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Last edited: April 25th, 2024
auto-translating reviews in trustmary

You can now auto-translate reviews in your widget!

The translation is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Finnish.

You can activate this feature by requesting it through our live chat or meeting with an expert.

How to translate reviews

  • Create a new widget
  • Choose which reviews you want to include
  • Find a setting called “Translations” from the left side of the widget editor
  • Choose the language from the dropdown menu
  • Toggle on “Translate reviews”
  • Save the widget

The translation might take a few moments, especially if there are many reviews in the widget.

In the meantime, you can continue editing the widget or close the editor and already add the widget to website.

how to toggle on translation

You can include reviews in any language in the widget, and all of them will be translated to your target language.

Look at this example where my widget includes reviews in Spanish, Finnish, and English.

translated widget

And here’s what it looks like after the translation is done!

(The translated reviews will have a note that they have been translated: this way the viewer can better understand if the language doesn’t sound 100% natural.)

Get this feature

If you want to start using auto-translation, request it through our live chat or by booking a meeting.

You can do both of those things in the Trustmary app.

Which languages should we add next?

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