Where To Put Your Video Testimonials To Gain More Audiences

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Last edited: June 26th, 2024
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As of now, video content is the king of the internet. On the other hand, testimonials are one of the strongest content for business.

What if we combine the two to become a powerful marketing tool?

Many businesses have been incorporating video testimonials on their marketing channels. Potential buyers value testimonials as reliable sources of information. They can quickly make a product after reading or watching others’ reviews.

However, video testimonials must be in strategic places to be discoverable by many. Below, we’ve gathered some places to put your video testimonials to gain more audiences.

Before diving into the main discussions, let’s get to know some basics first, shall we?

What are Video Testimonials?

Testimonials are essential for your business. The more positive testimonials your brand receives, the more likely your sales rates escalate. You can easily attract customers through positive testimonials, as prospects value them as genuine opinions.

Video testimonials are customer reviews in the form of short videos.

In the age of social media, you may have seen many testimonial videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other social platforms. Some influencers even make testimonials as social media videos regularly.

Testimonials can tell both positive and negative experiences. Both of them can help your business in their own ways. Positive testimonials help you to garner more customers. Meanwhile, negative testimonials help you to make improvements.

As a business owner or marketer, you should make video testimonials as a part of your marketing strategy. You should make room for video testimonials on your online platforms. You can reach more audiences, generate new leads, gain more sales, and improve brand awareness.

How Important are Video Testimonials?

Many businesses value video testimonials as significant assets. They are powerful in driving people to make buying decisions. 

There have been many reports that show the effectiveness of video testimonials. Below is a list of some remarkable benefits of having video testimonials that you should know as a marketer or business owner.

Improve brand Awareness

Improving brand awareness is essential for businesses. It’s one of the leading keys to building a long-lasting company.

Video testimonials can help enterprises to boost brand awareness. A report says 79% of customers learn about companies and their products through video testimonials.

Increase Buying Decisions

Many prospects rely on customers’ testimonials before deciding whether to buy or not. In fact, two out of three people are closer to purchasing products after watching video testimonials from other customers.

Recent case studies show that video testimonials can significantly increase sales. This e-commerce store saw 20% increase in orders after replacing text reviews with video reviews, and this business got 32% more sales after placing a single video testimonial on their check-out page.

Therefore, you should encourage customers to leave reviews, especially in video format.

more sales with video reviews

Board Prospect Faster

Video testimonials are helpful to board prospects before even buying products. 47% of potential buyers agree that testimonial videos help them learn about products better. Moreover, they value customers’ stories as information they can trust.

All in all, video testimonials are effective and impactful in attracting new customers. Businesses should create and launch video testimonials in strategic places. In other words, they must put video testimonials in places where audiences can easily find them.

Where to Put Video Testimonials to Gain More Audiences

Video testimonials must be in the right place to drive the most results. As video content is easily shareable, launching testimonials on online platforms is mandatory. 

We’ve listed the best place to put your video testimonials to gain more audiences. Let’s jump into the discussions!

1. Websites

Your website appearance defines your brand’s image. You can make your brand trustable and reliable by providing social proof to upcoming customers. Video testimonials are converting social proof for your site.

Landing pages are one of the best places to put your video testimonials. A report reveals that social proof on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 86%. The whooping number implies that positive reviews are powerful marketing tools. You can easily make it above average conversion rates by implementing video testimonials on your landing pages.

Guess what? A landing page is not the only place you can put video testimonials. Product and check-out pages are also great options for posting videos. Potential buyers can take a closer look at how the product they want to buy has helped many customers.

You can gain a 32% increase in sales by adding video testimonials on the check-out page, or make 20% more sales by showing them on product pages. So you have no reason to not leverage the opportunity.

Thus, positive feedback from other customers plays a crucial role in defining prospects’ final decisions. They are more likely to convert after noticing great satisfaction from other customers. 

2. Emails

Do you still provide plain typed-out text emails to your subscribers? It’s time to give spice to your marketing emails with video testimonials. Adding one to your body email will only give you more good than harm. 

The survey shows more than 80% of people agree that video content in email generates more replies and responses. Moreover, 68% agree that video content in an email increases conversion rates.

You can use video testimonials as your main content in a marketing email. You also have a choice to make it as a supporting media.

Keep your video testimonials short and sweet so viewers will be more likely to watch them entirely. 

testimonial is better than advertisement

3. ECommerce Platforms

With so many eCommerce platforms sprouting over the past few years, it would be a waste not to join the trend. Regardless of your business size, joining eCommerce platforms should be a part of your marketing and sales strategy.

As online shopping is becoming more popular, having an eCommerce store will be beneficial for your business. There are many big eCommerce platforms to try. You can go on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and more.

You can do many things on eCommerce platforms, including post product reviews. You can include video testimonials and product images to convince potential buyers to purchase your products.

ECommerce platforms like Shopify even let you post blog content. You can write a compelling blog post and feature your video testimonial. You can make your store and site more discoverable in the online space.

4. Review Sites

When it comes to reviews and testimonials, you can’t pass third-party review sites.

Review sites are platforms that many people go to when looking for product reviews and testimonials. They may mainly consist of written reviews, but some have features for uploading videos.

Some leading review sites include Google Business Profile, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Angi’s List, and Glassdoor. They all allow people to post video testimonials, whether you’re a customer or a brand.

As videos are the most favorable content today, other review sites will likely have video features very soon. There’s no reason for you not to leverage third-party review stages. You must know that customers trust more than brands when it comes to reviews. 

In fact, if you have reviews on third-party review sites, you should definitely add them to your website with a widget.

5. Social Media

Video testimonials can be user-generated content for your social media platforms. User-generated posts refer to those that come from customers. Those kinds of posts give authentic and unbiased feedback to potential buyers.

You can set your video testimonials on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. They are effective in reaching a wider audience. With easily accessible traits, testimonial videos can pull in more customers faster.

You need to optimize several elements to level up your social media posts. If you post video testimonials on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok as marketing efforts, try adding relevant and branding hashtags to make your posts even more discoverable.

Another thing to consider when posting video testimonials on social media is the format. Landscape videos are best for YouTube and Facebook. Meanwhile, portrait videos are suitable for Instagram reels, TikTok posts, YouTube shorts, and Facebook stories.

video statistics on social media

6. Paid Ads

Consider investing in paid ads if you aim for a greater reach and generate more leads. You can set your video testimonial on social media paid ads. This strategy will be incredibly beneficial, especially for smaller businesses.

Paid ads allow you to expose your brand and product to people you have yet to reach. Besides improving brand awareness, you can also boost conversion rates. More than 80% of buyers are more likely to convert after watching a video from a brand.

Even if you have to spend more money on paid ads, the results you get in return will always be worth it. You can try paid ads on big social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook ads.


Video testimonials are powerful marketing assets for brands. Authentic reviews from existing customers are one of the most defining aspects to help prospects draw final decisions.

Moreover, many reports show how effective video testimonials are for pulling in new customers.

The above discussions can come in handy for you to leverage video testimonials. They must be in appropriate places to be easily discoverable by people. The online platforms are vast, but the above list is some places to put your video testimonials to gain more audiences and generate more sales.

But first things first: are you generating enough video testimonials regularly?

With tools like Trustmary, you can do it effortlessly, and utilize the finished materials on your website and social media.

Try for free today!

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How to create video testimonials for your business?

There are many ways you can create video testimonials. The easiest way is to collect video testimonials with software tools like Trustmary.

You can ask existing customers to say something about your product or service. Some companies even work with influencers to produce testimonial videos.

You can also encourage customers to leave video footage showing their experience using your product. If you find customers’ testimonials on social platforms, you can repost them on your feeds.

How to choose the right platforms to publish video testimonials?

Choosing the right platforms to publish video testimonials can be trickier than you think. You can go all out and post video testimonials on many platforms. But, you can also be more strategic to be more efficient.

When choosing online platforms, you should understand your target audiences. For instance, Facebook is now losing popularity among young people, while Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are getting crowded with younger millennials and GenZ.

If your target audience is other businesses, experts, or professionals, LinkedIn is a place to go. So, identify and understand your target audience well to choose the best social platforms to launch video testimonials.

How to encourage people to make video testimonials?

Encouraging customers to leave written reviews is easier to pull off than video testimonials. Customers typically will leave comments about your product or service on social media, websites, or other sites, even without you asking.

But you always have a way to encourage them to leave traces in video format. You can show appreciation by reposting customers’ video testimonials on social media. Or, consider using brand hashtags and doing something like a competition among your community.

If you want a bolder strategy, try doing giveaways or offering deals for customers who create video testimonials on social media. You can compile all video testimonials by customers into a single video and post it on your feed.

What if my video testimonials are underperforming?

Video testimonials need some time to generate results, so take your time to see how it performs. Fast or slow, it will definitely give your business more good than harm. However, you also have a chance to optimize your video testimonials.

If you generate your own video testimonials, continually optimize the video SEO. You can use keyword-friendly titles, tags, and descriptions for your video. Keywords can be vital in defining your video performance.

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