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The best Qualtrics NPS alternative for the fraction of the price.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to Qualtrics for measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS), Trustmary offers a robust solution.

Trustmary helps improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by simplifying the process of collecting and analyzing customer feedback, providing valuable insights to help you improve your business.

Why Consider an Alternative to Qualtrics for Customer Loyalty?

Qualtrics is a powerful tool, but it might not be the best fit for everyone.

Here are some reasons why you might look for an alternative:

  • Cost: Qualtrics can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Qualtrics don’t list their prices transparently, which is a tell-tale sign that they don’t want to repel you with their high prices before they get to talk to you.
  • Complexity: It offers a wide range of features, which can be overwhelming if you only need basic NPS functionality.
  • Customization: You may need more flexibility in how you collect and analyze NPS data. Trustmary’s flexibility can improve customer satisfaction by tailoring the data collection process to better meet your specific needs.
  • Dissatisfied Customers: Trustmary helps identify and address dissatisfied customers, ensuring that detractors are managed effectively to improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Put Customer Feedback Into Action: When you get positive feedback, you can turn it into public reviews on your customer’s consent, and showcase the reviews on your website.

What is Trustmary?

what trustmary method does

Trustmary is a customer feedback and testimonial platform that makes it easy to gather, analyze, and leverage customer insights.

Trustmary offers a range of services including feedback collection, testimonial management, and customer satisfaction analysis.

It’s designed to help businesses improve their customer experience and boost their online reputation.

Trustmary’s services contribute significantly to customer satisfaction by providing actionable insights and data to track retention and identify happy customers.

Key Features of Trustmary for NPS

Simple NPS Surveys

Trustmary allows you to create and send NPS surveys effortlessly. Here’s how:

  1. Easy Setup: Quickly set up your NPS survey with customizable templates.
  2. Automated Distribution: Send surveys via email or SMS directly from the platform.
  3. Real-Time Feedback: Get instant notifications when responses are received. Customers respond with a score based on their likelihood to recommend your product, which categorizes them as Promoters, Passives, or Detractors in the NPS system.
screenshot from trustmary's reporting dashboard

Detailed Analytics

Trustmary provides comprehensive analytics to help you understand your NPS data:

  • Response Tracking: Monitor who has responded and who hasn’t.
  • Trend Analysis: Track changes in your NPS over time. Relational NPS can be tracked year-over-year to provide a high-level view of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Segmented Insights: Analyze NPS by different customer segments to identify specific areas for improvement. Transactional NPS provides detailed feedback on specific interactions like support calls or installations.

Integration Capabilities

Trustmary integrates seamlessly with other tools you use, such as CRM systems and email marketing platforms, ensuring that your NPS data is easily accessible and actionable.

Additionally, Trustmary’s services can be integrated with CRM systems and email marketing platforms to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your marketing efforts.

  • Hubspot (native)
  • Pipedrive (native)
  • Via Zapier and Make: ActiveCampaign, Trello, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce and 5000+
integration logos

Testimonial Collection

Beyond NPS, Trustmary helps you collect and showcase customer reviews. Positive feedback can be turned into testimonials and reviews, which can be displayed on your website and social media to build trust with potential customers. Collecting testimonials from happy customers can further build trust and attract potential customers.

How to Get Started with Trustmary

Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for an account for free and test the features before committing. Trustmary offers various plans to fit different business needs.

Step 2: Create Your NPS Survey

Once you’re signed in, navigate to the survey creation section. Choose an NPS survey template and customize it to fit your brand and objectives.

Step 3: Distribute the Survey

Select your preferred distribution method—email or SMS—and upload your contact list. Trustmary will handle the rest, ensuring your surveys are sent out efficiently.

distribute review form

Step 4: Analyze the Results

As responses come in, use Trustmary’s analytics tools to gain insights into your NPS. Identify trends and areas for improvement to enhance your customer experience.

Benefits of Using Trustmary for NPS


Trustmary offers competitive pricing, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.


With its intuitive interface, Trustmary makes it easy to create, send, and analyze NPS surveys without needing extensive training.

Comprehensive Feedback for Customer Satisfaction

In addition to NPS, Trustmary allows you to collect detailed customer feedback and testimonials, providing a fuller picture of customer sentiment.


Trustmary is a powerful and user-friendly alternative to Qualtrics for measuring NPS. With its cost-effective pricing, ease of use, and comprehensive features, Trustmary helps you gather valuable customer insights to drive business improvement. Sign up today and start leveraging customer feedback to enhance your customer experience.

Trustmary not only boosts customer satisfaction by providing actionable insights but also strengthens customer loyalty through its detailed analysis and comparison features.


How much does Trustmary cost?

The price for a paid Trustmary plan to collect NPS starts from as little as $24 a month. See the current pricing.

Can I customize the NPS survey questions in Trustmary?

Yes, Trustmary allows you to customize the questions and appearance of your NPS survey to match your brand.

How does Trustmary handle data privacy?

Trustmary complies with all major data protection regulations, ensuring that your customer data is secure and private.

Can I integrate Trustmary with my existing CRM?

Yes, Trustmary offers integrations with various CRM systems and other tools to streamline your workflow.

What kind of support does Trustmary offer?

Trustmary provides comprehensive support, including a knowledge base, live chat, and email support to assist you with any issues.

Is there a free trial available for Trustmary?

Yes, Trustmary offers a free trial so you can explore its features before committing to a paid plan.

Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen
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