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Collect Customer Feedback

Trustmary Pro helps you collect customer feedback and convert it to testimonials.

  • Collect customer feedback (NPS, CSAT, CES)
  • Gather testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Follow customer satisfaction trends.
  • Get personal help from Customer Success.

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What is included in Trustmary Pro?

Trustmary Pro turns customer feedback into your customer acquisition superpower.

Collect customer feedback

Develop your business with the help of valuable customer insights and measure customer satisfaction.

“A great service for collecting customer feedback, the user interface is really easy to use and, on top of that, it can also be easily customized to your own look!”

Eemi Karhu

Eemi Karhu, Key Account Manager, Denios

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Measure customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Score and other popular metrics.

Survey templates

Choose from a variety of survey templates or create your own.

Here’s what our customers say about Trustmary

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Key features

Integration with your CRM

Connect Trustmary with your CRM to enhance customer relationship management and streamline feedback collection.

Automatic feedback flow

Create automatic campaigns for capturing feedback and reviews at the right time.

Boost your website

Use customer reviews as social proof on your website. Implement various widgets to boost your website as a customer acquisition channel.

Survey maker

Choose your feedback survey from our tried and tested templates, or create your own from scratch.

Thorough Onboarding

The Customer Success team teaches you to use Trustmary effectively and answers all your questions along the way.

Follow your success

The reporting and analytics features give you an overview of customer satisfaction and your website’s performance.


Our flagship product Trustmary Pro includes everything you need to collect customer insights and make them your most important business growth asset.

Trustmary Pro starts at $590/mo and gets you:

  • Automatic feedback and review collection.
  • NPS, CSAT, and CES survey templates and an easy survey maker.
  • Reporting features.
  • Personal Customer Success representative.

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Trustmary Pro helps you provide great customer experiences and showcase them online.

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The pricing for Trustmary Pro starts at $590 a month.

Trustmary Pro is our full-suite product that offers a comprehensive solution to collecting feedback automatically, converting the feedback into text and video reviews, and showcasing the best reviews on your website. As a result, you can track customer satisfaction, use the data to improve your business, and get more customers by using the reviews as social proof on your website.

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Yes! You can reach out via chat support inside the Trustmary App, or book a meeting with your Customer Success representative to go through problems together.

Trustmary Pro enables you to fully automate the process of collecting customer feedback at the right time, and turn it into public recommendations that help you grow even more. It’s an easy solution for boosting your digital customer acquisition efforts and tracking customer relationships.