How to develop customer experience of your current customers?

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Last edited: March 21st, 2024

When you already have a customer, it is time to redeem the promises sales have made to them. A lot can happen in the customer relationship during the years. The customer relationship can include a lot of different things, for example, installing machinery or systems, supplying products, carrying out repairs, or developing software.

Based on the customer surveys we conducted, we gathered together things that are the most important to focus on when improving the customer experience with current customers.

Ease of use

Once the service provider is selected and the contract has been made, customers will appreciate the ease of things while being a customer. The level of detail in the plans reduces the need for the customer to bother themselves during delivery, installation or customer relationship. Based on our research, it is a good idea to try to minimize the number of questions your customer has to ask the service provider himself / herself during the customer relationship phase. It is smart to provide the customer with answers to questions he has not yet asked. Indeed, many successes in the customer relationship phase that enhance the customer experience are strongly related to communication.


Hardly ever do customers feel that they have been over-informed of the progress of their cooperation. Instead, customers value advance information and reminders about starting a collaboration, as well as interim information on project progress. Likewise, any changes and delays in delivery should be thoroughly communicated in advance, not until the customer has already begun to wonder. You have an advantage if you use а UCaaS platform (Unified Communications as a Service) because you can be in touch with the customer no matter what communication channel he uses.

The communication act that many customers appreciate is also the starting point for discussing what will be done and ensuring everything is clear from the customer’s point of view. At its best, a meeting is an opportunity where the customer can easily ask questions at a low threshold. It is also possible to go through the plans once more during the kick-off meeting and check that they are correct.

A quick response to a customer’s contact also creates a sense of urgency, ie the impression that the service provider has time to serve that particular customer and the staff is not too busy with other tasks. The customer should not feel that service to other customers takes precedence over them. Using a business phone number will ensure you can answer quickly via phone or desktop app as well.

Keeping promises

It is easy to work with a partner you trust, and you almost certainly also continue the relationship with a partner you trust. During the customer relationship, you deliver on the thing the contract promises and sales have told the customer about. If everything is on point, the customer experience will be good. If the delivery is not in time or there is some other trouble during the process, you can be certain that the customer experience is not up to par.


Your staff is maybe the one biggest factor that can affect the customer experience. The expertise of your staff will make the customer experience better. Usually the customers appreciate if they have a clear contact person from the company. If there is a clear contact person, he or she should be easily available for the company’s emails and calls.

In addition, the behavior of the staff influences the customer experience. It goes without saying that improper treatment of a customer, for example  will weaken the customer experience and almost certainly result in the customer not recommending the service provider.


Products and services are praised repeatedly in our researches. Sometimes a product or service is also selected for use based on its expected quality; then the customer has often heard recommendations from other users of the service or product. Random quality errors and failures are generally well tolerated if they are effectively corrected. Errors and occasional failings are considered human and are believed to happen even to the best companies. On the other hand, persistent uneven or defective quality is likely to negatively impact customer experience.

In addition to quality, the answers often emphasize the appropriate value for money. Lower quality options are also tolerated well, if they are cheap.

Tools and systems

The tools and systems used by the service provider in his work influence, among other things, the image of the service provider’s expertise. Therefore, high quality and modern tools and systems also have a positive impact on the customer experience.


Delays in deliveries, installations and other agreed matters negatively impact the customer experience. It seems particularly important to start cooperation on time. Getting started on time seems important to customers, even if the agreed outcome is achieved by the deadline, despite the delay in getting started. Keeping to schedules is facilitated by realistic scheduling at the planning or contract stages. On the other hand, flexibility in scheduling when requested by a customer can improve the customer experience.

Respect for the customers environment

If visiting the customer’s home or workplace during the customer relationship, respect for the environment becomes an important part of a positive customer experience. For example, dirt left over from delivery or uncleanness after renovation can negatively impact customer experience. Even small things, like taking off shoes at the office in the manner of a client organization, can mean a lot in a customer experience.

In conclusion

Here was a couple of things that can affect customer experience with your current customers that we have found out trough the researches we have done (mostly in Finland). If you want to improve your customer experience, focus on these things and you will improve your CX for sure!

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