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AI marketing tools

Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more important in all aspects of our lives.

This of course affects current marketing trends as well.

Here’s a quick overview of AI marketing trends in 2022 and AI marketing tools that you should check out.

What Artificial Intelligence Is and Why You Should Care

You probably know that AI is a thing, but maybe you consider it something out of a sci-fi movie or something that will happen in the future.

But no: it is happening all around us all the time.

You already use Google, you play online games against the computer, you rely on Netflix to give you the best recommendations, and you might use Siri or Alexa to answer your random tricky questions.

Those are all driven by artificial intelligence.

And let me tell you that AI has also created some parts of this blog.

Definition of AI

The textbook definition of AI according to Britannica:

“Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. The term is frequently applied to the project of developing systems endowed with the intellectual processes characteristic of humans, such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from past experience.”

This means that machines and robots are able to process information, learn from it and draw conclusions.

AI definition

AI has been around for decades. The first theory about machine memory and machine learning was generated by Alan Turing in the 1930’s, and the first AI program was written in 1951 by Christopher Strachey.

The history of AI is already long and very fascinating, and I could talk about it for ages, but let’s move on.

Is AI Bad?

You have probably seen movies and heard about the concerning outlook for the future, where Artificial Intelligence reaches the same capabilities as the human brain and machines take over the world.

Although the ultimate goal for AI research and development is to reach the intellectual ability of a human, we are still far from that.

In 1950’s the before mentioned Alan Turing developed the Turing test, in which interrogators try to determine whether they are talking with a human or with a computer. 

To this date, no machine has been able to pass the test, aka pretend to be a human.

So: you don’t have to be scared of AI. It won’t plot an uprising, but it can certainly help you in your daily life!

What do current marketers say about AI?

The 2021 Marketing AI report by Drift reported that

  • Most marketers (52%) acknowledge the importance of AI to their success
  • 80% of marketers think that in next five years, they will use AI to automate more than a quarter of their tasks
  • 56% of marketers believe that in next 10 years AI will create more jobs than eliminate

And how advanced are marketers with the use of AI and what is holding them back?

  • Overall, most marketers are still learning about AI, and only a fraction of marketers (17%) are successfully implementing marketing AI on a wider scale.
  • The three main reasons for not adopting AI solutions are lack of education and training (70%), lack of awareness (46%) and lack of resources (46%)
why do marketers not use AI

Concluding on these facts, now is the time to jump in and implement AI in your marketing strategy.

If you start now, you can catch up on the most advanced marketers.

In the future, AI marketing tools will be even more commonplace and sophisticated than they are today. 

Here are 7 examples of AI trends that are happening right now in digital marketing and will grow in the future.

1. Automated customer segmentation

Segmenting your customer base is vital for targeted marketing, and AI will be able to do it faster and more accurately than ever before. 

Automating the customer segmentation spares you lots of time. 

It allows you to provide more personalized content and cater to the interests of a specific target audience(s).

Different AI software solutions can segment your audience based on various criteria, such as demographics and behaviors.

segment customers with AI

2. Predictive analytics

AI will be able to analyze customer data and behavior to predict future trends and needs, so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. 

AI uses algorithms and internal and external data to provide you with actionable insights about customer behavior and how it will change in the future.

3. Intelligent chatbots

Chatbots powered by AI will be able to have more natural conversations with customers and provide them with the information they need. 

You don’t have to script the interactions between customers and chatbots, as AI technology can use machine learning and natural language processing to create natural conversations with the users.

AI chatbots learn from previous interactions and improve the answers each time.

Chatbots will be more and more important, as customers want quick answers to their questions, and conversational marketing is exploding.

AI chatbots

4. Personalized recommendations

AI will be able to identify individual preferences and make recommendations for products and services that are more likely to be of interest. 

In the process, AI product recommendation tools analyze search intent and online browsing behavior.

When customers get more personalized recommendations, they are more likely to purchase.

5. Automated content creation

AI can help you quickly create targeted, personalized content for your marketing campaigns, based on customer data and behavior. 

At the moment, AI can create mostly written content, but perhaps in the future it will help with audio and video content as well.

AI content marketing tools can 

  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Create an entire blog post, social media post, email newsletter etc.
  • Imitate a human writing style
  • Generate unique content
  • Aid your content strategy

Most of the time the content created by AI copywriting tools still requires some human editing.

According to experts, ranking in Google with organic content will become harder and harder, so you need all the help. 

6. Real-time optimization

Sometimes situations change quickly, and your marketing campaign might not be the optimal one for the moment.

With artificial intelligence tools, you’ll be able to adjust your marketing campaigns on the fly, based on customer interactions and feedback. 

You don’t have to settle for the information of yesterday – get the newest insights with the help of real time data analysis.

7. Enhanced measurement and reporting

AI can provide you with detailed insights into your marketing campaigns, including which elements are most effective and which need to be improved. 

The data on each customer is so vast today, that you don’t basically stand a chance without AI.

Also, with AI powered marketing analytics tools you can connect different metrics and avoid data silos.

AI reporting and analytics

Try These AI Tools in Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Now that we have discussed some key trends in artificial intelligence and digital marketing, let’s see which tools you could implement to leverage the above mentioned benefits.

1. Personalize

ai marketing tool

Personalize tracks your customers’ interests so that you can recommend the right product or service at the right time.

2. Ortto

ai marketing tool

Ortto is an audience segmentation software that helps you target specific target audiences and understand their customer experience.

3. Phrasee

ai marketing tool

Phrasee is an ai powered deep learning software that lets you optimize your brand language and create better copy.

4. ManyChat

ai marketing tool

ManyChat is a chat management tool that creates personalized conversations in social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram direct messages.

5. Grammarly

ai marketing tool

Grammarly is an intelligent proofreading tool that helps you create more professional content by checking your grammar and spelling.

6. SurferSEO

ai marketing tool

SurferSeo is a marketing AI tool that helps you with search engine optimization by auditing existing copy and picking keywords for you to use.


ai marketing tool is one of the AI marketing tools that allow you to test out the best performing ads on social media channels. You can manage all your social media marketing on one single platform.

8. Socialbakers

ai marketing tool

Socialbakers is another platform that cuts your social media marketing team some slack. It lets you manage all your social media profiles on a single dashboard. It is especially useful for tracking the success of your influencer marketing.

9. Brand24

ai marketing tool

Brand24 is an online brand reputation management AI tool that uses sentiment detection. It tracks where your brand is mentioned and lets you react to positive and negative customer feedback.

10. Seventh Sense

ai marketing tool

Seventh Sense is an email marketing software that tracks your customers’ behavior to determine the best time and frequency to send them emails.

Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools

We have covered the basics of artificial intelligence, current digital marketing trends and 10 AI tools that you can use in your marketing strategies.

It is time to draw conclusions and sum up the benefits of implementing AI powered marketing tools in your marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence marketing tool can e.g.

  • help you work more efficiently and effectively
  • provide your customers with a more personalized experience, which adds customer satisfaction
  • help you save money (manual work vs. software)
  • save time for sales teams and marketing teams
  • boost your visibility in search engines
  • enhance customer engagement
  • improve the quality of your content marketing
  • offer better reporting and analytics
  • keep you up to date with everything that is happening around your brand

AI marketing solutions eliminate human error in tasks that require precise data collection and analysis, but some things they can never replace: emotion and humanity.

Next Steps

Trustmary is a young marketing technology company that aims to create better AI and machine learning tools in the future.

If you want to be first in line when the new AI marketing tools are developed, stay tuned!

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Further Reading


What are AI marketing tools?

AI (artificial intelligence) marketing tools are softwares and online tools that use machine learning and artificial intelligence as a basis for their functions. An AI marketing tool can collect information from the internet and use it to make predictions and track customer behavior.

What digital marketing trends are there in 2022?

Some digital marketing trends in 2022 include high demand for personalized experiences, conversational marketing, and the rise of artificial intelligence marketing strategies.

What is the benefit of AI powered solutions?

Using AI powered tools can help you draw actionable insights about current and future trends. It helps you generate and modify the best sales and marketing strategy for your business. AI tools also save you time and possibly money, and help personalize the customer journey.

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