Eezy Personnel: NPS Grew from 46 to 70

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Eezy Group is a Finnish company that is an expert in direct search, recruitment, personal assessments, and outplacement. It aims to help its customers prosper by freeing the potential of workplaces and individuals for success. In 2022, its turnover was 248 million euros and it had altogether 32,000 employees. Eezy Personnel is a part of the Eezy Group and specializes in recruitment services, such as direct search, media search, and personal assessments. Excellent service, top-notch quality, and creating lasting solutions are at the core of everyone’s work at Eezy. For measuring its level of service, Eezy Personnel uses Trustmary.

Eezy Personnel caters to a wide and versatile clientele ranging from the public sector to individual companies. The client companies can be from any imaginable industry. Their common denominator is that they have decided to outsource either their recruitment, personal assessment, or both to Eezy Personnel.

Psychologist Maria Nevala has worked at Eezy Personnel for an extensive period. She is responsible for C-level personal assessments in demanding customer assignments, managing the recruitment team, and themes related to developing different service solutions. As a member of the management group at Eezy Personnel, Nevala has been responsible for improving the candidate experience and personal assessment processes and implementing them into practice.

Taru Palokangas works as a part of Nevala’s team as a Service Coordinator and has worked at Eezy for 23 years. She is in charge of invoicing and reporting and is one of Trustmary’s main users at Eezy Personnel. Her other areas of responsibility include creating customer and candidate satisfaction surveys with Trustmary.

Eezy personnel's employees Maria Nevala and Taru Palokangas

Nevala and Palokangas go over how Eezy Personnel uses Trustmary to ensure the quality of service in different touchpoints. They will shed light on how Trustmary is used to measure NPS, analyze its development, and how adding candidate and customer feedback on Eezy Personnel’s website can be used to build trust.

Eezy Personnel is trustworthy

When Eezy Personnel is chosen as a partner, it is also chosen to act as the face of the customer company and represent its employer brand. Eezy Personnel’s operational principle is to serve each customer in the best possible way – and that also applies to each candidate.

– We value how each customer and individual candidate feels. Mental image and general thoughts about us matter a great deal. A negative experience is always a risk. We represent the companies we work with and we are responsible both for our own employer brand as well as our customers’, Nevala describes.

It has been important for Eezy Personnel to recognize the touchpoints where customer and candidate experience should be measured. Once an important touchpoint has been identified, a dedicated feedback survey is created which measures the success rate in that particular touchpoint.

– Trustmary enables us to create feedback surveys and we can customize each question to fit the touchpoint measured to the teeth. Our goal is to renew ways to encounter people, Nevala says.

Trustmary enables us to create feedback surveys and we can customize each question to fit the touchpoint measured to the teeth. Our goal is to renew ways to encounter people.

Maria Nevala, Head of Assessment Process and Development, Assessment Services, Eezy Personnel

Palokangas has created the feedback forms with Trustmary and says that creating a modifying the feedback forms is easy. Sending feedback forms is automated, so they can avoid unnecessary manual work.

– In our industry, it might be difficult to get responses in the first place. That is why we have focused on measuring NPS. It describes the willingness to recommend us because that speaks to the feeling we have been able to leave in the candidate or the customer, Palokangas continues.

Gathering feedback and constantly analyzing it are important tools also for taking part in a public competitive tendering.

30% of the criteria in a competitive tendering is related to the quality of service, and to get those quality points, a company needs to be able to prove that they measure customer and candidate experiences and provide high-quality service.

NPS Went from 46 to 70

When Eezy Personnel started to use Trustmary, its NPS was already at a high level even on an international scale. It was 46 when they measured it the first time.

Because NPS results are systematically analyzed on the whole company level and the feedback is used to improve processes and practices, Eezy Personnel has been able to even improve their NPS score. At the moment, its NPS is typically around 70.

– I never would have thought that it would be possible to increase it in such a huge way, as our NPS was excellent to begin with. Getting regular feedback is motivating and encourages our staff to achieve even better results, Nevala rejoices.

customer experience nps can rise when one pays attention to it and measures it regularly

Because NPS is measured systematically, Eezy Personnel has developed clear processes to both analyze and handle the feedback.

– We go over the results monthly on team and company levels. NPS is used as one of the key performance indicators across different teams, Nevala continues.

Eezy Personnel has emphasized the importance of great candidate experience internally. Teams often talk about the importance of having a supreme candidate experience. One of the tools teams use to create one, is the NPS value that they measure with Trustmary.

– The best part is that we have up-to-date information about the candidate’s experience. It enables us to react on short notice and to follow the impacts of any changes made in nearly real-time. In addition, each of our employees can get personal feedback on the work they have done, Nevala says.

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Personalization as Part of Communication

Eezy focuses heavily on encountering each candidate individually. The company uses the same principle in all its communication.

This is especially crucial in direct search because they are discreet processes by nature. A candidate is not necessarily looking for new challenges and has not been the one to initiate contact.

Special attention has been paid to handling each candidate with utmost respect.

– We value each candidate’s time and consider very carefully how they are approached in the first place. Personalized messages are the only acceptable way to approach, Nevala states.

By using Trustmary’s custom fields Eezy Personnel can easily personalize the messages that they send to candidates about the whole candidate experience.

review form with custom fields for personalization

– Creating feedback surveys is easy and logical. Fully automating the survey requests would take some work, but luckily we do not need to do that part ourselves, Palokangas says.

Candidate and Customer Experience Are Strategically Important

If a candidate is happy with Eezy Personnel’s process, it re-enforces the positive image of the company for which the commission is done. If something is out of place in the process, a client’s reputation could be at stake.

– By using Trustmary, we have total control over our candidate and customer experience and we can take necessary action immediately, if needed, Nevala says.

One thing candidates often get nervous of is taking part in the personal assessment. Many look for information online beforehand on how the process works and how to do well.

Nevala thinks that its important that Eezy Personnel has added a widget to their website that highlights how candidates felt about taking part in a personal assessment.

widget that showcases reviews from candidates that have participated in personal assessment

– I believe it relieves the nervousness when candidates can read through what others that have gone through the process think afterwards. It increases their trust in us, Nevala says.

In addition to being fuel to managing and improving processes, the reviews are also used as marketing material.

– We get additional value by sharing all our testimonials and reviews on LinkedIn as marketing messages, Nevala continues.

social media sharing reviews on linkedin
An example of how Eezy Personnel has shared its excellent candidate feedback on LinkedIn.

Help in Building Feeback Processes

Eezy Personnel uses Trustmary’s Full Suite solution which includes a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Both Palokangas and Nevala have been happy with the personal help Trustmary has provided.

– I like how laid back and knowledgeable our contact person is. They have made very on-point suggestions on improving our feedback processes, Palokangas describes.

Palokangas is especially pleased that the service provided is excellent – and she gets it in her native language Finnish.

– Thanks to the level of service, we have had no trouble starting actively using Trustmary. I would definitely recommend Trustmary to others as well, Palokangas continues.

Trustmary has great support for users

Nevala agrees and adds that Trustmary is also constantly developing the service to fit the customers’ needs.

– The software is already good and can be used in a versatile way for many purposes. Together with our contact person, we have come up with new features that have been further developed. Our relationship is very reciprocal, Nevala says.

Nevala and Palokangas have been happy with Trustmary’s operational reliability. They value that their contact person is proactively in touch and tells what they consider to be useful new features for Eezy Personnel.

– Trustmary’s team is easy to approach and one gets help right away, Nevala summarizes and smiles.

Most Important Trustmary Features

Biggest Benefits from Using Trustmary

  • Saving time by eliminating manual work
  • Control over candidate and customer experience
  • Clear process for handling feedback
  • Measuring employee performance with NPS
  • Up-to-date information on what customers and candidates feel
  • Chance to react to issues promptly
  • Competitive advantage to competitive tenderings
  • Reviews can be used as marketing materials

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Erica Ylimäki
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