List Of Sub-Processors

As part of the delivery of our Services to our Customers, Trustmary may use data processors with access to certain Customer Data that may include personal data (each, a “Sub-processor”). Below you can find information about the identity and role of each Sub-processor.

Infrastructure Subprocessors

Entity Purpose Location
Amazon Web Services Cloud infrastructure hosting EU/EEA
Mixpanel User analytics EU/EEA
Google Analytics User analytics EU/EEA
Sentry On site error tracing USA (DPA)
ActiveCampaign Support automation EU/EEA
Seekwell Inc. Data aggregation USA (DPA)
ChartMogul GmbH & Co. KG Subscription Analytics EU/EEA, Inc On site support chat USA (DPA)
Reditus Affiliate marketing program EU/EEA

Service Specific Subprocessors

Entity Purpose When is this service enabled? Location
Stripe Payments Europe Ltd., Stripe Inc Cloud-based Payment Services Paying by credit card EU/EEA, USA
Procountor Invoicing Paying by invoice EU/EEA
Twilio, Inc. SMS-service Sending SMS messages through our service EU/EEA & USA
Google LLC Google Auth SSO Using Google SSO register/login EU/EEA & USA
Zapier, Inc. Trustmary Zapier app Using Trustmary Zapier app USA, Canada, EU/EEA (DPA)

Last Update: October 27th, 2023


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