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Trustmary offers you the unique opportunity to conduct a customer experience survey with the help of an expert.

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What does this free opportunity include?

The survey is made with Trustmary’s software tool, and it includes a consultation with a professional.

NPS survey

The offer includes:

  • Planning the customer survey together with an expert
  • Opening a free Trustmary account and making preparations for the survey and result analysis
  • Designing and building the survey form inside Trustmary’s web application
  • Importing customer contacts manually or via CRM integration
  • Sending the survey via email and setting reminder messages
  • Analysis of the responses and results around a week after sending
  • Permanent access to your free Trustmary account, where the survey data is stored

Supported languages

The currently supported languages include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian. However, you can create a survey in any language.

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Why do I get it for free?

What’s the catch? We want to be open about why we offer this for free.

We have made this offer because:

  • We want to help you figure out your organization’s potential in using reviews and testimonials in digital marketing.
  • We have noticed that getting positive customer feedback makes you more interested in the possibility to use it in marketing.
  • We are developing our own understanding of how the most popular customer satisfaction metrics (NPS and CSAT) correlate with the willingness to leave public reviews.
  • If you are convinced about our expertise and Trustmary as a tool, we have a chance to discuss Trustmary’s role in your organization long-term.

What do you have to do?

We ask for a few hours of your time and some key information to be able to conduct the survey.

You’ll need:

  • Around 30-45 minutes for preparing the survey with a professional
  • Customer contact information (at least email address) in an electronic form (CSV, Excel, XML…)
  • An up-to-date version of your organization’s privacy policy
  • 30 minutes after the test to analyze the results together with your colleagues and our expert

  • The free survey includes max. 500 contacts
  • Extra contacts: 0.10€ / contact
  • SMS sending: 0.20€ / contact (only in Europe)

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