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Last edited: March 21st, 2024
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Staria offers local and international business platforms, accounting, HR and payroll services and Robotic Process Automation for international growth companies. Staria has own offices in 5 countries but they provide international accounting services with a local compliance solution in 38 countries globally already today.

With Trustmary Staria has measured NPS and eNPS and gathered feedback and reviews from both customers and employees. Staria started using Trustmary’s SaaS tool in December 2019 as they wanted to measure their NPS and eNPS more regularly and gather open feedback. Later the usage has also evolved more towards leveraging positive reviews to improve website conversion rates in lead generation and recruiting.

“Trustmary has been the most important marketing partner for us and I highly value the cooperation. We originally started cooperating in 2018 with customer testimonial videos and later as Trustmary launched their software we tried if it fits our needs and have used it ever since. Trustmary’s team has always went beyond our expectations with content creating and with improving their software to better match our needs”, praises Nina Tuomisto, Communication and Marketing Director at Staria.

Managing all feedback and reviews from one place

One big benefit of Trustmary has been the fact that the fragmented data about customer experience and reviews are now manageable in one platform. This allows Staria to improve customer experience systematically.

“It is always nice to see that our efforts to improve customer experience are working and that our customers are publicly recommending us. Something that has also saved a lot of time with Trustmary is the fact that publishing new comments from our satisfied customers to our website is quick and effortless”, adds Tuomisto.

Over 900 feedbacks and over 130 reviews

For a B2B company, testimonials and reviews are very important in the sales process as the companies spend a lot of time and effort considering what would be the right solution and partner for their needs.

“In the beginning of the cooperation we only had a few customer stories but didn’t have a videos nor shorter testimonials. Even before working together with Trustmary we knew that we have a lot of satisfied customers, but we just did not have the tools nor a right partner to highlight them. Now we have the best possible tool and a partner who can help us out on our international growth path”, comments Tuomisto

Considering the nature of the business, gathering over 130 reviews in a year is a great accomplishment since a lot of B2B companies struggle with getting even couple of positive reviews and case studies for their sales and marketing. This also highlights the fact that Staria’s customers are truly pleased with the services Staria offers.

“We have been more than happy with Trustmary’s SaaS tool and are really looking forward to all the new features the team at Trustmary develops in the future. I highly recommend all companies to try out the tool and notice the huge benefits of getting systematic feedback and reviews from the customers and employees”, concludes Tuomisto.

Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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