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Highlight Your Best Reviews Using Trustmary’s Review Score

Some reviews are more effective than others. Trustmary Review Score makes sure you are utilizing the best ones.

  • The Review Score is based on extensive data.
  • Showcase the best reviews automatically.
  • Maximize your website’s potential.

What Is Trustmary’s Review Score?

Not all reviews are equally effective. Some matter more than others.

Trustmary’s Review Score shows you the reviews that generate the best results.

Built based on extensive data.

The Review Score is based on data collected from real use cases and tests. The factors that form the Review Score include star rating, length, format, and more.

Showcase your best reviews.

When Review Score is activated, Trustmary will automatically prioritize the reviews that generate the best results on your website.

Use your website’s full potential.

When you utilize the top-performing reviews, you will get more leads, customers, and sales from your website.

By showcasing reviews with Trustmary, you can trust the reviews are always optimized.

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Review Score Factors

Star Rating

Positive reviews are more beneficial for your business, which is why 5 and 4 star ratings increase the review score.


Video reviews are proven to be more effective than text reviews. Also, images and additional information about the reviewer add credibility.


Longer reviews include more details and are more trustworthy than short reviews, thus they tend to generate better results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Review Score is a tool for prioritizing the best reviews that are most likely to generate results on your website. The score is based on several factors, like star rating, length of the review, format, and more.

The review score criteria have been formed based on extensive data we have collected from real-life use cases and A/B tests.

When you implement the best reviews on your website, you are likely to get better results, like more leads or sales directly from your website. Also, you don’t have to manually pick the reviews you want to showcase. You can trust that Trustmary picks the best of the best on your behalf.