Minimize effort and maximize results with Trustmary Automate.

Find Your Best Reviews

Trustmary Automate makes sure you are always showing off your best reviews and collecting new ones automatically.

  • A/B test review widgets on your website to maximize your results.
  • Integrate your CRM and other daily tools.
  • Collect text and video reviews with email and SMS.
  • Try for free for 14 days.

What is included in Trustmary Automate?

Trustmary Automate helps you leverage the maximal potential of your reviews and collect more automatically.

A/B test to find your best reviews

Test two versions of your review widgets and see which one generates better results.

Kattotutka conducted an A/B test with Trustmary's tool and noticed that they receive over 60% more contact requests when they use a review pop-up on their website.



Roofing company

Know what works

When you test different widgets, you learn what works for your audience.

More opportunities

You can rest assured that your website is always optimized for results.

Automate review collection

Keep text and video reviews flying in by automating the review collection process.

"We are able to capture testimonials at the right moment and have found some pretty creative ways to utilize them using the tools that Trustmary provides."

Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner

Windward Software Systems Inc.

Add triggers

Request reviews at the right time and at specific customer journey milestones.

Email and SMS

You have many ways to collect reviews, including email and SMS automation.

Integrate with your other daily tools

Streamline your daily workflow by integrating Trustmary with your CRM, CMS, and other tools.

"Today we get more testimonials than ever before!" Wannado experienced a great success after connecting Trustmary with their CRM Pipedrive.



Digital assistant service

Zapier integrations

Move data between Trustmary and +5,000 applications by using Zapier.

HubSpot & Pipedrive

Native integration with HubSpot or Pipedrive brings review collection automation to the next level.

Professional Customer Success team

If all this sounds too technical, don’t worry! Trustmary Automate includes personal help from our dedicated Customer Success team.

"Implementation was very easy with the help of an expert. I also received help quickly later!"

Hanna Keski-Hakuni

Hanna Keski-Hakuni

Joblink Oy

Start your 14-day free trial.


You will receive a thorough introduction to the tool and learn how to use it effectively.

Continuous support

All your questions will be answered by our Customer Support heroes!

What does it cost?

Trustmary Automate ($290/mo) includes

  • Collect and showcase text and video reviews with widgets.
  • A/B testing feature for finding your best reviews and widgets.
  • Automation options for the review collection flow.
  • Integration options to streamline your workflow and transfer data.
  • Personal help from Customer Success.

Trustmary Automate eases your workload and maximizes your website’s potential.

Why not start today and tap into the benefits right away?


How much does Trustmary Automate cost?

The price for Trustmary Automate is $290 a month.

What is included in Trustmary Automate?

Trustmary Automate includes everything from the Trustmary Solo (free) and Business ($90/mo): review import, collection of text and video reviews, and highlighting them with unlimited widgets. Automate adds on A/B testing, automation, integration options, and personal help form Customer Success.

How can I start using Trustmary Automate?

Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start exploring what Trustmary can do for you! First, import existing reviews or start collecting new reviews. Our Customer Success will help you every step of the way.

What are the benefits of Trustmary Automate compared to Trustmary Business?

When you upgrade to Trustmary Automate, you get to automate the review collection process further. You can create automatic email and SMS campaigns that help you capture customer testimonials at the right time. The Automate plan also enables you to integrate Trustmary with your CRM, which enables more triggers to use in the campaigns. It also helps you move data between the two systems, which aids the tracking of customer relationships. Additionally, you get help from our specialists along the way.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a method where you create two versions of a web page and divide traffic equally between the versions. During the test period, you learn which version generates better results. You can measure any desired action, such as making a purchase, sending contact requests, or signing up for a newsletter, to name a few examples.