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Last edited: April 10th, 2024

The role of aftercare varies depending on the sector. Sometimes service providers strive to ensure regular repurchases, while some purchases may only be made once in a lifetime, and a commitment to repurchase is not essential. This blog post focuses on the aftercare and engagement activities that our interviewed clients have mentioned as having a significant impact on the customer experience. Generally speaking, lack of aftercare is often perceived as a negative thing, while low-effort measures, such as asking for feedback, often leave customers in a positive mindset.

1. Partnership mindset
2. Communication
3. Documentation
4. Requesting feedback
5. Billing
6. Complaints
7. Staff
8. Gifts
9. Quality content marketing
10. Asking to become advocate

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Partnership mindset

The customer experience is improved by not forgetting the customer immediately after the end of the cooperation project or delivery. Typically, customers will be happy to discuss the future of the service with their service providers and to create long-term plans. Similarly, co-operative development discussions are praised. The shared goal of the service provider and the customer makes the cooperation more meaningful and positively influences the customer experience.


The clients we interview usually appreciate if the communication channels to be used have been agreed and maintained in all communications. Also, the clear place where the history of co-operation is recorded is often mentioned in our interviews.

Additional service communications are also desirable as long as service presentations are targeted to the customer in question and can help in their situation.


Documents and reports may be reviewed, for example, in the context of a separate follow-up or delivery inspection, for example, in the case of a Repair Service or system delivery. For some types of collaboration, arranging onboarding training, for example, can also be an essential part of aftercare or customer engagement.

Reporting the results of a partnership or the benefits it brings and delivering reports to your clients is useful for the customer experience. Documents of the end result should also be sent to customer, so he can compare them to the contract.

Requesting feedback

Even if the customer does not have the feedback they would like to give to the service provider, soliciting the feedback is usually considered a positive thing. In addition, a feedback request may activate customers who would not otherwise have thought about giving feedback. When the customer is asked for opinions about the cooperation after the cooperation, the customer feels that he or she will be cared for after the invoice has been paid.

The customer experience is also enhanced by the perception that the service provider is receptive to development suggestions. Proposers should also be kept informed of the progress of development proposals.


In order to ensure a successful customer experience, invoices should arrive on time and be error free. Invoices should follow what was agreed upon at the contract stage, as unexpected additional costs will weaken the customer experience. Instead, customers are positive about the flexibility of payment arrangements and billing methods.

Sometimes customers find billing too good. This refers to situations where invoices arrive, for example, prior to the delivery or completion of a collaborative project. For a smooth process, we recommend you use invoice management software.


Fair acknowledgment of problems and disadvantages and the desire to make up for disappointments are important issues at this point in the customer path. Random errors and omissions are generally considered human and are not expected to be resolved by changing service provider. Instead, responding to complaints and successfully handling complaints often become critical to the success of this step of the customer path. In fact, a quick response to complaints and substantial refunds can even lead to better customer satisfaction than a situation where the complaint was not initially made. In general, the euros used to settle claims in the form of credits can be considered as marketing costs. (Check out our examples for responding to negative reviews.)


The role of employees is often particularly important in customer relationship management. It is important for customers to know who to contact in the event of any problem or question. The contact should also be as accessible as possible. Good relationships often form the basis of long-term relationships.

Customers also often mention the fact that the contact person stays the same throughout the customer relationship. If this is not possible, the new contact should be adequately trained within the organization so that the client does not have to redo their dealings with the new contact or, at worst, feel the need to introduce the new contact himself.


Especially with longer customer relationships, customer satisfaction can be maintained and efforts can be made to engage customers with a variety of gifts and memories. Customers can also be rewarded, for example, on the anniversary of their relationship. Corporate-looking gifts will stand out and may be remembered for years to come.

Quality content marketing

Free additional material provided by the company, such as webinars or online courses, can also improve the customer experience during aftercare.

Useful information can also be provided at various customer loyalty days, where it is good to leave plenty of time for customer questions and free discussion. Depending on the content of the day, the day may also involve remembering and rewarding customers.

Asking to become advocate

Being asked to publicly share your experiences of working with a partner can engage clients. Being aware of the service provider’s ambassador can increase your customer’s confidence in being well served in the future.

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