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Last edited: April 29th, 2024

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Seidat Oy is a versatile presentation platform for sales teams. Seidat’s 14,000 users have created four million pages of presentations, receiving 70,000 views daily. To ensure the functionality and user-friendliness of its service, Seidat regularly collects customer feedback from its users with Trustmary – and makes this feedback easily accessible to every employee via Slack.

Seidat’s goal is to enable a winning sales flow for its customers. Seidat’s developed service tackles today’s sales challenges by offering a comprehensive solution that allows any company to modify, manage, and present its sales message more easily.

In 2023, Seidat helped its customers present their sales messages more clearly in over 30 different countries, and the company aims for international growth in the coming years.

seidat presentation in action
Seidat’s presentation in action

Emma Ojapuska has worked as Seidat’s Customer Success Manager for years. Her responsibilities include the entire customer lifecycle, from implementation to potential churn discussions.

“All that involves customer relationships falls under my domain,” Ojapuska says.

She is also responsible for measuring and analyzing customer feedback.

Since Trustmary allows the collection of NPS and public recommendations using the same survey form, Ojapuska didn’t even consider other services and chose Trustmary.

Next, Ojapuska elaborates on how Seidat utilizes Trustmary and fosters a culture of transparency within the company.

Emma's headshot
Emma Ojapuska is Seidat’s Customer Relationship Manager

Feedback from the Grassroots

Measuring customer satisfaction plays a vital role in Seidat’s growth. By asking for customer feedback, they learn about areas for improvement and what users already like.

When we sent our first NPS survey, our response rate was 9.35%. We received a lot of useful information and our first benchmark for customer satisfaction,” Ojapuska recalls the system’s implementation.

After sending the first survey, Seidat automated the NPS surveys to be sent quarterly to all users.

To get feedback on the smoothness of implementation, Ojapuska automated a survey that gets triggered when she sets the “onboarding finished” status for a customer in their CRM.

The most significant benefits of using Trustmary include, besides automation, reaching the intended audience. Seidat as a product is such that the decision-maker may not necessarily use Seidat in their daily life.

For example, a sales director might decide to implement Seidat, but the actual users are the salespeople. In these situations, it is crucial to capture the feedback and wishes of the users to ensure their satisfaction.

“With Trustmary’s surveys, we get a comprehensive picture of Seidat’s functionality from the user’s perspective. Users can directly tell us which features work and what they would need for even smoother use in the future,” Ojapuska explains.

Without Trustmary, it would be impossible for Seidat to receive requests for new features directly from its users.

All Customer Feedback Shared Internally

When a customer responds to a survey sent by Seidat, all responses are automatically brought in real-time directly to a dedicated channel in Slack via Zapier.

“I think it’s important that customer feedback is not just visible to, for example, the customer team. When we bring the feedback directly into Slack, everyone has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with it if they wish,” Ojapuska says.

emma and coworker

Seidat collects feedback through various means:

  • Quarterly NPS surveys
  • From listeners after webinars
  • After implementations
  • After individual meetings

Since everyone has a full plate of work, Ojapuska does not see it as realistic that anyone would log into a separate new system just to read feedback. Therefore, she decided to bring the feedback to where her colleagues already are.

“It increases transparency when every piece of customer feedback is public within the company. Everyone stays informed when they can glance at open feedback and see individual NPS scores,” Ojapuska explains.

The whole company benefits when customer feedback can be freely read at any time.

Trustmary Replaces Three Separate Systems

Ojapuska reports on customer satisfaction monthly to the entire company and appreciates the ease of use of Trustmary.

“All the reports are already prepared. I just need to take a screenshot from Trustmary’s dashboard, which shows how the NPS has evolved,” Ojapuska describes.

Besides ease of use, Ojapuska has praised Trustmary’s versatility.

“Without Trustmary, we would need a separate NPS software, a tool for collecting public recommendations, and a third solution for adding public recommendations to websites and social media. Now, with Trustmary, everything is conveniently handled at once – without burdening our customers.”

Emma Ojapuska, Seidat

Even though Seidat uses Trustmary’s Full-suite solution, which includes a dedicated customer relationship manager, Ojapuska finds the system so easy that it can also be used independently.

Trustmary has made everything really easy for its customers. It always feels easy to get in touch, and the service is personable, knowledgeable, and quick,” Ojapuska praises.

For quick questions, Ojapuska emphasizes that she always receives help from Trustmary’s chat.

Public Recommendations in Marketing Communications

When Seidat sends an NPS survey, they also ask on the same form if the customer would like to give their feedback as a public recommendation.

“We immediately saw the value of Trustmary when we sent out the first NPS survey. We got public recommendations along with the responses right away. It was easy to add them directly to our website with a widget,” Ojapuska says.

Seidat extensively uses its customers’ comments on its website and on social media to build trust with potential customers.

A key place is Seidat’s pricing page. Here, they have selected the most central recommendations using a tagging system, which conveys the value Seidat brings to its users.

Seidat testimonials on website
Seidat showcases customer reviews on its website, including the pricing page.

Additionally, Seidat uses public recommendations in social media as marketing material, as they bring out the voice of their customers and demonstrate the value provided by Seidat.

“Trustmary makes it really easy to collect and quickly create recommendations shareable on social media. Sharing reviews is a central part of our social media strategy,” Ojapuska explains.

seidat shares reviews on social media
This is what Seidat’s social media shares often look like!

Overall, Ojapuska has been satisfied with the usability and benefits gained from Trustmary.

“Trustmary is a 10/10. I would definitely recommend it to others because the software is a really good addition to practical work, regardless of the industry,” Ojapuska summarizes.

Best Features of Trustmary

Concrete Benefits of Using Trustmary

  • All customer feedback visible to the entire company
  • Transparency in operations, as feedback is accessible to everyone
  • Feedback from users
  • Regular and easy collection of public recommendations
  • 2-in-1 survey: Customers receive one survey that asks for both NPS and public recommendation
  • Replaces three separate systems (NPS system, public recommendation collection, embedding reviews on websites)

Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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