles, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the negative or missing reviews are genuine and follow review policies.
  • Go to the “Reviews” section in Google My Business dashboard.
  • Choose the specific review you want to address.

Clearly explain the problem and provide relevant details.

Sometimes, Google may request extra documentation like screenshots or proof of ownership.

Following Google’s rules increases the chance of success. Transparency, honesty, and avoiding conflicts of interest in your appeal can help resolve the issue.

Key Takeaways

If your Google review isn’t showing up, it may be due to several reasons.

  • It could be caught in Google’s spam filter
  • It might violate Google’s content policies
  • It might be flagged by other users
  • Technical issue on Google’s end
  • Are you sure you’re logged into the right account?

To increase the chances of your review appearing, make sure the review is relevant, authentic, and doesn’t contain any prohibited content.


How long does it take for my Google review to show up?

It should appear in real-time for both the reviewer as well as the company in question.

If not, there might be a technical issue.

How do I know if my Google review was removed?

You’ll be notified if a review you wrote is removed.

If a reviewer removes their review, the business will not be notified.

Where can I see the Google reviews I left?

  1. Log into your gmail account
  2. Go to Google Maps (on desktop)
  3. Open the side bar
  4. Find “Your contributions”
  5. Navigate to “Reviews”

You can also see any photos you’ve posted with your Google reviews and statistics on how many have seen them.

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
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