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Personal development is at the heart of what YouBamboo is all about. It is an online platform where everyone can be themselves and find resources for making their dreams come true. When its founder Thorben Humann created the website, he knew he needed social proof for each resource. After a quick googling he stumbled upon Trustmary – and immediately started using it to collect and add reviews to the website.  

Thorben Humann is a German entrepreneur on a mission to create the ultimate online platform where individuals can find courses, resources, and workshops that help them reach happiness.

– YouBamboo is the bridge between service providers and end customers. We help both parties: Consumers to find the perfect resource for them, and service providers to get participants for their workshops or courses, Humann explains.

YouBamboo was very recently founded, but Humann quickly realized that it needs reviews for all individual resources to promote them and ensure people find the courses they need. 

Thorben Humann is the founder of youbamboo

Humann has gained quite a bit of experience in marketing and selling products online to consumers. He will now share why he chose Trustmary and how he uses it to speed up business growth.

Best Review Tools Are Flexible

As a new company, Humann knew that reviews play a huge role in getting consumers to sign up for courses and workshops.

While he was setting up his website, he started to think about the whole process from the point of view of the consumers.

– How could anyone dare to attend a workshop if they can’t see what other people have thought about it? I knew adding reviews could solve this problem for me, Humann says.

real feedback creates social proof for a course

As Humann is all about helping people find the best solution for them, he went on a hunt for the best review tool that would be flexible enough to fit his specific needs.

– I needed a tool that was very easy to use, flexible, and affordable. As soon as I saw Trustmary, I knew I found my match, he continues.

Problem #1: Review Management

YouBamboo does not need business reviews for the brand itself, but a review management tool that enables two things:

  1. Collecting reviews easily for different service providers, including the home-made YouBamboo courses as well as third-party courses
  2. Possibility to add reviews associated with each course

As YouBamboo also offers mindful rest courses and hosts an online after-work club, they are very familiar with the issues related to managing reviews on the service-provider level.

Claudia Weimann organizes after-work clubs and mindful rest courses and has got great feedback
Claudia Weimann from YouBamboo offers mindful rest courses and hosts an after-work club”

– There are many layers to using reviews. I can basically set up the review hierarchy as I want, Humann says.

Humann uses the tagging system to categorize reviews based on the course they were given to as well as the geographical location of the reviewer. 

review management is easy when you tag reviews

This aids in adding a level of relatability to potential customers.

Problem #2: Adding Reviews to Website

When Humann had reviews to add, it was effortless to add them to his website.

– I can tag individual reviews, so it’s easy to choose which ones I want to show in which widget, Humann explains.

Because YouBamboo is still in its starting stages, Humann needs to be very considerate of how he uses his time. He has been especially pleased with the ease of use of Trustmary, as it saves him time for other important tasks.

– When I can start using a tool without having to spend time learning how to use it, it saves me time. Trustmary is a very convenient tool, Humann adds.

– I love how adjustable the widgets are. It’s easy to get them to fit my site’s design seamlessly, he continues.

review widgets are very useful and easy to modify

Problem #3: Sharing Reviews with Service Providers

YouBamboo collects customer reviews from attendees of the courses and workshops. At the time, the reviews are only used on YouBamboo’s website, but Humann already knows that he could share the reviews with a service provider if needed.

getting reviews to different courses is easy with Trustmary

– If any service provider wants to get access to the reviews left about their services, I can very easily export them from Trustmary. This is very handy, Humann explains.

In addition, he likes the fact that he can use Trustmary to create a social media post that highlights a customer review.

– The social media share feature is very cool. Furthermore, I can make the social media posts fit my brand just as easily as I can edit the widget, he continues.

Flexible Software Enables Growth

Humann has been the most impressed with the overall flexibility of Trustmary. In fact, he strongly believes that he wouldn’t be able to develop his business without the flexibility Trustmary has to offer.

– Trustmary is a very modern tool with a clear and professional design. It’s easy to use and the pricing is fair because it scales with the usage, Humann describes.

– I’m just so happy with using Trustmary. I couldn’t imagine a better tool for collecting and using reviews to boost trust on our website, he continues. 

As much as Humann loves the software, he also highlights how friendly Trustmary’s employees are. He describes them as professional and kind.

– I’m sometimes nervous about getting in touch with new people, but it’s nice to notice that everyone I’ve talked to at Trustmary is very friendly. We’re all humans, after all, Humann concludes.

Features in Use:

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
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