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How to get the best talents to take interest in my company?

This is a familiar contemplation for recruiters and business owners.

Employee video testimonials are extremely valuable in advertising your business as a workplace.

Read how to collect employee testimonial videos easily and with a small budget.

What Are Employee Video Testimonials?

By definition, testimonials are positive endorsements and recommendations of an experience. 

We often talk about customer testimonials, but there are also employee testimonials and even employer testimonials.

So, what are we talking about when we say “employee video testimonial”?

We mean videos in which employees speak about their workplace and its culture in a positive way.

However, they are not planned advertisements, but need to come from the heart and be authentic.

You cannot force your employees to endorse your company if they are not happy.

What are employee testimonials used for?

Employee video testimonials are a great way to showcase the atmosphere and culture of your workplace.

They are a valuable asset in employer branding and recruitment.

Current employees are the most valuable advocates of your company as a workplace, and have a big role in how new potential employees see your company.

What they say is way more effective than what you as an employer could ever say.

You should consider featuring employee testimonials on your career pages, in social media, and in job advertisements.

Psssst… Employee testimonials come in different forms! See these employee testimonial templates.

Examples of Great Employee Video Testimonials

Here are some examples of great employee testimonial videos. Some of them are done by our professional production team, some are DIY videos from companies, and some are remote video testimonials.

Hopefully they help you grasp the idea better!

1. Staria

2. Kraftvaerk

3. Porta King

Click the image to see Porta King’s DIY TikTok employee testimonial video.

4. Trustmary

Click the image to see selfie video testimonials from the Trustmary employees.

These are filmed with our software 😉

Record Authentic Employee Video Testimonials Remotely

Creating testimonial videos doesn’t have to be complicated.

Traditionally, employee video testimonials are made by a professional production team. We at Trustmary have done our fair share of video testimonials (customer and employee) for our clients.

The final product is superb, but it can be expensive and time consuming. Not all businesses have the means to produce video testimonials like that, especially if you want to regularly collect the employee’s opinions.

So, we decided to make video testimonials more accessible for everyone. 

That’s why we launched our video testimonial software that allows you to collect video testimonials remotely and automatically.

BenefitProfessional videoTestimonial video software
Collect videos regularly
Great qualityDepends on the device
Impressive stories
AuthenticCan be seen as too polished and planned even when they are honest.
Easy to implement
Automatic requests

There is no denying that professionally produced videos are on a different level in terms of quality and emotional impact.

But honestly speaking: how often would you go through the process? Once a year? Probably not even that often.

With video testimonial software, there is no limit to the amount of videos you can collect, money-wise or time-wise.

How to Make Employee Testimonial Videos?

How does the software work in practice? How to create employee video testimonials for your business?

Let me tell you.

Who to Ask for Video Testimonials?

Usually, you must know who are the most suitable employees to ask for an employee testimonial. 

When you use our survey tool, you don’t have to know in advance who you should ask for testimonial videos.

You can just send an invitation via email to all employees, and let them decide if they want to film one.

If you update to a more premium plan, you can also conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys using employee net promoter score

The first question finds out how satisfied the employees are with the current state of the workplace.

In case you get a bad score from some employees, you have a chance to react to it. But that is another story for another time.

When looking for prospective video testimonials, we are more interested in those employees who give a high score in the eNPS survey.

Our survey tool recognizes those respondents who give a high enough score, and only show a testimonial request to them.

video testimonial request form

They can decide whether to leave one or not.

It is a good idea to talk openly about the purpose of employee testimonial videos. This way the employees will feel more motivated to submit them.

Offering incentives can also boost the response rate.

Employee Testimonial Questions and Prompts

The best content for employee testimonials is born when the employees speak from their heart.

Use as little scripting as possible to maximize the authenticity.

However, not every employee is able to talk openly about their feelings, or they might not be sure what kind of things they should talk about.

That is why you can include some interview questions in the description of the testimonial request.

Pick your favorites from the list or invent your own questions:

  • What is your name and occupation in the company?
  • How long have you worked in the company?
  • What has your career journey been like?
  • What do your daily tasks look like?
  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • What is the best thing about working here?
  • How would you describe your coworkers and managers?
  • What is your team like?
  • How has the organization helped with your professional development?

The risk with questions is that people might just answer the questions and the context is left unclear in the final product.

Thus, prompts are a great alternative to questions. Try these:

  • What I especially enjoy about working here is…
  • I love working here because…
  • The workplace culture here is…
  • The benefits here are…
  • My daily tasks include…
  • My coworkers are…
  • When I first started working here, I…
  • I have worked here for…

Keep It Brief

Remember that the videos don’t have to be long. 

Two minutes is a good maximum length, but you should aim closer to one minute, especially if you are collecting remote selfie videos that don’t have much variety or B-roll to make it more engaging.

So, don’t ask too many questions or include too many prompts in one video testimonial.

You could even ask a bit different things from each employee, and later on make a compilation of quotes from your employees.

What About The Background?

The simplest way to film a video testimonial is to sit in front of the computer and record with a computer camera. It is perfectly fine, and that can be done at the workplace or at home.

However, if your employees love making videos and want to put special effort towards the testimonial, another background is also a great idea.

Remote workers could e.g. show where they work. Remote work is something that the job seekers today really appreciate, and showcasing that can be an effective pull-factor.

Selfie video with one’s mobile phone works wonders, too!

It is possible to film and edit a video beforehand, and download it on the form.

remote video testimonials software

TLDR; Conclusion on Employee Video Testimonials

Employee video testimonials are an effective marketing tool for attracting potential employees.

However, the traditional way of making employee testimonial videos is expensive, time consuming, and a rare occasion.

The solution: video testimonial software.

By using Trustmary software, you can collect unlimited video testimonials from your employees for free. 

The testimonials can be filmed with a computer camera or mobile phone, or downloaded to the form. No editing required!

When you update to a premium version, you can also conduct employee satisfaction surveys and get honest feedback.

You can use the collected videos in social media, on your career pages, or in job ads. Swooning prospective employees has never been easier!

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What is an employee testimonial video?

An employee testimonial video is a video in which the employee speaks positively about their workplace. The purpose of this is to convey that the company is a great workplace.

How to make employee video testimonials?

Creating employee testimonial videos is easy with video testimonial software. Just send the link to a video review form via email, and let the employees film a short video with the computer or mobile device.

What makes a great employee video testimonial?

A great employee video testimonial is around one minute long, emphasizes the company culture, is emotionally appealing, has good video and audio quality, and highlights authentic employee experiences.

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