Why a search engine visitor is so valuable

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Last edited: October 3rd, 2023

Why a search engine visitor is so valuable

Search engine optimization is a very central part of the digital marketing toolkit and many companies rely quite heavily on search engine optimization.

For example, Hubspot’s inbound model relies heavily on getting new visitors to your website through search engines. I myself am not quite on the map between the difference on inbound and outbound marketing.

Search engine optimization is typically perceived as a long-term investment, as it is. However, one of the most interesting observations about search engine optimization is that traffic from search engines is often significantly warmer than traffic from social media or banner advertising, for example.

Why is search engine traffic so high quality?

The genius of search engine optimization is largely based on reaching out to people who are currently searching for information on a particular service or product. This may sound obvious, but compare it to social media.

In social media, people just scroll their feed impulsively, don’t look for new services. Usually, however, users are reading the news of their loved ones or just spending their time. Even with the right thing, the context is often the wrong one to turn a user into a customer.

In search engines, the situation is usually that something has happened in the life of the person who has made the situation acute and made him act. The person is looking for information and wants to consume content related to the topic.

As an analogy, two learners could be used in the situation. One wants to learn by himself and the other is forced to learn. A search engine user wants to learn by himself, while a social media user is forced to learn.

Which works better?

Problems with volumes

So search engine optimization is quite awesome because you get to the people at just the right moment. However, this does not mean that it is always sensible or cost-effective. The problem is often with the volumes.

It’s nice to get just the right people on your website, but there is only 10 of those people, you cant really pay much for it. Because of this, typically, the first things that are done with search engine optimization are the keyword research, which defines the search terms you want to be found from and has enough search volume to make sense.

Thus, what is at stake in terms of volumes, even theoretically, makes sense. In social media, the problems are quite different as there is a lot of advertising space. In practice, from an advertiser’s point of view, one could say endlessly because the amount of ad space rarely becomes limiting factor. The size of the target group typically before that.

Getting started

As a simple rule of thumb, you might want to start with searches close to your purchase decision. But if you zoom in a little further, it’s often the first step to do a keyword research and define different searches.

Typically, near the purchase decision, you will seek the experiences of others in your services, for example: “experiences with Trustmary”.

Once the search near the purchase decision has been gloved, one will usually start to expand the search to the information search stage where potential customers are usually just looking for information. For example: “How much does an air source heat pump save on energy costs?” The above is unlikely to be a very common search term, but a keyword study should help you find out what is relevant to that information retrieval step.

Where to get started?

We recommend that you start from searches near your purchase decision. That is, “experiences with your company”. You can also start by doing a keyword research but usually it is the case, that you should start with keywords like that.

Content production is the key in the end. We specialize in content that helps potential customers make a purchase decision.

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