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studiovarustamo tarjoaa vuokrauspalveluita

Studiovarustamo was founded in 2006 to serve all professionals working with photography or video production. It focuses on delivering high-quality service both in its brick-and-mortar store and its online store. It started to use Trustmary for collecting feedback on the quality of service of its online store and for showcasing all gathered feedback easily on its website.

Studiovarustamo‘s brick-and-mortar store is located in Helsinki and it is described as the living room for anyone working with photo and videography where one can stop by to chat about related topics. The company also has an online store that is actively being developed.

The company sells individual pieces of equipment, but it specializes in designing and selling comprehensive solutions. In addition, it offers a rental service for equipment which has become increasingly popular over the years.

Store Manager Henri Ilanen is responsible for customer relationships, the excellence of the service, and the biggest B2B customers. He tells how Studiovarustamo uses Trustmary to build trust in its website – and get the voice of the customer heard.

“Customers are extremely important to us”

Studiovarustamo serves anyone who works with photos or videos. This includes professional photographers and videographers, organizations, and enthusiastic amateurs.

Its unique selling point is its commitment to overall quality and excellent customer service. In addition, the company acquires cameras and other equipment that are not available anywhere else in Finland yet.

– Customers are extremely important to us. Our whole existence is based on the fact that each customer gets the best possible service, Ilanen says.

Customers have loved the service so much that they’ve independently left Google reviews for Studiovarustamo before it even started using Trustmary.

– It would be odd not to utilize the great feedback in marketing that we get from customers face to face, so we decided to start using Trustmary to collect new reviews and testimonials and to add them to our website, Ilanen continues.

On top of its dozens of Google reviews, Studiovarustamo has dozens of Facebook reviews. By using Trustmary, it can add all these reviews from different third-party sites to its website with a single widget.

studiovarustamo has excellent google and facebook reviews that it adds to its website with trustmary

Collecting Customer Feedback on Service Experience

Studiovarustamo has integrated Trustmary to be a part of its purchase journey and asks feedback at the end of each purchase.

– We ask for customer feedback at the end of the purchase journey. In addition to the feedback, we also ask for the name and city. This information adds a layer of personalization and relatability to the reviews added to our website, Ilanen says.

studiovarustamo asks for NPS to get customer feedback
Studiovarustamo uses an NPS survey to collect customer feedback on service experience.
The question translates to “How likely are you to recommend Studiovarustamo’s online store to a friend or a colleague”

– It’s very nice to read to feedback and to publish them while reading. They cheer up my day. We sometimes get very long written feedback, he continues.

Before Trustmary, Studiovarustamo used Google Forms to collect customer feedback. It lacked Trustmary’s easy-to-use user interface and the option to publish the feedback on one’s website with a click of a button.

– Without Trustmary, we’d need to go back to using Google Forms to collect customer feedback. That would be much more laboursome than our current process, Ilanen states.

Using Trustmary to collect customer feedback extends outside of the online store as well.

Around half of the event attendees have shared their valuable insights thanks to Trustmary’s feedback mechanism.

Henri Ilanen, Store Manager @Studiovarustamo

Studiovarustamo is known for organizing high-quality all-day events and Trustmary is used to gather feedback from the attendees and to get ideas for future events.

– Around half of our attendees have shared their valuable insights thanks to Trustmary’s feedback mechanism, Ilanen tells.

The NPS for events is currently at 70, which means that event attendees are extremely happy.

feedback from event is used as an ad
Translation: “Feedback from last year’s event: It was very inspiring. The whole event was very successful, the food was good and I met new people. I learned a lot of new things and got insights that I can utilize in the future.

Dynamic Content to Website with Customer Reviews

Studiovarustamo’s website is under constant development and optimization.

As Ilanen wants to underline the excellent customer experience to build trust, he decided to place the review widget right under the hero element on the home page. The review widget was previously on the front page, but users needed to scroll further down to see it.

– I added our customer feedback to be almost the top element because it’s important to showcase as early on as possible that our reviews and testimonials are recent, Ilanen says.

studiovarustamo has placed a review widget as the second element on its website to boost trust

The review widget was previously a little further down on the front page, but very few scroll to the very bottom of the page. Reviews are highly relevant for website visitors, so Ilanen wanted to place them at a prominent spot.

– Customer reviews paint an image of us and offer support in making a purchase decision, Ilanen continues.

Ilanen is happy with having impactful content, but he also likes the fact that he can effortlessly add new reviews to the review widget so that the content on the front page remains dynamic and fresh.

– The review widget is very easy to embed on our website. Once I’ve embedded the widget, I can very easily add new reviews to it with a click of a button. It makes a huge difference for the potential customer to see that a review was left a few days ago rather than a month ago, Ilanen summarizes.

Easy to Integrate with Existing Systems

Trustmary is easy to integrate with WooCommerce. Ilanen also likes that he can import reviews from multiple review sites.

As a whole, Ilanen has been happy with Trustmary’s functionalities.

Trustmary is a very valuable tool for us. We’ve gathered good data about what our customers think about us.

We can use the feedback to improve our business

Henri Ilanen, Store Manager @Studiovarustamo

– Trustmary is a very valuable tool for us. We’ve gathered good data about what our customers think about us. We can use the feedback to improve our business, Ilanen says.

Because Trustmary has created value and is easy to use, Ilanen would recommend it to other companies as well. He feels that Trustmary is the right choice for companies and organizations that value their customers and want to hear how they’ve managed to serve customers.

– Trustmary is not just a customer feedback collection tool, but it helps generate content that supports placing an order across relevant channels, Ilanen summarizes.

Features In Use

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
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