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User interface updates and move to new survey editor

During the past couple of weeks we have made some user interface changes.

1. Move to new Survey editor and removal of old editor

Survey editor now defaults to our new drag and drop survey editor that has been available in beta for a couple of months. The old editor is still available through the link on the top of the Surveys page.

The access and support for the old survey editor will be removed in 1.9. If you still need the old survey editor beyond 1.9. or you have some trouble with the new editor please message [email protected]

2. User interface style updates

We have updated user interface styles and made some minor usability tweaks in multiple places to make the UI a bit more intuitive to use. As an example we have added tabs for customer experience and employee experience surveys in the Surveys -page.

3. Automation UI updates

We have updated automation UI to make it easier to use. When editing automations remember to click “Publish now” to publish the changes.

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