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patient video testimonials

As a healthcare provider, you know that your patients are your best advocates. 

Patient video testimonials are a powerful way to showcase the difference that you’ve made in your patients’ lives. 

There is a tool that lets you collect patient video testimonials easily without any experience in video production.

Read more to find out how to implement it!

What Are Patient Testimonial Videos?

Patient testimonial videos are a “sub-genre” of customer video reviews.

In a patient video testimonial, your satisfied customer (=patient) tells about their positive experience regarding your healthcare service, clinic, or procedure.

Video is highly effective, since it creates an emotional connection and really gets into people’s feelings in a different way than written testimonials.

When you see the person’s expressions and hear their voice when they tell you how their life has changed after a successful treatment, you simply cannot stay cold.

And when you are looking for a new dentist, or perhaps a plastic surgeon to do your next procedure, you will surely look for experiences from previous customers.

You can find the testimonials on social media channels or on the clinic’s website.

The videos build trust and make you want to see the same healthcare provider yourself!

Check out alse these stats about video testimonials:

why video testimonials work statistics
  • According to 70% of marketers video converts better than any other medium
  • Video is used by 86% of businesses to help market their product or service
  • 93% of marketers say that video on social media has helped them get new customers
  • 99% of marketers stated in 2020 that they plan on using video as part of their digital marketing the next year, too.

Short Patient Testimonials Video Examples

A few tangible examples are always a good idea, am I right?

Here’s 5 examples of different patient or customer testimonial videos, which show how different techniques can be used to produce patient video testimonials.

1. Experiences of Medical Equipment

Patient testimonials about medical equipment are very similar to any customer product review.

However, they have a very specific target audience: those people who also need to use the specific equipment.

Oftentimes these people are experts on the condition in question and the required equipment. 

This means that your patient testimonial video needs to address the right issues and really dig into the benefits of your product. Generic praise does nothing.

In this example, a former professional athlete Kendall Simmons talks about his diabetes and experience with ExpressionMed medical tapes.

patient video testimonial examples

The video is professionally produced, and includes a lot of B-roll footage. 

Simmons talks about his career, challenges with diabetes, and also what makes these particular medical tapes superior.

2. Surgery Patient Testimonial Video

Good surgeons are sought after. For that reason, patient testimonial videos are a great investment and addition to your marketing efforts.

In this example video, a patient tells about what issue he had and how it affected his life. Then he explains how he found the doctor in question, and how happy he was with the outcome and the doctor’s work.

surgery patient video testimonial examples

As you can see, the video is “home-made” and likely shot with a phone. The format is simple, yet effective! 

3. Dental Patient Testimonials 

Dental patient testimonials come from patients who have had nice experiences at the dentist.

These testimonials often highlight how well the staff was reacting to the patient’s fears and anxieties regarding dental treatments.

Of course, the end result is important here as well.

In this example, the patient starts with a recommendation and proceeds to describe what makes him especially happy with the service.

dental patient video testimonial examples

The video is short and concise – no doubt the potential customers will have the patience to watch it through!

4. Cancer Patient Testimonial Video

Surviving from cancer and other scary diseases makes a very emotional story.

This video testimonial takes a quite cinematic approach to a cancer patient story. The patient talks a lot about his feelings and thoughts during the difficult period of his life, on top of what he is experiencing physically because of a lymphedema.

In the end, he introduces the device which he uses to alleviate his discomforts, and allows him to live a normal life.

cancer patient video testimonial examples

This is another professional video, which can be seen from the way the storyline is constructed, how music is chosen, and from the used footage.

Also, the patient’s own personality shines through, and the way he uses words skillfully.

5. Physiotherapy Patient Video Testimonial

A patient experience in physiotherapy or other similar treatment has special characteristics compared to e.g. surgeons or dentists.

In physiotherapy, especially during longer treatment periods, the patient and the physiotherapist have to spend some time together.

These kinds of testimonials are likely to highlight how encouraging, friendly and supportive the professional was.

In this example, a patient talks about how skillfully the physiotherapist was able to analyze his injury and help him get pain free. 

physiotherapy patient video testimonial examples

The B-roll includes footage of the treatments, and the physiotherapist himself is present in the video.

The camera work and edit are likely DIY, but still look great!

Creating Glowing Patient Video Testimonials

Those were some great and creative videos!

You surely want to know how to create similar patient stories for your own practice.

Your wish has been heard!

There are three ways to make testimonial videos:

  1. Professional video production
  2. DIY
  3. Remote video with software

The professional video production process is quite long and expensive, but really worth it if you are looking for TV-worthy material. 

If you are going to choose that option, you don’t really need to read this tutorial further – the production team will take over!

professional video production process

However, if you don’t want to purchase a video and decide go for the second option, here’s some practical advice.

Do’s and Don’ts of Patient Video Testimonials

First of all, make sure that you are on the same page with the patient about how much you want to share. The patient should not feel uncomfortable or pressured to talk about something they would like to keep private.

Like discussed before, you can make special arrangements like not showing the patient’s face and only using B-roll imagery, or maybe even alter the voice if necessary.

Second, keep the video testimonial short and to the point. Patients should be able to share their story in a maximum of 2-3 minutes. 

Thirdly, mind the background and other details. You can film at the patient’s home, at your clinic, or somewhere else. 

You could film the patient doing something active or taking care of their family – whatever feels like a good addition to the video and reflects the story and the patient’s character!

And finally, make sure to choose the right interview questions that capture the story and make it engaging.

Discuss with the patient how much they want to share.Push the patient to talk about something they don’t want to and make them uncomfortable.
Keep it short and logical.Rant too much and make the story difficult to follow.
Capture relevant B-roll footage if needed to create variety.Make a long video with only one shot and set-up.
Choose the right interview questions to create structure and guide the interview.Have no structure or questions at all.

Patient Testimonial Questions

The questions should always be personalized to fit the situation. 

Think about what you want to convey with the video, and consider the patient’s unique story.

Here’s a draft of some questions that you could ask:

  • Tell something about you: your name, age, location, profession, hobbies, something else relevant for the story.
  • What was the health issue that you seeked help for?
  • How long had you suffered from the issue?
  • Has the health issue prevented you from doing something that you really enjoy, like a hobby or job?
  • How did you come across this particular clinic/provider?
  • Why did you choose this particular clinic/provider? What made it better compared to others?
  • What was the experience like?
  • How has your life changed since?
  • Is there something you couldn’t do before, but can after the treatment?

It depends a lot on the person how much and how well they are going to speak. Some clients may need some extra push and more specific questions, while others are just naturally great at creating a story.

The Best Tool for Video Testimonials

If you are a busy physician or just lack the resources and competency to produce video testimonials, worry not.

There is now a solution for people like you: remote video testimonials and video testimonial software.

You can use the Trustmary software to send digital testimonial requests, and collect written and video testimonials from your patients – for free!

Using the software is easy and effortless for you, but especially for the patient.

easy to create patient video testimonials with software

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a satisfaction survey with the easy survey maker.
  2. You send the survey (automatically!) via email to your patients after a successful experience.
  3. The patient answers the survey with their honest opinion.
  4. The patients who give you a good score on the satisfaction survey get a testimonial request.
  5. They can write a testimonial or record a video testimonial immediately and directly in the same survey.
  6. You collect their personal information and permission to use the testimonial publicly.
  7. You can use the collected testimonial videos on your website or social media.
asking for video testimonials

It’s that easy! 

Bonus: While you collect testimonials, you also receive honest and authentic feedback from the patients, which helps you improve your business.


When used correctly, patient video testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool

They can help you attract new patients and showcase the difference that you’ve made in the lives of your current patients.

You can either: 

  1. Hire a professional team to make a video for you (great option if you have the resources and want top-notch quality)
  2. Record the video yourself while the patient is visiting the clinic (cheaper, but requires planning and some technical skills from your part)
  3. Implement a video testimonial software, such as Trustmary, that lets your clients create or download videos remotely!

In any case, the right questions are crucial for the success of the video. You can find great examples above.

And finally, let’s finish with some good news: Trustmary can get you unlimited written and video testimonials for free! Just sign up and start collecting feedback and testimonials right away!

Read more about customer video testimonials:


Why patient feedback is important?

In order to grow your business and practice, you need to know if you are doing a good job. It is not just about the outcome, but also about customer service, facilities, and other small things. You don’t want bad word-of-mouth circulating around: you want to know about it yourself and improve!

Why testimonials are important?

Testimonials and reviews are a great source of social proof, and an effective marketing tool. Testimonials build trust for your business and help you get more customers.

How to get video testimonials from customers?

The first step to getting video testimonials is to ask for them. You can ask face-to-face or via email. You can also collect video testimonials via satisfaction surveys that you create with Trustmary! See additional tips on getting more video testimonials here.

How to add patient video testimonials on a website?

Adding Trustamary video testimonials to your website is easy. All you have to do is copy and paste a snippet of code. Another way is to upload them to e.g. Youtube and embed the video on your website.

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