Maximize the sales potential of your website with the help of your happy customers.

Collect Customer Reviews

Save hours of your time with Trustmary’s review collection tool.

  • Ask for customer reviews with easy review forms.
  • Store all your reviews on one simple platform.
  • Add reviews to your website – no coding needed.
  • Instantly build more trust and increase conversions!

Collect reviews

collect reviews

How to collect reviews with Trustmary?

Collect and display reviews in minutes to skyrocket your website conversions.

reviews on the website

Get reviews from your customers without manual work

  • Collect authentic customer reviews in text and video form.
  • Save your team’s time and collect reviews in minutes instead of manually reaching out to your customers.
  • Manage reviews easily with tags on one simple platform.

Embed reviews to your website without coding

  • Marketing team can easily utilize reviews without developers’ help.
  • Choose from various social proof widgets and copy and paste them to you website.
  • Trustmary prioritizes the best reviews in a widget.
  • Works with the CMS of your choice, including WordPress, Hubspot, Wix and many more.

Convert more sales from your website

  • Reviews provide social proof for potential customers and help you build trust effectively.
  • Generate more high-quality leads directly on your website.
  • Increase the ROI of your website traffic.
  • Get more sales and boost your revenue!

Start collecting and utilizing reviews today and see the results immediately!

Collect reviews

Key features

Pre-tested review templates

Our pre-optimized review form templates make it easy for your happy customers to help you.

Customizable review widgets

Elevate your website with stylish widgets and customize them to seamlessly fit your brand.

Lead generation with reviews

Use reviews in popups and lead generation forms, and capture high-quality leads on your website.

Why wait another day?

Collect reviews



Reviews are an effective way to convert your website visitors into leads and customers. When you proactively collect reviews, you get feedback and are more likely to receive positive recommendations from your happy customers.

Video reviews work even better than text reviews. Video conveys emotions better than text, and is more difficult to fake than text, which makes video reviews very trustworthy. Our clients have experienced better results on their websites after implementing video reviews in addition to traditional text reviews.

Trustmary’s motto is “reviews that matter” – we are committed to finding the best ways to collect and utilize reviews, and providing you with the tools to do the same!

Trustmary offers a continuous flow of fresh reviews that you can use on your website with various widgets. The intelligent algorithm finds the best reviews, and you get to display them with powerful widgets. Trustmary is also a flexible solution to any business. You can choose the best subscription to fit your needs and only pay for what you really use.

The pricing depends on your needs. We don’t want you to pay for thin air. You can start for free and collect a limited number of reviews each month. When you need to increase the number of reviews, you can choose the most suitable plan. View plans and pricing here.

When you start getting more leads and customers from your website, Trustmary pays itself off in no time. Some of our clients have been able to double the contact requests from potential customers or get more sales directly from the website.

The number of reviews you can collect each month is determined by the size of your subscription. When you reach the limit, you have a chance to increase your subscription. The limit is reset in the next month. View plans and pricing to find out more.

Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.