3 Templates for Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires

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Last edited: January 26th, 2024

Customer feedback is what enables you to really grow.

Sometimes it can be difficult to create engaging customer satisfaction questionnaires that make people want to answer them.

In this blog, I present to you 3 innovative customer satisfaction survey ideas that you can copy.

Characteristics of Good Satisfaction Questionnaire

Before we get to the templates, let’s see what kind of things make a good customer satisfaction survey.

You can use this list for planning your own questionnaires.

Short and Concise

Have you ever opened a survey and instantly gone “Heeellll nawwww this is too long!” 

I have, for sure. I know better ways to spend the next 15 minutes.

too long surveys can overwhelm your user

People don’t have a lot of time or motivation to fill out extensive questionnaires, unless you compensate for it.

If you are looking for regular feedback from your customers, it’s best to keep the satisfaction survey short and concise.

1-3 questions is enough.


Part of what makes a survey easy to answer, is to choose the right timing.

If you are looking for information on first impressions, you can’t wait several days to let the customer talk about it.

On the other hand, if you want to know how the first 2 weeks of using a new product are going, you can’t send the survey in advance and hope the customer will get back to it later.

send survey at the right time


Make sure that the questions are understandable, and that there are no alternate interpretations for them.

Of course, you will be surprised how differently people interpret your questions anyway, but trying to make them simple should prevent wildly irrelevant responses.

In case you have customers from different countries, it’s a nice addition to have a survey in multiple languages!

Tells you Something Valuable

Now, you might have different needs at different times.

Sometimes you want to measure overall satisfaction, and sometimes you need insights into specific details in the customer journey.

That’s why you should have different customer satisfaction surveys available, and send them at the correct time.

Template 1#: NPS + Video Survey

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a handy metric for overall customer satisfaction. 

A net promoter score survey is executed by asking one question:

How likely are you to recommend this service for a friend or colleague?

The customer gets to pick one answer between 0-10, and based on the score, they are labeled as a Detractor (0-6), Passive (7-8) or Promoter (9-10).

The NPS result is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters, and reported with a number between -100 and +100. 

You can see with one glance whether you have more satisfied customers than dissatisfied ones (if the result is anything above 0).

Easy, right?

If you want to get more specific information on customer satisfaction in different touch points, you can add more questions to your questionnaire.

When you want to gain insights about the true customer experience, close-ended survey questions can be a limitation. How can anyone tell what they feel if the questions don’t ask the right questions?

I recommend you include one question that says: Why did you choose this score? It allows your customers to say something in their own words.

However, most people hate writing feedback to answer open ended questions. At least I do.

So, give your customers a chance to leave their comments in video form!

The best thing: if the loyal customers leave positive feedback, you can ask for permission to use it as a public testimonial.


Template 2#: Chatbot Survey

Satisfaction surveys can be quite static sometimes.

What if you included the survey in a live chat or chatbot?

This way you could guide the customer to leave feedback in a more conversational manner.

You can still add the regular question types, but you can have the chatbot react to them, which signals empathy and that you are willing to fix their problems.

Here’s an example:

The logic of the above chatbot survey is that when the respondent gives a satisfaction score of more than 7, they get an enthusiastic reaction and a possibility to leave open feedback.

If they give a score of 6 or below, they get an apologetic response and a possibility to elaborate, as well as submit their email if they want someone to be in touch with them.

When you script a good chatbot conversation, you have a possibility to really diminish your own workload and increase customer satisfaction.

Template 3#: Multiple Choice Survey

Want to make answering the customer satisfaction survey easy and effortless, but also learn what exactly the customer likes and dislikes about the buyer’s journey?

If you answered yes, try multiple choice surveys.

Ask two questions:

  1.  Which aspects of the experience are you satisfied with?
  2. Which aspects of the experience journey are you dissatisfied with?

Under each question, give a list of things you want insights about. 

They can be touch points and things like quality of customer service, expertise of the staff, answer time, help documentation, website, using the product, finding the establishment, etc. 

Whatever is relevant to your business!

Here’s an example:

Filling in this survey only takes seconds, and you can already get an overview of what customers like, and what should be improved.

Try it yourself:

Distributing Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Depending on what you are measuring and asking, there are different options for distributing the survey.

In order to get timely answers to satisfaction surveys investigating a specific topic, it is best to send emails after the interaction with the customer.

This is easily done by setting automations and integrating your surveys with other systems, like CRM.

If you meet your customers face to face, you can ask them to scan a QR code and fill in the survey.

Of course, paper forms are still an option, too.

Another option is to embed the survey on your website. Place a chatbot survey to the check out page, where you can ask for the customer’s feelings right after making a purchase.

Next Steps

How can you start using these questionnaires and customer review forms?

All the above templates can be done with Trustmary’s survey builder and chatbot widget.

Start using Trustmary, and see instructions for creating a survey and making a chatbot.

You can distribute the surveys via email, QR-code, or embed them on your website.

It is possible to set up automated feedback surveys and integrate Trustmary with your CRM of choice.

With the software tool, you can easily analyze results and draw actionable conclusions. It helps you plan improvements and grow your business.

We are happy to help you get started! Just book your discovery call below

Further Reading


How to measure customer satisfaction?

The best way to measure customer satisfaction is to conduct feedback surveys and ask for your customer’s honest opinions.

How to make customer satisfaction surveys?

Making customer satisfaction surveys is not complicated, but managing the data can be. That’s why you should look into feedback software. You can create, distribute, collect data, store data, get reports and draw conclusions on the same platform.

What is a good customer satisfaction survey?

A good feedback survey is short enough, sent on the right time, made understandable, and asks the right questions. If you want to conduct longer satisfaction surveys, you should offer some kind of incentive or compensation for the trouble.

What are good customer satisfaction survey questions?

The questions should be easy to understand and answer. If you want to find out an overall satisfaction level, you can ask e.g. “How satisfied on the scale from 1 to 10 are you with the service today?”. If you want to find out more details about customer satisfaction, ask more detailed questions, like “Did you like the customer service? How would you describe the experience? Are you happy with the product quality?” and so on.

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