Employee Experience as a Resource in Recruiting

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Last edited: August 4th, 2023

Employee Experience as a Resource in Recruiting

Walk a mile in a jobseeker’s boots: You’re looking for a new job and you’ve got some potential options that have offered you a job.

You are wondering which of the options would be best. Everyone’s sales pitch sounds good, but you’re not sure what’s the best place for you.

Even though you Googled the companies before applying, you’re now redoing it to find actual employee experiences of past and preferably current employees. You might go to Glassdoor and read what’s there, but not everyone shares their experiences.

You start asking around: relatives, friends, and past colleagues you’ve worked with on if they know what it’s like to work at those companies.

However, one of the companies you applied for has posted employee reviews! You can find real experiences of employees in both video and text form. In addition, one video has the experience of an employee working in a similar role than what you applied for.

This convinces you. You accept the job from the company that you could be sure of. No leaps of faith needed.

Sadly, it’s more common to not find any reliable information online on what the work culture is actually like.

Employee Experience at the Heart of Recruitment

Employee testimonials and experiences in video or text form play similar role in recruitment as references in sales. No matter how good your product is, it’s hard to close sales if you don’t have references. Some may convert, but permanently at a lower percentage than if you would have used references.

In marketing, the value of references has already been learned, but in recruiting people are a bit behind in it compared to marketing.

Building employer brand is kind of trendy, but when you talk about it, often times you forget it is 2019. The target audience receives a huge amount of marketing messages every day. Company telling that employee can earn up to 100k$ a year is not credible. Employee telling the same can be.

In contrast experiences from people working at the position you are recruiting for are something they trust a lot more than your own message.

employee experience in recruiting

Measure Employee Experience – Regularly

Before you can start using employee experience as an asset in recruiting, you’ll need to start measuring it.

Create monthly employee surveys to gather information on a regular basis. Furthermore, you can develop an employee experience strategy based on the initial results.

Benefits of Measuring Employee Experience

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Establish trust
  • Chance to react to negative experiences
  • Improve work culture
  • Create more top performers!
  • Better business outcomes (Happy employees serve customer better!)

Employee Experiences to Support Culture Creation

While the main purpose of employee experience is to get more people to apply for a job, they also communicate to people who don’t fit the company culture that the place is not for them.

For example, if employees tells on a video about how they like to spend 12 hours a day at work, and that this is part of the core of a company’s culture. It’s highly unlikely that a down shifter will fit in, nor will they apply after watching the video.

By posting honest employee experiences, you’ll be able to:

  1. Get new hires that fit the workplace culture
  2. Avoid hiring a bad fit
  3. Save resources in the hiring process as the unfit candidates won’t even apply

This is one of the most important upsides of employee experiences. Companies have different people working in different roles, and applicants want to hear experiences from people they can identify with and who are in similar roles.

In case your company recruits a lot of people for different roles, it’s worthwhile to have many employee experiences. A 40-year-old mum is not terribly excited about what a 20-year-old bodybuilder thinks about a particular workout program. They are more likely to trust the experiences of another mum are interesting.

In Summary of Employee Experiences

Employee experience should be at the heart of modern recruitment. They help you create a better image as an employer and you make sure that you are able to recruit people who fit your culture. In addition, the recruitment process as a whole will be streamlined when good candidates do not leak to competitors at the end of the process.

If you are interested in enhancing your recruitment through employee experience, check out our services!

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