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Last edited: February 13th, 2024

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automaattinen suositusten kerääminen

Tired of sending feedback surveys by hand? 🥵

Did you know that you can automate the gathering of reviews and testimonials with Trustmary?

On our pro plans you can also gather and measure Net Promoter Score and lots of other feedback metrics.

Let’s see how that works!

CRM and Trustmary Make The Dream Come True 

Automations work best when you connect Trustmary to your CRM system. 

This way you can use the CRM workflow activities as a baseline for automations.

With integrations, you can automatically move contacts from CRM to Trustmary, and send automatic feedback surveys and review forms.

Then, you can push the review information back to CRM for future reference.

Of course, you can also use the reviews on your website.

I’ll tell you how to automate the gathering of reviews in 5 steps.

Step 1: Integrate Trustmary to Your Chosen System

First step is connecting Trustmary to your chosen CRM system.

We offer 4 main integrations:

1. Hubspot

2. Pipedrive

3. Zapier

4. API

You can find more detailed instructions for making the integrations in the above links.

After that is sorted, you can move to the next part.

Step 2: Configure Triggers in CRM

In your CRM system, decide what are the triggering events that cause a contact to move to a specific list in Trustmary.

You might want to use automations to send feedback surveys in following situations:

  1. Regularly for all customers. In this case, send contact to a contact list after they become your customer.
  2. After specific touchpoints in the customer journey. Send to the contact list after a follow-up meeting, a phone call, a repurchase, or whatever important activities there are in the customer journey and your CRM workflow.

See additional tips on how to create such triggers in Pipedrive (you can use this information for other systems as well).

In our example case, we want to create an automated review request survey that is sent to the customer after a follow-up meeting.

In CRM, use “follow-up meeting” as a trigger for moving the contact to a dedicated contact list.

Step 3: Create Automation Inside Trustmary

In the previous step, you operated in the CRM and moved contacts to a contact list on Trustmary.

Now you need to create the automation for collecting reviews by setting triggers for the contact list inside Trustmary.

Start by navigating to the Automations tab and click on Create new.

automate review gathering flows

Name your automation and proceed to the automation editor view.

set up automation to gather reviews

In this view, you can create new steps and messages for your automation.

choose a trigger to send testimonial form
create a step to set automation

In our example case, we create a following automation flow:

  1. Click Create a new trigger and choose Add contact to list. Choose the correct contact list.
  2. Then, Create new step and choose the action Send message.
  3. Click on Create new message and choose the right survey (that you have created earlier) and use message template or formulate your message.
  4. If you want to send a reminder message later, create a new step and click Send reminder after. You can decide after how many days the reminder is sent, and formulate a message.

When you are happy with your automation flow, you can send a test email to yourself and check that everything is in order.

Step 4: Publish Automation

Now, find the status of your automation on the top right corner of the page.

Click on the Draft button and choose Publish now.

Congrats, your automation is now going live! Now you get reviews from your happy customers on autopilot.

If you need to stop the automation, click on the Active status and choose Stop.


After completing this guide, you have seriously stepped up your review collection game 🔥

Don’t forget to display the gathered reviews with our cool widgets.

And remember: if you face any challenges with the process, you can always turn to our IT-support superheroes! You find the Help Chat on the Trustmary dashboard.

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