Improve Conversion Rates with Facebook or Google Reviews

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Last edited: September 28th, 2023
import reviews from google and facebook

Are you already signed-up for Trustmary, but need some tips on how to use the software?

You have come to the right place!

This blog tells you how to import reviews from different channels to Trustmary and add them to your website with our ready-made review widget templates.

We even have a Google review widget that is designed to showcase those raving reviews from Google also on your website with elegance and ease.

Where Can I Import Reviews From?

The fastest way to start using Trustmary is to import existing reviews that your business might have on review websites.

We offer automatic imports from 

Our most used channels to import reviews are Facebook and Google, so this blog focuses on those two.

If you need help with importing reviews from other sources, see our help center.

5 Step Guide to Importing Reviews from Facebook and Google

Step 1: Navigate to Import-tab

You can start the process from Import -tab. 

You find it by clicking Reviews from the navigation and then Import from the top right corner of the review page.

review import step by step

Step 2: Choose the channel you want to import from and start the import

After clicking Import, you see different options for importing.

Click on Google or Facebook.

Google: You are moved to a Google login page. Log in to your Google account that is linked to your MyBusiness account.

After that you are redirected to Trustmary. Choose Google MyBusiness location from the drop down menu.

Finally, click Save.

review import from facebook and google

Facebook: You are moved to the Facebook login page. Log in to a Facebook account that is the admin of the desired business page.

Choose the right page or pages from the drop down menu.

embed reviews to website

Allow the requested settings in order for the connection to work properly.

Next you are redirected to Trustmary. Choose the Facebook page you want to import reviews from and click Save.

Now, the software should be fetching reviews. It can take a few minutes.

After you have completed the first import, you can fetch reviews any time you wish with a click of a button!

Step 3: Go to widgets and create your first review widget 

Next, navigate to the Widgets tab.

Click Create new widget on the rip right corner.

Here you can browse the widgets and choose the one that you want.

testimonial widget in use

Click on the desired widget and then click Use template.

Step 4: Customize the widget to fit your brand 

Now you can name your widget and customize it to fit your brand.

You can change the widget’s colors, title, fonts, card sizes and other details.

customize review widget to fit brand

And first of all – you can hand pick the reviews that you want to display with your widget.

Step 5: Add the widget to your website

After you are happy with your widget design, navigate to the Add to website tab on the top of the page.

Under the tab you find the Trustmary tag. Add the tag to your website using Google Tag Manager.

After that, copy the embed code and add it to the right spot on your website using HTML. Here’s how to do it on Squarespace.

add testimonial widget to website

Now You Are All Set!

Congratulations on setting up your first Facebook or Google reviews widget!

If you face any problems during the process, do not hesitate to ask for help! 

You can always reach out to us in the Help Chat on the Trustmary dashboard.

Psst… We can even help you get more Google reviews, if you struggle with that.

Leave us feedback and let us know how we managed to help you!


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