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Last edited: April 2nd, 2024 is a Finnish growth company through which you can rent textile washers all over Finland for € 39 a day. started using Trustmary in late 2020 and has used it to automate the measurement of NPS, the collection of feedback and reviews, as well leveraging reviews on their website.”We are still a relatively small growth company with never too many resources. We were looking for a cost-effective and easy solution for collecting and utilizing feedback and reviews, and Trustmary solved our challenge perferctly.”– Juuso Taskila, Entrepreneur,

We got moving quickly

The collaboration kicked off briskly in late 2020 by sending feedback surveys to customers who had previously made purchases and by integrating existing reviews from Google and Facebook to website.

”The surveys quickly provided a comprehensive picture of our customers’ satisfaction, as well as possible areas for development. As a whole, of course, our customers are quite satisfied, with NPS being 57”, says Taskila.

Process automation

From the start, the idea was also that the key feedback and review processes need to be automated and this was implemented as soon as best practices on surveys were tested after first campaings to older customers. And since automation, using Trustmary has been quite effortless and has taken almost no time at all.

”The automation of the whole process has been a valuable entity for us, which enables us to react quickly to the feedback received from the customers and also to utilize the recommendations on the website effortlessly”, concludes Taskila.

In total, has got feedback from 1233 customers and 308 reviews that can be used in marketing in less than 5 months with Trustmary.

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Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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