“Such recommendations are really worth publishing online!”

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Last edited: March 21st, 2024

“Such recommendations are really worth publishing online!”

Kattotutka is a Finnish family-owned company that handles inspections, repairs and maintenance of water roofs in properties throughout Finland.

Kattotutka started using Trustmary in early fall 2020, when the first surveys were sent directly via Trustmary. Getting answers at the beginning was a bit exciting, as Kattotutka’s customers are busy real estate decision-makers, which makes the customer base a somewhat challenging target group.

“We had not collected any feedback from our customers recently, and Trustmary seemed to be a simple way to measure our customers’ satisfaction from a large customer base at once,” says Jouni Ahvenvaara, Marketing Director of Kattotutka.

At the beginning of September, Kattotutka sent its first inquiries to its existing customers through Trustmary, and in a couple of months the answers have been plentiful. As many as 11% of customers have given public recommendations. The company also has a good net promoter score, or NPS.

“Customers are the foundation of our operations and it is our job to take care of their property. With the customer survey, we wanted to get information on how we could improve our customer service. Getting public recommendations from customers for reference use is a great addition. We can use customer references in our marketing in many ways, ”explains Ahvenvaara.

Separate surveys were built and sent to different localities, as it is important for Kattotutka to find out locally what customers think of them and, in particular, to have locally identifiable recommendations. The Customer Testimonials received by Kattotutka currently can be found on the front page of their website, where potential customers can see what other real estate professionals have experienced with the company.

“We have gotten nice feedback from our customers and such recommendations are really worth publishing online!”, Ahvenvaara sums up.

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