Pipedrive integration

Automate testimonial gathering with Pipedrive

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No more hunting for testimonials

Getting testimonials can be tricky, but now you can collect feedback, reviews and testimonials from your customers automatically based on your sales pipelines.

Pipedrive workflow integration

Trustmary integrates straight to Pipedrive workflows and allows you to automate the gathering of testimonials, reviews and feedback straight from Pipedrive.

Create testimonial gathering automations based on your Pipedrive activities

At Trustmary you can create automatic testimonial gathering flows based on your Pipedrive activities and get high-quality video and text testimonials from your clients!

Start gathering testimonials today!

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Frequently asked questions

Does Trustmary work with all Pipedrive plans?

Trustmary Pipedrive integration works with all Pipedrive plans.

It takes around 30-60 minutes depending on the specific triggers you are looking to use and it requires no coding.

We offer 14-day free trial. After that, the starting price with Pipedrive integration depends on your plan. Please find up to date information from our pricing page https://trustmary.com/pricing/.