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Last edited: May 27th, 2024

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wannado marketing case story

Wannado Marketing helps growth companies with their marketing efforts with a fixed and risk-free model. Its specialty is aiding customers to apply for and get funding to speed up international growth. Wannado Marketing uses Trustmary to get customer feedback, open feedback, and testimonials with one survey – and add testimonials to the website.

Kaisa Tervahauta works closely with the admin and the operational side of Wannado Marketing. As the CEO, she is responsible for the overall development of the company.

kaisa tervahauta ceo at wannado marketing

– I’m in charge of the big picture. That includes knowing what our customers want, how to develop our business to keep up with trends in the market, and figuring out the best way to measure the results we deliver to customers, Tervahauta says.

To know what the customers think, Tervahauta uses Trustmary to send customer surveys. 

After gathering feedback and testimonials, she can add social proof to the website with a few extra clicks.

Customer Survey with Many Purposes

One of the main reasons Tervahauta uses Trustmary is to measure customer satisfaction and collect testimonials with the same survey.

The company has integrated its CRM with Trustmary to automate the process. For example, customers who are inactive for three months will get a survey to check how they’re doing.

– Trustmary’s surveys are so easy to respond to that we get great customer feedback. The best part is that everyone can decide whether they want to leave their feedback as a testimonial. It’s all so straightforward that we’re getting a lot of testimonials, Tervahauta says.

In addition to sending the survey via email, Tervahauta has used various other distribution methods to constantly enable customers to give feedback.

– We’ve added the survey to our monthly newsletter as a QR code and a link to the survey, Tervahauta says.

Making sure people can speak their minds has enabled Wannado Marketing to increase its Net Promoter Score to a staggering 60. 

Versatility in Showing Social Proof

The best way to get potential customers to get in touch with you is to add testimonials and reviews to your website.

Tervahauta likes that she can easily filter which social proof is shown where.

– With Trustmary, I have full control over which testimonials are shown and where, Tervahauta says.

With Trustmary, I have full control over which testimonials are shown and where.

Review Management Made Easy

  1. Create a widget
  2. Choose how to filter reviews: Use tags on filters or filter reviews based on surveys
  3. Enter your CMS
  4. Add embed code to the wished landing page (Copy-paste!)
  5. Save changes made to your page
  6. Any further updates can be done within Trustmary, the embed code doesn’t need to be updated.
  7. All new reviews with the chosen tag or coming from a certain survey can be automatically added to the right widget.
process of getting reviews and using them on website

As Wannado Marketing offers a wide range of services, it makes sense to filter reviews related to specific services.

– I only need to decide where I want to add reviews, create a widget for that purpose, and add the embed code to the website. All further changes I can do in Trustmary, Tervahauta describes.

As the whole process can be automated, Tervahauta doesn’t need to spend time by keeping content up-to-date: It does that on its own.

Manual Testimonial Import Offers Endless Opportunities

Tervahauta and her team get good feedback from customers also traditionally via email. They thank and ask in the follow-up email, whether the comment can be published on the website.

– It’s easy to collect these comments in an Excel spreadsheet and import testimonials into Trustmary in bulk. The nature of our business is that feedback is often very spontaneous and we also want to add those comments to our website, Tervahauta says.

It’s easy to collect these comments in an Excel spreadsheet and import them into Trustmary in bulk. The nature of our business is that feedback is often very spontaneous and we also want to add those comments to our website.

Kaisa Tervahauta, CEO @Wannado Marketing

This is a great additional way to gather all testimonials to be added to the website. 

However, using Trustmary Method to collect feedback eliminates the asking for permission, as it’s a built-in feature of the survey flow.

Wannado Marketing is Trustmary’s Partner

Wannado Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. As it wants to keep offering versatile services also in the future, it has partnered with other companies.

One of its partners is Trustmary.

– We’ve partnered with Trustmary, because it is a great tool that makes review management easy, Tervahauta explains.

Tervahauta knows that managing marketing can feel like a time-consuming process. To succeed in it, one needs to take the time to set up each new tool.

– With Trustmary, taking one hour monthly is enough to get you a snapshot of how your business is doing, and to get the most out of the software, Tervahauta concludes.

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary. She is an expert in how to grow the organic traffic of a business with effective SEO strategies, and how to utilize reviews on different CMS and platforms.


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