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If you’re looking for widget ideas for your iPhone home screen, you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, if you’re a business owner or marketer who is looking how to create custom widgets for your website, you’ve found what you’re looking for!

This blog tells you exactly

  • what widgets are and
  • how you can utilize them on your website.
  • It’ll also introduce you the most creative widget designs that’ll help you convert more from your website.

Widgets can elevate your website and increase customer experience as well as conversion rates.

Widget Definition: What Is It Really?

There are lots and lots of widgets in different contexts: mobile widgets, software widgets, web widgets, UI widgets, even beer can widgets 👀

Check out this definition by Collins Dictionary: “You can refer to any small device as a widget when you do not know exactly what it is or how it works.”

So, don’t beat yourself up if you are not quite sure yet what the word widget means.

In this blog, we are going to talk about widgets on your website.

Here are three definitions that are more useful for us:

  • Merriam-Webster: a small software application that is designed to provide a specific piece of information (such as news, weather, or traffic updates) or a specific function (such as taking notes or controlling another application) on demand.
  • Collins: A widget is a small computer program that you can use on a personal computer or mobile phone.
  • Cambridge: a piece of software that is used on a page of a website to give the user changing information of a particular type in a small area of the computer screen.

Any clarity yet?

To put in layman terms, a widget is something that brings extra value to your website. It is brought “from outside” to your website with a piece of code.

The widget can simply showcase information, or it can have functionality like something to click on or text boxes to write on.

I will present some examples along the way, so keep reading!

add widgets on your website

Widget Designs That Help Your Business

What can widgets do for your business?

You probably won’t benefit from a clock app or a weather app on your website as a business owner. That is not bringing extra value to your customers and leads.

Things that do help you are e.g. testimonial widgets and different lead generation widgets.

It could be a difficult job to program and develop things like that on your own, which is why widgets and plugins are extremely useful.

In the best case scenario, these widgets can increase your conversion rates significantly.

Think about that – new leads, more customers, increased sales! And all that with little to no effort from your side.

Where can you find these widgets and plugins?

One place where you can find a plethora of widgets for lead generation and social proof is Trustmary.

Let’s review what Trustmary can offer you.

Trustmary offers many widget ideas

Try These Widget Ideas Today

Here is a list of Trustmary’s currently available widgets. 

We are constantly publishing new widgets, so if something is missing, give us a head’s up and maybe it will be available soon! 😉

Testimonial Widgets

Testimonial widgets are a great way to showcase your existing customer’s experiences on your website.

You can import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms, or collect them on your own with a handy survey tool.

The widgets are, of course, customizable. You can change the colors and titles to fit your brand.

Wall of Love

The Wall of Love widget is great for showcasing any type of testimonials, be it text or video, in one love-filled element.

wall of love widget

Testimonial wall

Testimonial wall is an impressive widget for showcasing many customer reviews. 

The blocks of reviews move to opposite directions, which truly gives a wow factor to your website!

Double testimonial

Double testimonial is a stylish widget for featuring a few testimonials. 

Despite its name, you can showcase more than two testimonials with it. However, my humble opinion is that it works best with two or three testimonials.

This is a great choice if you are only starting out and don’t have that many testimonials or reviews from customers yet.

Inpage Carousel

One of our most popular testimonial widgets is the inpage carousel. 

It requires only a little room, but is able to showcase many testimonials. That’s why it’s a perfect fit for a landing page!

Carousel Showcase

Carousel Showcase widget puts the faces of your advocates in the spotlight.

Inpage Embed

Inbage embed is static and dynamic at the same time: your customers can decide when they want to read the next testimonial by clicking on the arrows.


If you have a separate testimonial page, the inpage list is a great widget choice for it. 

When you have lots of testimonials, you can form a convincing testimonial page with this widget.

Of course, you can also apply it with a smaller number of testimonials. Just hand-pick the ones you want to feature.

Review Carousel With Stars

Simple and elegant: this review widget is a great attention grabber.

If your review includes stars, they will appear on this widget under the profile picture.

Review Showcase

Showcase your reviews as a handy list that shows from which sources the reviews come from.

Star Review Listing

This widget lets you highlight your overall star rating as well as the individual reviews in a list.

The visitors can also filter reviews as see e.g. 1 star reviews, 5 star reviews, oldest reviews or newest reviews by choosing the option in the drop-down menu.

Testimonial Wall with Filters

This testimonial wall comes with advanced filters. 

When you have reviews from multiple sources featured in the same widget, you can filter them based on the source.

testimonial wall with filters

Testimonial Wall with Filters with Stars

On top of the features that are also in the previous widget, you can also see the overall star review from each source.

Video Testimonial Widget

Video testimonials are the next level of social proof.

Showcase them with this video testimonial widget.

Review Widget with CTA

This widget highlights three reviews and lets you add a personalized message with CTA below them.

You can choose to use it as an in-page widget or a pop-up.

review widget with CTA

Overall Ratings Widget

The overall ratings -widget does not display individual reviews, but the overall star rating you have in each external review site.

It is a great social proof tactic for your landing page!

overall ratings

Simple Wall of Testimonials

Alternative design for the Wall of Love widget – choose your favorite!

Lead Generation Forms and Chatbots

These lead generation widgets help you capture leads. 

They work, because they are a proactive way to reach out to the potential leads on your website, instead of them having to search for a way to contact you.

Additionally, you can include social proof on these widgets, which makes them even more effective.

Lead Gen Widget

You can choose an in-page or pop-up form for this widget.

The lead gen widget is great for promoting your lead magnet and collecting the lead’s contact details. Reviews fly in and out below the lead gen form.

If you are not happy with how the template looks, don’t worry. You can freely edit the colors, fonts, and font sizes.

Inpage Chatbot

Chatbots help you not only capture leads, but also qualify them. If you script the right questions, you can instantly spot the most qualified leads.

Chatbots also answer the needs of today’s website visitors. They increase conversationality and personalized experiences.

Try chatting with a chatbot below:

Inline Chatbot

You can either embed the chatbot in your content like in the example above, or create a separate block for the chat with this inline chatbot template.

Include social proof in the form of a brief review on the form.

inline chatbot widget design

Sidebar Chatbot

If you don’t want the chatbot to interfere with the content, try this sidebar chatbot widget.

Add the block next to the content where it is easily accessible.

Chatbot with Review

This chatbot is located in the lower right corner of your website. When the visitor clicks on it, the chat opens up and features a review on the bottom.

chatbot with review

Inpage Form

If scripting chatbots is too much work, try more traditional lead generation forms.

Customize the text to fit your “ask” and start collecting potential leads’ contact information.

Modal Form

The modal form is a more dynamic lead generation form. It is also classified as a pop up.

It appears on the screen with an animation that you can choose from various options.

Two Step Email Subscription Widget

This lead generation widget consists of two parts. First, your potential lead sees the CTA. After they click on it, they are moved to a form where they’ll fill in their contact information.

Try it yourself:

Two-Step Lead Generation

If the previous CTA is not your style, how about this one?

P.S. You can of course change the images easily. My tip is to choose a branded image rather than using a stock photo.

Pop Ups

Pop ups are great at capturing your website visitor’s attention.

Whatever you decide to highlight with the pop up, it will not go unnoticed.

By modifying the pop up settings, you can decide when the pop up is activated.

See also our social proof pop up tips for further inspiration.

Popup Notification

The popup notification is a way to leverage fear of missing out

Any time another website visitor makes some kind of activity on your site, like leaving a review or completing a conversion event, other visitors get a notification. This creates urgency and encourages them to do the same.

You can also create a customized message that you want to show to your website visitors.

Review Notification for Lead Generation

This widget first appears as a pop-up notification like the one above. When your visitor clicks on it, they get to fill in a lead gen form.

Popup Form with Testimonial

Lead generation form in a pop up: great attention catcher and opportunity to capture a potential customer’s information.

Google Reviews Popup

This pop up features the Google reviews that you have imported to Trustmary.

Full Screen Popup

When this pop up flashes over the screen, there is no other option than to pay attention to it.

Many websites use a full screen pop up when the visitor is about to leave the page. 

You can highlight any content, or perhaps a discount with this pop up template.

Modal Form with Testimonial

This stylish pop-up form highlights a review as well as collects leads.

modal form with testimonial

Blog CTA Widget with Image Popup

With this widget, you can add social proof to your blog CTAs.

Edit the CTA button, the copy, the image, and add a testimonial from a real customer.

Congrats, you’ve successfully implemented social proof to your website with a few clicks!

blog CTA with image pop up

Call To Action Widgets

Call to action -widgets help your leads take the next step on their customer journey.

Trustmary has templates for many different purposes, but all of the templates can be personalized for another use case.

Most CTA widgets can be used as in-page widgets or pop-ups. You can choose the form in the widget editor.

Call to action bar

A CTA bar is a small widget that is best placed near the top of a web page.

This way your customers have an easy access to fulfilling your desider call to action, like starting a free trial or booking a meeting, but the widget does not interfere with the content on the page.

Simple Email Signup

The simple email signup -widget is similar to the Lead Gen Widget presented before. The difference is that the featured review is static and placed next to the CTA.

Email Signup for Blog

Use this eye-catching CTA element on the page or as a pop-up.

Blog CTA with Image

This widget is similar to the above Blog CTA with Image Pop-up but in an in-page form.

Blog CTA with image

Blog CTA Widget with Video

This widget is similar to the one above, but instead of text reviews, you can highlight a video testimonial.

blog cta widget with video

Simple Travel CTA

This template is designed for travel agencies, but you can easily adapt it to another context by changing the image and the copy.

simple travel cta

Agency Blog CTA Widget

The reviews in this widget fly in and out, which adds a nice dynamic feeling and catches the eye of the website visitor.

agency blog cta widget

Ecommerce CTA Widget with Video

This CTA widget highlights a video instead of written reviews.

ecommerce cta widget with video

Sidebar CTA

The sidebar CTA is placed on the left side of your page. This way, your potential customers always have a chance to convert!

Inpage Call To Action Box

This simple CTA box can be placed on the desired spot on your website.

inpage call to action box

Review with Call-to-Action

Combine a review carousel with a CTA button.

Small CTA Popup

Use your CTA as a small popup appearing in the corner of the page. Perfect for when you don’t want to disrupt the experience with a large CTA element.


When you want to easily increase your website conversion rates, try dynamic widgets.

With Trustmary’s widgets, you can showcase social proof and capture leads.

The widget library is also constantly updated, and we get new templates every once in a while!

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What is a widget?

A widget is a piece of software that can be placed on your website. It performs activities or showcases information. For example, Trustmary offers testimonial widgets, lead generation tools, chatbots, pop ups and forms.

How to customize widgets?

With Trustmary, you can easily customize the widgets to fit your brand. It happens in the easy-to-use widget editor.

How many testimonials to include on a website?

Even one testimonial can make a big difference, especially if it is in a video form. However, the more testimonials the better! With widgets, you can easily showcase multiple testimonials without it taking up too much space on your website. Choose the right widget for each situation from our widget library!