Let your happy customers tell their stories via video – remotely.

Collect Video Testimonials

  • Request video testimonials from clients.
  • Collect them with remote video testimonial forms.
  • Utilize testimonial videos on your website.
  • Add credibility for your business and get more sales.

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The most effective way to build trust in your company.

Video testimonials are the best way to impress potential clients on your website.

Trustmary is your go-to solution for collecting video testimonials and putting them to good use.

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Request video testimonials from your happy customers and let them promote your business.

"We have always known that we are good at what we do. Now we found the best tool for telling others about it."

Onni Hietalahti

Onni Hietalahti

Relion Oy

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Fast and easy

Customers can record a video testimonial with their own device and send it to you immediately.


With just a fraction of the price of a traditional testimonial video, you can collect unlimited video reviews.

Showcase on your website

Display the customer stories with stylish widgets and impress your website visitors.


of people are more likely to purchase after seeing video testimonials.

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No coding

Copy and paste the video review widget to your website easily – anyone can do it!


Choose from various widget templates and customize them to your liking.

Video testimonials help you close more sales

We have seen our clients succeed after adding video testimonials to their marketing efforts.

Satokausikalenteri sells hundreds of products more when they use video reviews on their website.



Happy client

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Improve conversions

Video testimonials help you capture more leads, sell more products, and get more contact requests.

Maximize potential

You get better ROI for your website traffic when you impress your visitors with video reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really able to get video testimonials from my customers?

You can, if you make the process easy and appealing. Our customers have demonstrated good results when 1-2 of these elements apply: there are enough very satisfied customers, leaving a video review has been incentivized, customer experience is personal, and it is easy to leave a video testimonial. You can find out if your customers are willing to give you video testimonials for free.

Yes, you can. We provide full customisability to our video testimonial forms.

You can use video testimonials on your website and wherever you like. All video testimonials are easily downloadable from Trustmary.