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Trustmary – Alternative to ProvenExpert

Choose Trustmary instead of ProvenExpert and get:

  • Better usability
  • More flexible surveys
  • More ways to showcase reviews

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provenexpert vs trustmary

Why switch to Trustmary instead?

Better widgets

Trustmary offers a larger variety of review widgets and highlights customers’ comments more prominently. Trustmary helps you bring your own website to the next level with social proof.

Modern look

The widgets and surveys have a contemporary look and can be easily customized. You can really showcase your brand with the widgets and use them to complement your website’s look.


Trustmary is easier to navigate for you as well as your customers. Responding to surveys is easy and quick, which maximizes the response rate. Managing reviews on the platform is a breeze with automation.

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Here’s what our customers say

Which free version is better for you?

Let’s see how the free Trustmary Solo and ProvenExpert Free stack up on each other.


Trustmary Solo

ProvenExpert Free

How many reviews can I collect?

20 / month

100 / month

Can I create custom surveys?



Are new reviews automatically published?



Is it GDPR-compliant and safe to use?



How many reviews can I display?

Unlimited number


How many review sites can I connect?



Do I get a public review page?



How many widget templates are included?

~20 with more being developed constantly


Can I use pop-ups, banners, and interactive widgets?



Is review markup schema included?



How many users are included?



Is customer support available?



Can I integrate it with other tools such as my CRM?



That is the summary of the free plans. The paid plans come with the same functionalities but larger limits for responses, review sources, and widget views.

Check out Trustmary’s full feature list and pricing.

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Trustmary leads in usability and look

We know that Trustmary is a leading solution when it comes to user-friendliness. We have put a lot of hard work into making it as smooth as possible to use.
As a result, you can add reviews to your website in under 2 minutes and start your review collection campaign in just a moment as well. And everything looks neat and modern on your website.

Here’s what happened when our customer support specialist Santeri tried the same with ProvenExpert.

reviews and review site logos swirling around two peopke who re looking at a mobile phone

1. Registration

The first hurdle was signing up for ProvenExpert. The process was quite complicated and tested my patience.

With Trustmary, signing up is easy. You just need:

  • Your work email
  • Your website’s URL address
  • The URL of the external review page you want to connect

No need to log into any extra accounts: just your email. At the registration, Trustmary fetches your brand colors and logos automatically for future use.

import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Capterra, G2, Tripadvisor, Google Play, or Excel

2. Importing reviews

I didn’t see my reviews in ProvenExpert so I asked how long it takes to get my reviews updated in the widget. The chat support told me that the reviews are crawled every 72 hours. In other words, I might have to wait for quite a while before I can use the collected reviews.

Trustmary fetches the new reviews from any connected review source instantly. Even in case of delays, you can manually fetch the reviews with just a click of a button.

Connecting new sources is simply done by giving a URL address.

provenexpert vs trustmary form

3. The survey

The actual survey that is sent to a client to collect feedback and reviews is very long and using it is quite rigid. The customer has to open multiple tabs to give star ratings to the smallest of details. Additionally, the look of the survey is quite old-fashioned, like the UI is from 20 years ago.

The longer a survey is, the less likely customers are to complete it. With Trustmary, you can opt for the shortest possible survey and maximize the response rate.

Even if you want to collect more detailed feedback, you can create custom surveys and include the most important questions, leaving out the excess ones.

Trustmary’s surveys are also modern, sleek, and designed with your brand colors and logos.

reviews on website

4. Widgets

In ProvenExpert, you can mostly just use different types of rating badges on your website. They don’t offer much variety, don’t highlight the actual customer experiences, and they promote ProvenExpert’s brand more than the user’s brand. The main benefit is the review page that sums up all your reviews and feedback.

Trustmary offers multiple different review types: interactive in-page widgets, pop-ups, banners, CTA widgets, and rating badges. They all highlight the customer’s comment more than anything else.

The appearance of Trustmary’s widgets is more modern, and you can let your own brand shine in the design. The easy widget editor allows you to customize the widgets as much as you want without any coding skills.

You also get a search engine optimized review page, and you have full control over its appearance

What the reviews say

In addition to our own experiences, we examined what people say about ProvenExpert’s solutions online.

The reviews given to ProvenExpert on different review platforms showed some displeasure with the customer service. People mention difficulties in reaching customer support and finding an employee who speaks English.

People who have tried leaving reviews for companies via ProvenExpert point out that the process is quite rigid and even difficult.

Trustmary is notorious for its user-friendliness. People start using the tool on their own and praise how easily they were able to add a review widget to their website or send a successful feedback survey.

Try a hassle-free solution instead

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Pros for Trustmary:

  • Makes your website shine and generate more sales
  • Variety of review widgets
  • Nice and modern look
  • Easy to use
  • Quick surveys
  • Highlights your brand more than itself


  • Surveys are simple and the main focus is in finding out the general opinion of customers. While you can create more detailed surveys as well, that is not the main purpose of the software.
  • Hasn’t yet established itself in the eyes of consumers as a go-to source for reviews.

Pros for ProvenExpert:

  • Customized feedback surveys for each profession
  • Established review platform (especially in Germany) and known by consumers
  • Detailed review page


  • More difficult to use
  • Only few options for website badges, no actual review widgets
  • Looks quite outdated and old-fashioned
  • Slowly losing trust in the eyes of consumers, which can be noticed in its online reviews
  • Highlights it’s own brand more than the user’s brand or the customer’s reviews

We recommend Trustmary to anyone who is interested in not only finding out what their customers think but also using customer’s experiences on their website to build more trust. Trustmary users can transform their website and experience an increase in conversions.

ProvenExpert is better for collecting detailed customer feedback. Having a ProvenExpert badge on your website can be a trust signal to some potential customers.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.