7 Best Pipedrive Integrations for Sales Teams

Do you find Pipedrive really useful? It is built to help you keep track of your leads in the sales funnels in real-time. More importantly, it can help you assess the performance of your sales teams and manage leads hassle-free. While this CRM tool comes with an abundance of features, you should also be aware […]

Marketing mix

When talking about a marketing mix, usually the talk is around the means of competition in marketing and those means are categorized according to 4P: Product – a product or service Price – the price Place – The point of sale or availability Promotion In this 4P model, the goal of the marketer is to […]

A Simple Guide to Effective Corporate Reputation Management

It’s obvious to all of us that maintaining a good corporate reputation is important, but do we fully understand what this means in practice or what “good” actually is? When done correctly, good corporate reputation management should do two things: Identify your company and brand with an idea or concept. Set expectations for your future […]

Fundamentals of Coaching Leadership

When it comes to coaching leadership, the focus is on developing people and finding their maximum potential. This is not about managing things, but about people. Rather than giving straightforward instructions on how to do things, coaches are rather asking and trying to help solve problems. One excellent book on coaching leadership is Michael Bungay […]

Marketing Budget: How much should a company invest in marketing?

The marketing budget is usually made once a year for the coming year. In this case, the marketing budget typically defines the maximum amount that can be invested in marketing and some kind of preliminary budget allocation. The marketing budget is therefore, at its simplest, one management tool that seeks to set the financial framework […]

35+ Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics

Looking for the latest word of mouth marketing stats to figure out how it can help your company? Not sure if word of mouth marketing is right for your business, this is the article you should read. Word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest and most authentic marketing techniques. It has been used […]

Social Media Marketing Basics – How Do You Get The Most Out Of A Social media?

Social media marketing has emerged in recent years as one dimension of marketing and as a central entity in the digital marketing toolkit. When it comes to social media marketing, talk is mostly about most common channels like Facebook and Instagram, but often you also find discussion about channels like Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest or Reddit. […]

3 Amazing Facebook Word of Mouth Marketing Features

Marketing can take any form, but nothing works better than word of mouth marketing. According to a 2019 survey, word of mouth marketing is one of the most credible marketing channels for 86% of consumers, and 74% go to their friends for recommendations of everyday products. Bedraoui Oumayma’s 2020 survey also showed that 85.4% of respondents believed […]

Internal Linking – A guide to increasing search visibility through internal linking

Internal linking plays a key role in in-page optimization when it comes to search engine optimization. Usually when it comes to search engine optimization, the first step is to get your content in order. The first thing to do is to cover buying searches like “Experiences from Trustmary” and similar searches where the person looking […]

3 Word of Mouth Marketing Examples to Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing your company could have. Consumers are naturally tuned to talking about brands and products they use, like, and dislike. They are tuned to it. It’s natural. According to HubSpot, consumers discuss brands casually 90 times a week. It isn’t always about recommending a […]