I-Valo: Satisfied customers regardless of country

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Last edited: March 14th, 2023

I-Valo: Satisfied customers regardless of country

I-Valo is a company that offers its customers different lighting solutions around Europe. I-Valo recently started using Trustmary to measure NPS, gather feedback, and gather and utilize testimonials in its marketing. In less than a month of use, I-Valo has collected 159 feedbacks and 8 public testimonials from 2 different countries.

Customer satisfaction at the heart of business

Prior to the introduction of Trustmary at I-Valo, it was known that through decades of experience, we had leaned to respond well to customer needs, but there was no accurate picture of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction had been measured in different ways, e.g. as telephone surveys, but I-Valo wanted a tool that would be. As effortless as possible to gather feedback in all of its different market areas. It was also hoped that feedback would be as easy and quick as possible for its provider, and thus threshold for responding to the survey would be low.

”Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our business and measurements made with the help of Trustmary have only strengthened the image that we are doing the right things”, commented Sales Director Jussi Veijola.

One tool for multiple needs

In the case of I-Valo, Trustmary has solved many problems at once and combined data in one place into a more manageable format

”The collection of NPS, feedback and recommendations forms an excellent whole for us, which is complemented by the easy and quick utilization of testimonials on the website. NPS provides a good overall picture and the feedback received clarifies the cause-and-effect relationships behind this, in addition to which the testimonials concretize this underlying work also for new potential customers”, says Veijola.

The amount of feedback received was surprising

When speaking of a company whose customers are mainly in the industrial sector, getting 159 feedback and 8 testimonials in less than a month is an excellent performance and also in part highlights the relationship between the company and the customers.

“The amount of feedback we received definitely surprised us positively. Prior to the collaboration, we believed that Trustmary has refined its feedback and recommendation process, but we did not expect such a large number of responses so quickly. I can recommend Trustmary to companies like ours with a good conscience, ”concludes Veijola.

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