Add Google Reviews to Any Website – 3 Steps

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Last edited: January 26th, 2024

Add Google reviews to any website in a record time!

Get a Google review widget
add google reviews to website

No matter which platform you have your website on, this guide will help you add Google reviews to your website.

Adding Google reviews has never been this simple that even dummies can do it – or fast!

Side note: You can add reviews from other third-party websites (Facebook, G2, Capterra, etc.) with the same beautiful review widget.

Why Have Online Reviews Natively on Web Page

According to Statista, online purchases are only getting more popular by the year. 

They estimate that in 2022, retail eCommerce sales worldwide will be around 5,717 billion US dollars. And in 2026, it’s projected to be 8,148 billion US dollars. 

Combine that with the fact that consumers worldwide read reviews before making online purchases. And they’re interested in seeing authentic positive reviews.

If those cold hard facts aren’t convincing enough, here are four more reasons why you should display reviews on your website.

1. Establish Trust

Whenever you look for a new solution or service, you go online to try to find a business to solve your problem. When you find the perfect product or service, you google places to read reviews on them.

If you can’t find any reviews or you only find negative reviews, you’re very quick to forget about that company. 

Then again, if one of the companies you’re researching has 

  • Positive Google reviews on Google Maps
  • Reviews on their business website
  • UGC posts on social media

You’re likely to trust them enough to buy from them. This is thanks to the phenomenon called social proof. 

In short, social proof means that we tend to follow the actions of other people. If a high number of people have already liked a company and its offerings, you’re more likely to trust that company too.

The same principle applies to including those review badges and acknowledgments from trusted players in the industry.

social proof influences purchasing decisions

2. Reduce Bounce Rate

Because people love to hear what others have thought about your company, why don’t you make them stay on your web page longer by providing them with all the reviews that exist of you?

Adding reviews to an online store is highly crucial. For example, an average Shopify store with reviews tends to perform better.

After all, they’ll find those reviews online, whether you like them or not.

To reduce the risk of losing potential customers by making them look for that review info, at least display Google reviews on your website.

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When you embed Google reviews to your website, whether it’s a WordPress website or a Squarespace website, you’ll definitely be able to get that bounce rate lower. 

Do your website visitors a favor and provide them with the information on your website. Otherwise, they’ll leave and might never come back.

3. Improve Rankings

Google constantly updates how websites are shown in search results.

By adding Trustmary’s Google review widget to your website, you can increase your chances of getting any search engine to index your data of reviews.

No coding skills are needed. All you need to do is check this box in settings.  

structured schema data for reviews on google example

And here’s how it’ll look when using Google’s own Rich Results Test

google structured review data example

This is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to improve your SEO performance both in the short and long run.

In the future, having this sort of rich data indexed will play a more central role in improving performance search results. As in the Google Core Update in September 2022, they implemented a product reviews update.

4. Build Up Your Reputation

You probably already knew this, but let’s spell it out for you one more time:

Google makes sure everyone who googles your business sees the reviews section. This happens even if they use Google Maps to try to locate you – Google will automatically display Google reviews to them. 

Yikes. Or yay?

Luckily, you can claim your Google Business profile for free, respond to reviews there and report any possible spammy reviews that hurt your reputation.

However, the only way to hide any negative reviews on Google is to collect more reviews (and to make sure your customer service and experience are top-notch!)

Importance of Positive Online Reputation

Are you aware that 35% of millennials consider user generated content (UGC) to be the most memorable content? 

User-generated content is the most authentic content any business can have because it’s created by existing customers. UGC can be:

  • Images
  • Selfie videos
  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Youtube videos
  • TikTok videos
  • Product reviews
  • Reviews on third party sites (Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, …)
  • Posts about you on any social media platform (IG, Twitter, Facebook page, TikTok)
  • Instagram stories about your brand
  • Using your branded hashtag or tagging your account to their post

In case you don’t have that much UGC to embed to your site, embedding at least a handful of Google business reviews is a good start.

In other words, embedding reviews to your business page is crucial in convincing any potential customers that you’re a business that can be trusted.

reviews can work better than recommendations from a friend

Boost Conversions – Add Google Reviews to Website

Statistics on social proof and promises that having reviews on your website will increase conversions are great and all.

How about we go through some actual results people have gotten after adding business reviews or product specific reviews on their websites?

Over 60% Increase in Contact Requests

How would you feel if your embedded Google reviews would bring you over 60% more contact requests within two months of adding them?

Kattotutka ran an AB test on their website, where they showed an exit intent review popup to 50% of the website visitors. The results were staggering as the test resulted in a 62,5% increase in conversion rate

adding reviews generated more contact requests for a construction company

As Kattotutka operates in the renovation industry, getting people to leave their contact information is crucial for getting in new customers.

14% More Leads with Longer Reviews

It’s not just the sheer number of positive reviews that matters, it’s also about their quality. 

Elega tested how the length of the reviews shown impacted the number of leads generated.

The results spoke volumes. Longer reviews brought in 14% more leads than shorter positive reviews.

impact on conversions of longer reviews vs shorter reviews

20% More Sales With Video Reviews

Satokausikalenteri tested how video reviews perform compared to text reviews and they were able to get a 20% increase in conversions. 

Only by implementing product reviews on their product pages, they’ve been able to generate thousands more in direct sales on an annual basis.

video reviews boost your conversion especially if they are placed on a product page

Reviews on Your Website Make a Difference

Based on our extensive experience (and the results above), it seems clear that displaying Google reviews really do make a huge difference. 

The same applies naturally to reviews from all imaginable sources. No matter what you do next, it really should be to embed reviews natively on your website. 

Hassle-Free Way to Embed Google Reviews on Website

Now let’s get to the somewhat technical part. Fear not!

Even total beginners and non-developers can embed reviews on their websites with these three simple steps.

Various website building platforms offer their own solution to embed reviews, but they often include hassling with the website’s code or even with javascript code. 

Benefits of Trustmary to Display Google Reviews

  • Code-free integration 
  • Always up-to-date reviews (automatically imports new reviews) 
  • Easy-to-use widget editor
  • Branded widgets that stand out, but not like a sore thumb
  • The best WordPress plugin available in the WP plugin library
  • Analyze statistics from admin panel

And that’s just to name a few. Let’s look into the details.

1. Import

No matter, if you have an HTML website, a WordPress website or an online store that operates on Squarespace website, importing Google reviews, is very simple.

You just need to 

  • Go to the “Import” tab 
  • Click “Add”
  • Choose the Google location you’d like to import reviews from
import existing google reviews so they can be added to your website

The same process applies to reviews from all other review sites.

The best part is that you can use these valuable reviews from different sources within the same review widget. 

2. Customize

Once all your reviews are fetched, it’s time to get creative. 

customer google review widget

You can fully customize how to show reviews on your website.

  • Design of the Google reviews widget
  • Placement of the widget
  • To whom it’s shown
  • Curate reviews embedded

3. Embed Google Reviews to Website

Finally, you only need to add a single line of code to your website. Once. 

If you need to make any changes to the review widget later on, you can implement any changes from Trustmary’s admin panel. 

There are differences between website building platforms, but we’ve made it as easy as possible for all.

3 Steps to Display Google Reviews 

  1. Copy the embed code
  2. Paste it on your website 
  3. Make sure that the widget is set to active

Below you can see the generated embed code you need to add to your site.

3 steps to display google reviews


You’re now successfully displaying Google reviews on your website.

(4. Collect New Reviews)

Steps 1-3 will take you far, and this step is completely optional. However…

As you constantly need up-to-date Google reviews, you should have a strategy to collect new reviews and do review marketing.

Luckily, you can even collect new Google reviews easily with Trustmary‘s customer review templates.

All you need to do is to collect reviews with Trustmary and then add your Google review link to Trustmary. The link will be added to your thank you page for anyone who’s left you a review.  

collect more google reviews with Trustmary's easy to use tool

Bear in mind that embedding Google reviews to your website is something you only need to do once if you use Trustmary. 

From the drop down menu in Trustmary, you can choose whether to display Google reviews, Facebook reviews, longer reviews collected with Trustmary, or a combination of all of them! 

You can even hand-pick the best reviews to embed.

Now that you know how easy it is to have reviews all over your website and not just on a single review page, what’s stopping you from using them in the best way possible?

Further Reading


How many Google reviews do I need on my website?

Aim to have as many Google reviews as possible. Keep in mind that they also need to be fresh and relevant. 

A handful is a good starting point for a company that currently has zero reviews, but more established companies should have a steady flow of new Google reviews flowing in.

Create a strategy to get more Google reviews regularly.

How to embed Google reviews on my website for free?

Embedding Google reviews to any website is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Log into Trustmary
  2. Import reviews
  3. Choose a Google reviews widget template
  4. (Customize with widget editor)
  5. Copy snippet & insert

Can I embed Google reviews on my website?

Yes, and in fact, you can do it in a matter of minutes. 

  1. Import your existing reviews to Trustmary
  2. Choose a Google reviews widget from an extensive widget library
  3. Copy and paste the embed code

How to embed a Google review widget for website for free?

There are three things you need to do:

  1. Log into Trustmary
  2. Import reviews
  3. Embed to website with one free Google reviews widget

That’s it! 


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.