Basics of Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, we mainly talk about certain marketing automation systems like Activecampaign, Hubspot or Marketo. However, all systems that automate individual marketing processes, such as Hootsuite (social media posting), Smartly (FB paid advertising), Zapier (integrations), and Ahrefs (search engine tracking) could also be included. Regardless of the limitation, however, there is […]

Digital Marketing Basics – Where Should You Concentrate On it?

Digital marketing is one aspect of marketing that has become quite central in recent years. Even so central that digital marketing is, to some people, almost a futile term, for the very reason that effective marketing usually includes at least some of the digital marketing toolkit. In this blog, we cover the basics of digital […]

Why a search engine visitor is so valuable

Search engine optimization is a very central part of the digital marketing toolkit and many companies rely quite heavily on search engine optimization. For example, Hubspot’s inbound model relies heavily on getting new visitors to your website through search engines. I myself am not quite on the map between the difference on inbound and outbound […]

5 months of SEO progress for Trustmary – What kind of results did we get? (732% growth)

Online there is all kind of Search engine optimization masters and legends. Others declare to teach how to make $ 20,000 in passive income in just 3 months through search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. While the other extreme is calmly telling you that Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process, and that there are […]

5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

The number of Instagram users has already passed the billion active users limit and where there are people there are also often opportunities for businesses. Instagram marketing is not really a new thing anymore and in a way, the golden age of Instagram is already behind us, to the extent that “free” visibility is not […]

What is Word of Mouth Advertising? 3 Tactics to Boost Sales

Word of mouth advertising has always been one of the best forms of marketing. It has always worked, and it still works best. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than advertising. Why? Because ads are not considered trustworthy. As much as 84% of millennials reported that they don’t […]

What is the the difference between good marketing and bad marketing?

I often hear an argument which goes like: “X doesn’t work for us”. That X can then be replaced by Facebook marketing, SEO, customer experience videos, social selling, cold calling, email marketing or whatever. At the same time, from the same starting point, another company is banging on the same target group with the very […]

A guide to choosing a marketing agency

For many companies, choosing a marketing firm plays a very important role in the success of marketing efforts. Only few businesses have all the skills you need to do effective marketing, though that doesn’t always mean that you should still use a marketing agency. Sometimes it may be more cost effective not to do marketing […]

80 % of content marketing is targeted at a wrong target audience – avoid this common mistake

Today, companies are investing more and more in content marketing. Companies focus on creating content such as videos, blog posts, social media posts, guides, online courses, and landing pages. However, we argue that most of the content marketing efforts are useless. We tend to spend resources on things that do not lead to a positive […]

Hurry is the most acceptable reason for being inefficient – take control over stress with intelligent time management

Head explodes! Chest feels tight! Can’t sleep! Do these feelings seem familiar? Often the reason behind these feelings is stress. Stress and hurry are familiar to many of us working class people. Stress can lead into exhaustion and eventually to a burn out. When you are in a stressful stage first the negative feelings take […]