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What is Trustmary?

Do you know how satisfied your customers are with your recruitment services or how candidates feel about the application process?

With Trustmary, you can find out answers to both questions and use them to your advantage.

Trustmary collects feedback and reviews that matter – automatically.

Whether you work as a recruiter in-house or in an agency, Trustmary helps you improve your processes and build trust online.

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The best feedback tool for recruiters

Companies don’t trust their recruitment process in just anyone’s hands.

Be the most trustworthy choice for any client by continuously improving your service and building trust online.

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Get feedback and recommendations

Your job is to match the best candidate with the right job. Make more informed decisions based on feedback and recommendations.

  • Measure candidate experience
  • Collect recommendations from past employers
  • Learn how satisfied your customers are with your service

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Here’s what people say about Trustmary

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You don’t know what your customers truly think

Problem: You don’t have a continuous feedback process that would help you discover weaknesses and improvement targets in your business. As a result, you don’t know what your customers truly think about your service and have no time to react in time.

Solution: With Trustmary, you can conduct regular satisfaction surveys that help you find out what you need to develop. You get to react to issues in a timely manner.

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You struggle to attract high-quality candidates

Problem: When recruiting new talents, you struggle to find and attract the best candidates.

Solution: Spice up job advertisements with authentic employee testimonials, and make the job openings more attractive. Collect reviews from your clients’ employees and highlight them throughout the application process.

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New customers are hesitant to hire you

Problem: Hiring new staff is risky, and clients want to make sure that the recruiter knows what they are doing. You have to be able to demonstrate your trustworthiness.

Solution: Client testimonials and reviews are the best way to build trust with new potential customers. Collect reviews easily with Trustmary and showcase them on your website.

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You don’t know the candidates’ backgrounds

Problem: You don’t have an easy way to find recommendations from past employers when interviewing candidates.

Solution: Collect references in bulk with Trustmary’s feedback tool. Use the NPS survey flow to find out if past employers would recommend the candidate as an employee.

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Collecting feedback is too complicated and troublesome

Problem: Even if you have a feedback process in place, it can take a lot of time and manual work.

Solution: Integrate Trustmary with your CRM and collect feedback automatically.


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Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.